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If Only

If Only Now  i wonder just how many times in a day even we say or think if only ? There are so many times it is not funny  but how and why do we get into these situations  that have us shaking our heads and saying if only ? Let’s face it most of these situations  only happen because we did or did not  do something or go somewhere   that we should have , but for 1 reason or another we just didn’t . Sometimes it is because we are just slackos  , sometimes it is not our fault  , but unfortunately  most of the time it is . We get way too many if only times for it to be anyone else’s fault but our own for 1 reason or another , so once again we sit and sigh and think if only ….* sigh *

If only  I hadn’t slept in then  I would have caught that bus or train or plane and gone somewhere  , either for work or for holiday  or shopping or meeting someone , so many things all because we slept in . Regardless of why we slept in , wether  for  being slow getting to bed or delayed by other people or things result is still the same , we miss transport and are left saying 1 more time  if only ….If  only  I had bought  those shares when they were offered to me , they would now be worth alot more than what  I  could have gotten them for … If only I had actually been watching where  I was going instead of texting  while driving or walking  , I might not then now either be dead or getting beaten up because my head was in my phone not on where I was going …. not all people just swear at you and keep going some react violently to being walked into by an idiot  and  I cannot blame you it hurts when someone walks into you …

If only  I had got off my lazy butt and gone to get those bargains at the shops ( yes  I know  I hate going to sales too )  but sometimes , just sometimes it is really worth trying to get there and get something . Sometime after a sale has been on and you see the difference in prices ,that makes you just want to scream , and you know right away that if only  you had bothered you would have saved a lot of money and had something you really needed as well . It is not always possible to get things on the internet  just very rarely you have to get going if you want to benefit by a cheaper price . Sometimes yes  I know not too often you do actually have to get moving to benefit from something  and even if it is a pain in the posterior  you just have to , also you cannot post things from home , lol that you have to get moving for  .. * sigh * if only  ….lol Bout time they had a service you could call to post things from home , not only for the lazy sods  but for the disabled too it would be great , time someone got this going ….

If only you had remembered to grab some sunscreen and slap a bit on  you , now you would not be impersonating a well cooked lobster , or if you had remembered  to take that shopping list with you when you went to the shops  you would not now be home , checking the list and swearing because you forgot 1 or 3 things on that list . How many times do we leave a list behind and think no worries  I will remember what was on it  , lol , yeah right of course you will , I’m betting there would be at least 3 things you forgot  when you got home and checked the list you forgot  …if only ….lol

If only you had bothered to check the maps correctly  when you left on that road trip you would now not be either lost  or going the long way round , instead of  making it an even longer trip than it should be . Knowing men tho as we do , we all know they will never ask for directions  so we know that the trip will be longer because they will  go the wrong and longer way rather than ask for directions  . Having said that if you had only known it would take longer you could have prepared  better , if only you had realised you were after all going on a trip with a male Sheesh … lol …men …if only .. Men  you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down the toilet  …lol….if only ..

If only you had just gone to the mechanic and asked him about the noise your car was making , rather than let  your man ” have a look ”  and then screw it right up  , you would now not be waiting for a tow truck ..Let’s  face it not all men have the slightest clue about what is under the bonnet of a car much less what it is supposed to do or sound like , so 1 more time you are wishing  and saying  if only  ..If only  you had , had a good nights sleep instead of staying  up late to party or to watch some sport or something else on  TV  you would not now be trying to work while yawning your head off and trying to keep the boss from noticing ….lol….if only …

There are so many , many if only’s   that a bloke could sit here all day and not run  out  , so as  I am neither a bloke , nor have the time or patience I will leave it there almost certain you know exactly what  I mean  and from here on you will even start counting the times you say or think ….if only ….lol

I can’t tell if I actually have free time, or if I’m just not doing anything…

The more you learn, the more you know,
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So.. why learn……


Bot & Hothered

Bot & Hothered …errrr  or should I say Hot & Bothered  ? Lol in this heat who knows  ? Who cares?  After days on end of temps 30c+  and now into the 40’s c  it is too easy to get things wrong and  not realise  it right away . The mind gets a bit muddled and the brain  addled  as the body cooks , lol so it is to be expected that it  gets more difficult  to even think much less get anything productive done . My way of thinking is that if we could just have temps around 25c all the time that would be lovely and the poor body  could at least make the effort to try to keep up with the  things that need doing . Then we would not  be mixing up our words and might even  ret ti gight …. maybe  who knows lol ? Also to have any rain we needed , have that at night when most people are in bed ( or should be lol ) that would be just right  I think anyway  …

When it gets this hot for long periods we do tend to do things we do not usually do  to try and get some relief , like wandering around half dressed or  seek out places that have air con  and stay too long  just to keep out of the heat . Now  also true of trying to escape is when the weather is way too cold for way too long , that has the same effect on the body and brain and mind , as they try to compensate for the conditions . So it seems  as  I said in a recent blog the weather controls us more than we think , or more than we like  but we can do nothing  but learn   to live with it  and keep on going , giving up is not in my vocabulary  so I just work out what is what . Brain freeze is about as annoying as heat boilover  , either way the mind temporarily loses the plot and makes  for some interesting things and ways of talking  as it tries to make sense out of something it has no control over. Though lol mind you I know some people that lost the plot years ago and still don’t realise it  …

