Family  let’s face it no matter who you are or where you come from you have a family of some type , be it a happy family or not we all still have 1 at the least a mother and a father and you  only 3 but still a family. Families  come in all sizes 1 child 2 children or more  there is no rule as to the size a family can be  so there can be any number of children in a family , the numbers don’t count it is how you blend together as a family that makes all the difference  , and how the family  reacts to each other . Some of the most  lovely families can have 4 children or more and even though it seems like it’s too big to work properly  some just make it work , yes  I know some don’t as well but that is just life really , not everything works , if everything did work all the time it would be a miracle  so no , not every family works for 1 reason or another  .

Family time in the most is fun time , a time to get to know each other , to get to know every member of that family and for each 1 in that family to get to know and love each other as a unit. Nothing is perfect though unfortunately  and there are those families that don’t work for 1 reason or another  , this cannot be avoided it seems which is a pity because  I think the family if it has good connections with each other is 1 of the most precious  things we can do . Family mother , father , children , this working together , doing the right thing by each member is a very precious thing indeed and needs to be protected at all costs . Family units are the safest and most  precious way to raise our children with the right values  and teach them  the ways of love and compassion for others outside the family unit  , lose this  family value system and you break the society  that we live in it will all fall apart  we need the family unit to go on  or it will just be a tragedy and  I do not want to think about that .

Family has always meant the world to me  and I try so hard to keep up with them all , but  I know that in this world everyone is so busy it can be really hard to keep up . Keeping up with them all is so hard because life has become so fast and so busy the family now has no time for each other . Time to spend  with family is something that is so rare nowadays  when you do get it , it is just precious   and worth every minute you can get of it , before you say hey, it’s  not their fault  , yes  I know , it’s the fault of a world gone mad , and a world so full of technology  , that the family unit is slowly but surely being  washed away in a sea of  ” Sorry no time ”  sad as this sounds it is the truth as people now hardly even have time to talk to themselves now much less family .Technology is the main thing that is making the family life more and more unattainable than ever before as the more learn and/or get the less time we have for the family .

Family at 1 point and the best point , was the most important thing  we could do  , grow up, get a job, get married , have children , share them with  grandparents , etc etc etc  you know how it all goes , you don’t need me to remind you . Family though now is an endangered species as much as a lot of our  birds, animals  , fish etc  are , the family unit as it used to be now is as endangered as they are  as we now as a society are just too busy or too selfish to bother keeping something like a family going as a unit . Work and other things have people so busy now as  I said before that they just do not have the time to make a family , much less keep it together once it is started , so they just give up and don’t bother . making a family unit these days has just become so hard a lot don’t bother or if they do they end up neglecting it  so we end up with a lot of family break ups .

The pressure on the family as a unit  is under fire from all directions now and sad to say it is the so called leaders of our world are  doing the most damage to the family unit . Everytime they pass new bills allowing same sex ” marriage ” which is wrong  and every time they say to our children ” don’t worry you can be whatever sex you want ”  they are taking a hammer to all that is good and all that is decent . Family was the only way we as a people could grow and produce  children that had good moral standards  and knew right from wrong , now all that is slowly but surely being broken to pieces  and it seems there is nothing we can do to stop the rot , it is way too set in now . Unless we  put a stop to all this degradation of the family unit  we soon will have a world run by selfish people who care only for themselves and nothing more , that and the technology people seem to love so much , breaks my heart seeing it all be pulled apart .

Family is made by love , proper love between a man and a woman who have children who then go on to do the same ,and then  their children do the same etc  etc etc. This way is the right way and the only way any other way is just wrong and will spell the end of society as we know it , and anyone with even an ounce of brain must see this . Telling people they can change this and themselves into something that is so wrong  can only end in grief and trust me it will unless someone wakes up and puts it right  though I won’t hold my breath for that to happen. Ruining the family unit is the worst thing that the governments  could have done but they don’t care and are right now changing the rules  and we can’t stop them , it won’t take long for this to become obvious either.


There are four main food groups: 1. Canned 2. Frozen 3. Fried 4. Drive-thru..

Google this number: 241543903. Then click Image Search. Then stick your head in a freezer, some people will do anything as long as it’s said on facebook…

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