Drivers  … No before you say a word this is not about the everyday driver  …sheesh if  I wrote about them  I would be here all day , they have gone over the years from people who knew being able to drive and have your own car was a privilege   to people who demand it as a right  . They have gone from people who obeyed the road rules , gave way when supposed to and generally behaved on the road like actual human beings . Now all you see are people who think that they have the right of way always whenever they want it  , they say ” Road Rules ? What Road  rules ? ”  long gone are the decent law abiding drivers . Now you can bet that the big majority of them have got head in phone because they think they are invincible , and no matter how  much they are warned  , how many videos  they see of people being killed because they were texting, or of people being killed because the driver of the cae was texting and didn’t see them . Still they keep doing it , still they think they own the roads.

The drivers  I am talking about today are the poor old bus and train drivers  , they work long hours , put up with so much crap from passengers  that it surprises me that a lot more don’t quit and say no thank you  I do not need this . These drivers take these sorts of jobs because they not only want a job they can like , but also want a job that actually helps other people , making it better for those that do not own cars for 1 reason or another  and there are a lot of them . Some of the people  I have seen on public transport  really , honestly should be banned from ever using public transport for so many reasons  and why this isn’t done to some is beyond me when you see the frightful way they treat not only drivers but other passengers too . Think of all the hours these people  put in  , all the miles they cover  and yet hardly anyone thanks them , also in this category  is the taxi driver  they too put in long hours and do many miles , but unlike bus or train drivers they have to make sure that their cabs  are clean themselves  so add that to the daily routine.

When travelling using any of these  modes of transport  is taken for granted by almost everyone as they are too busy rushing around  and it must make the drivers just feel like a piece of furniture  and  I don’t think this is very fair on them and  I always try to say thank you when  I get off of bus  or taxi , it’s a bit too hard to say it to train drivers though  but would  if  I could . I know for sure  I for 1 would not last more than 5 mins. in this type of job as  I  would be too tempted to chuck them off or tell them off or both , I just hate rude people  it is just not necessary  to be nasty to those helping you.  So yes  I am the first to admit I could never do this job unless I had a bodyguard   and no , lol, not for me but for the so called passengers. I admire these people greatly for what they must go through in a shift all just to make sure others get to where they want to go to and mostly on time .  Usually it is not their fault if things do not run to time  but they are the ones who cop it if things are running late or cancelled .

It is always lovely when you come upon  a driver who is happy and  shows it to all even the cranky ones , they must have a great tolerance for putting up with people  and the crap that goes with them . When on a bus the other day we met 1 like this and it was so nice , he chatted to us , never missed a beat with his driving , and was disappointed when we had to get off . This was such a nice change it just made us feel that little bit better   and I am sure it was the same with anyone else who was happy to engage with him as well . Cannot remember  the last time we met such a happy man just doing his job but also enjoying it  , it is such a pleasure to see,  how many others can say they love their jobs so much as this man obviously does ? Not so many I think because all become at some time bogged down with the work load  and get grumpy as a result , I know they more than likely try not to let it get to them but sometimes you just can’t help it really .

Next time you go out by public transport , try to see the happy side , try to see the  side of  the travelling life that  makes it easier for all these people who are really just there to help you and your family . There is no need to get grumpy with them for things that are beyond their control it helps no one , they do a hard enough job as it is without needing  abuse from people who usually have no clue  what is going on . Being nice to others also has a flow on effect in that   it makes you feel good too to be able to help instead of hinder in an already  stressful job. Think about how you would  handle a job where anything could and possibly could happen to make your job worse , think about the hours and miles then see how you just being nice could make a huge difference  to the poor driver . They all need a bit of support  and if we could give them  some it might make a huge difference to you and all around you .


Does February March?…I don’t know but April May….

I just found my Christmas Spirit…. It’s been in aisle 6 at this liquor store the whole time!

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