What then is your way of overcoming these things ?  How many times have you said something , then stopped and laughed as you realised you said those words all wrong , like spoonerisms  but still wrong , like I did with the title and  beyond . The very fact that we stop and laugh  means we have not really lost the plot  we just got it mixed up with the plot from the detective series on Tv at the time  , lol that is my excuse anyway . When this happens  I just  stop , giggle, then say what I meant to say at the time  . This kind of thing happens to everyone though it is amazing how many people do not admit it  , thinking that people might think they have lost their minds , when in fact it just means the brain is working just fine and  just had a case of the hiccups  we all get them too .

At least these days there are a lot of ways to combat the weather , we have  heaters and air con  and fans and all sorts of things to help so usually it is not too big a deal . Right now right here it is fans on , windows open, feet in cold water, cold water with ice blocks  to cool down and prevent dehydration , well that is what we are doing right now , poor fridge is getting a right work out with cold water and ice blocks as quick as it can get them ready . When we can we head off to a cafe or the pub for meals and cool drinks , but more importantly to use their air con lol . All these places have air con way better than anything we could have or even afford  so it makes sense to use them  as  I see  it , you get more comfortable and have a good meal and chat with friends  , win, win I say .

When the weather  goes all wrong , well wrong to the way we like it we do all sorts of funny things to make ourselves feel better , not all of us have the time or the money to go out boating  or swimming or anything  as exciting  as we would like to do  so we make do , and just do the best we can and usually it works , unless the power goes off then  Houston  we have a problem lol and a big 1 at that as it makes all attempts  to make ourselves more comfortable impossible but as long as it is not for too long it is ok but if power is out too long  then we are in trouble ….lol… now what was it I said about weather being in control ?lol shhhh  Don’t  tell the power ….or it might get in a huff and go out and we can only do so much with batteries ….lol


Had a toothache made an appointment with the dentist. Only time he could fit me in was tooth hurty.


There is a nudist convention in town today,I might go as I have nothing on….


Drivers  … No before you say a word this is not about the everyday driver  …sheesh if  I wrote about them  I would be here all day , they have gone over the years from people who knew being able to drive and have your own car was a privilege   to people who demand it as a right  . They have gone from people who obeyed the road rules , gave way when supposed to and generally behaved on the road like actual human beings . Now all you see are people who think that they have the right of way always whenever they want it  , they say ” Road Rules ? What Road  rules ? ”  long gone are the decent law abiding drivers . Now you can bet that the big majority of them have got head in phone because they think they are invincible , and no matter how  much they are warned  , how many videos  they see of people being killed because they were texting, or of people being killed because the driver of the cae was texting and didn’t see them . Still they keep doing it , still they think they own the roads.

The drivers  I am talking about today are the poor old bus and train drivers  , they work long hours , put up with so much crap from passengers  that it surprises me that a lot more don’t quit and say no thank you  I do not need this . These drivers take these sorts of jobs because they not only want a job they can like , but also want a job that actually helps other people , making it better for those that do not own cars for 1 reason or another  and there are a lot of them . Some of the people  I have seen on public transport  really , honestly should be banned from ever using public transport for so many reasons  and why this isn’t done to some is beyond me when you see the frightful way they treat not only drivers but other passengers too . Think of all the hours these people  put in  , all the miles they cover  and yet hardly anyone thanks them , also in this category  is the taxi driver  they too put in long hours and do many miles , but unlike bus or train drivers they have to make sure that their cabs  are clean themselves  so add that to the daily routine.

When travelling using any of these  modes of transport  is taken for granted by almost everyone as they are too busy rushing around  and it must make the drivers just feel like a piece of furniture  and  I don’t think this is very fair on them and  I always try to say thank you when  I get off of bus  or taxi , it’s a bit too hard to say it to train drivers though  but would  if  I could . I know for sure  I for 1 would not last more than 5 mins. in this type of job as  I  would be too tempted to chuck them off or tell them off or both , I just hate rude people  it is just not necessary  to be nasty to those helping you.  So yes  I am the first to admit I could never do this job unless I had a bodyguard   and no , lol, not for me but for the so called passengers. I admire these people greatly for what they must go through in a shift all just to make sure others get to where they want to go to and mostly on time .  Usually it is not their fault if things do not run to time  but they are the ones who cop it if things are running late or cancelled .

It is always lovely when you come upon  a driver who is happy and  shows it to all even the cranky ones , they must have a great tolerance for putting up with people  and the crap that goes with them . When on a bus the other day we met 1 like this and it was so nice , he chatted to us , never missed a beat with his driving , and was disappointed when we had to get off . This was such a nice change it just made us feel that little bit better   and I am sure it was the same with anyone else who was happy to engage with him as well . Cannot remember  the last time we met such a happy man just doing his job but also enjoying it  , it is such a pleasure to see,  how many others can say they love their jobs so much as this man obviously does ? Not so many I think because all become at some time bogged down with the work load  and get grumpy as a result , I know they more than likely try not to let it get to them but sometimes you just can’t help it really .

