Men … Love em or not they are in your life  everyday  in everyway , there is not 1 single thing that you can do without men being involved , lol like the weather  you have to see what they are up to , or about to be up to , or what they have done since you last checked on them .  They can be almost as destructive as the weather  , but also they can be as wonderful as the weather  , and again like the weather   they change all the time , hence the need to check on them as much as the weather before you do anything. Weather being nice ,off you go for a nice day  , same with men if they are being nice it can also be a very nice day  . Beginning to see  the similarities yet  ? lol Weather  ..Men ..always need checking  ?? Only things that need the same level of checking up on are babies  lol and a lot  of those are males too ….lol

Men the only  people on the planet that drive you mad 1 min. and  love you the next , they are so hard to fathom it gives you a mighty headache at times , lol, but be honest where would we be without them ? Yes, yes  I know things would be a lot more peaceful  without them but it would also be very boring  ..dammit  …lol .. so we keep them in our lives  just for  the giggles  let’s  face  it we all need a good giggle . While they can be quite nice and helpful at times , like the weather  lol , there are times when we seriously  wonder why do we bother  ? They like the weather can be so frustrating  and so changeable it does tend to drive you right to distraction  and back again , they are very rarely what you want when you want ….sheeesh …typical ..

Weather at least never forgets where it is going and needs no directions  but have you ever seen a man ask for directions  ? Nope me neither that seems to be something that they are just not able to do , why do you think they had to invent sat nav? If you didn’t know why it was invented well now you do lol it was so they never had to ask for directions again  neat huh? That is  1 way to solve a problem and stop the women from going crook at them for not asking directions , so you actually get 2 for the price of 1 there  lol . Weather also knows where everything is as it does everything in it’s path , but have you ever seen a man be able to find something  ? Especially if it  is right in front of him ? Lol where do you think the phrase ” If it was a dog it would bite you ”  came from ? Lol women made that up having got so sick of having to help men see what was right in front of them , I always laugh when this happens  truly I do …( sorry dear ) * not sorry *

Weather at least does not have to do the shopping  so men are the ones here that make you either happy to have them with you or exasperated  and they have a great knack of doing both , sometimes at the same time ..Clothes shopping has got to be the very worst thing to take a man with you on but sometimes it just can’t be avoided they have to be there for 1 reason or another. They would much rather you just parked them in the pub  until the dreaded clothes shopping was done  but alas this cannot always be done  , they call those men’s  drop off centers  lol and I bet most men wish there was more of them than there are now and that they could get dropped off more often , lol …

Don’t get me wrong they do have their  uses   like the weather they do come in handy at times but wouldn’t it be nice if like a car they could just be put into storage or something until you need them again ? lol Exactly like the weather though you just can’t do it  you are stuck with them  all the time if you  want them or not  lol . Like  the weather though they too are in every thing you do ,they are in your home , in your day , at your work, in the shops, etc etc etc  and like the weather we just have to sort them out . Sorting men out though is way much more fun than sorting out the weather  , at least they can  be sorted out but you can’t  sort out the weather  as it just does what it wants when it wants . Men would love to be able to do that but unfortunately  they just cannot  lol serves them right for being such pains .. lol

Well at least the fun of sorting men out when they need it  , which seems  to be most of the time  compensates a little bit for all the trouble they cause  , lol, the weather can’t say that as the trouble it can cause is catastrophic  and men mostly are not quite that bad  lol.  Men can easily be tamed by a nice kiss, a special look in the eye , etc  you know what I mean lol it is easy to sort them out  but the weather would just go right over you without so much as a wave  lol. lol. Men and weather have so much in common that it does tend to make life a lot more interesting  , lol, who wants a boring life anyway  ? Well if you do you have to go shut yourself away somewhere and hope the weather does not find you , lol, coz as we know men can’t find anything  lol. Wait …lol I fib there is 1 thing they can always find and that is the pub !! Rarely has a man not been able to find  a pub  unless he is sick

Who decided to call the man purse a satchel shouldn’t it be called a douchebag?

My downstairs neighbors are beginning to suspect I’m living in their attic..

smile u make & hi say 2 wanted just I that out find u wen irritating very it find may u….. CONFUSED?? Now read it backwards..

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