Next time you go out by public transport , try to see the happy side , try to see the  side of  the travelling life that  makes it easier for all these people who are really just there to help you and your family . There is no need to get grumpy with them for things that are beyond their control it helps no one , they do a hard enough job as it is without needing  abuse from people who usually have no clue  what is going on . Being nice to others also has a flow on effect in that   it makes you feel good too to be able to help instead of hinder in an already  stressful job. Think about how you would  handle a job where anything could and possibly could happen to make your job worse , think about the hours and miles then see how you just being nice could make a huge difference  to the poor driver . They all need a bit of support  and if we could give them  some it might make a huge difference to you and all around you .


Does February March?…I don’t know but April May….

I just found my Christmas Spirit…. It’s been in aisle 6 at this liquor store the whole time!


Family  let’s face it no matter who you are or where you come from you have a family of some type , be it a happy family or not we all still have 1 at the least a mother and a father and you  only 3 but still a family. Families  come in all sizes 1 child 2 children or more  there is no rule as to the size a family can be  so there can be any number of children in a family , the numbers don’t count it is how you blend together as a family that makes all the difference  , and how the family  reacts to each other . Some of the most  lovely families can have 4 children or more and even though it seems like it’s too big to work properly  some just make it work , yes  I know some don’t as well but that is just life really , not everything works , if everything did work all the time it would be a miracle  so no , not every family works for 1 reason or another  .

Family time in the most is fun time , a time to get to know each other , to get to know every member of that family and for each 1 in that family to get to know and love each other as a unit. Nothing is perfect though unfortunately  and there are those families that don’t work for 1 reason or another  , this cannot be avoided it seems which is a pity because  I think the family if it has good connections with each other is 1 of the most precious  things we can do . Family mother , father , children , this working together , doing the right thing by each member is a very precious thing indeed and needs to be protected at all costs . Family units are the safest and most  precious way to raise our children with the right values  and teach them  the ways of love and compassion for others outside the family unit  , lose this  family value system and you break the society  that we live in it will all fall apart  we need the family unit to go on  or it will just be a tragedy and  I do not want to think about that .

Family has always meant the world to me  and I try so hard to keep up with them all , but  I know that in this world everyone is so busy it can be really hard to keep up . Keeping up with them all is so hard because life has become so fast and so busy the family now has no time for each other . Time to spend  with family is something that is so rare nowadays  when you do get it , it is just precious   and worth every minute you can get of it , before you say hey, it’s  not their fault  , yes  I know , it’s the fault of a world gone mad , and a world so full of technology  , that the family unit is slowly but surely being  washed away in a sea of  ” Sorry no time ”  sad as this sounds it is the truth as people now hardly even have time to talk to themselves now much less family .Technology is the main thing that is making the family life more and more unattainable than ever before as the more learn and/or get the less time we have for the family .

Family at 1 point and the best point , was the most important thing  we could do  , grow up, get a job, get married , have children , share them with  grandparents , etc etc etc  you know how it all goes , you don’t need me to remind you . Family though now is an endangered species as much as a lot of our  birds, animals  , fish etc  are , the family unit as it used to be now is as endangered as they are  as we now as a society are just too busy or too selfish to bother keeping something like a family going as a unit . Work and other things have people so busy now as  I said before that they just do not have the time to make a family , much less keep it together once it is started , so they just give up and don’t bother . making a family unit these days has just become so hard a lot don’t bother or if they do they end up neglecting it  so we end up with a lot of family break ups .

The pressure on the family as a unit  is under fire from all directions now and sad to say it is the so called leaders of our world are  doing the most damage to the family unit . Everytime they pass new bills allowing same sex ” marriage ” which is wrong  and every time they say to our children ” don’t worry you can be whatever sex you want ”  they are taking a hammer to all that is good and all that is decent . Family was the only way we as a people could grow and produce  children that had good moral standards  and knew right from wrong , now all that is slowly but surely being broken to pieces  and it seems there is nothing we can do to stop the rot , it is way too set in now . Unless we  put a stop to all this degradation of the family unit  we soon will have a world run by selfish people who care only for themselves and nothing more , that and the technology people seem to love so much , breaks my heart seeing it all be pulled apart .

Family is made by love , proper love between a man and a woman who have children who then go on to do the same ,and then  their children do the same etc  etc etc. This way is the right way and the only way any other way is just wrong and will spell the end of society as we know it , and anyone with even an ounce of brain must see this . Telling people they can change this and themselves into something that is so wrong  can only end in grief and trust me it will unless someone wakes up and puts it right  though I won’t hold my breath for that to happen. Ruining the family unit is the worst thing that the governments  could have done but they don’t care and are right now changing the rules  and we can’t stop them , it won’t take long for this to become obvious either.


There are four main food groups: 1. Canned 2. Frozen 3. Fried 4. Drive-thru..

Google this number: 241543903. Then click Image Search. Then stick your head in a freezer, some people will do anything as long as it’s said on facebook…