Bot & Hothered

Bot & Hothered …errrr  or should I say Hot & Bothered  ? Lol in this heat who knows  ? Who cares?  After days on end of temps 30c+  and now into the 40’s c  it is too easy to get things wrong and  not realise  it right away . The mind gets a bit muddled and the brain  addled  as the body cooks , lol so it is to be expected that it  gets more difficult  to even think much less get anything productive done . My way of thinking is that if we could just have temps around 25c all the time that would be lovely and the poor body  could at least make the effort to try to keep up with the  things that need doing . Then we would not  be mixing up our words and might even  ret ti gight …. maybe  who knows lol ? Also to have any rain we needed , have that at night when most people are in bed ( or should be lol ) that would be just right  I think anyway  …

When it gets this hot for long periods we do tend to do things we do not usually do  to try and get some relief , like wandering around half dressed or  seek out places that have air con  and stay too long  just to keep out of the heat . Now  also true of trying to escape is when the weather is way too cold for way too long , that has the same effect on the body and brain and mind , as they try to compensate for the conditions . So it seems  as  I said in a recent blog the weather controls us more than we think , or more than we like  but we can do nothing  but learn   to live with it  and keep on going , giving up is not in my vocabulary  so I just work out what is what . Brain freeze is about as annoying as heat boilover  , either way the mind temporarily loses the plot and makes  for some interesting things and ways of talking  as it tries to make sense out of something it has no control over. Though lol mind you I know some people that lost the plot years ago and still don’t realise it  …

What then is your way of overcoming these things ?  How many times have you said something , then stopped and laughed as you realised you said those words all wrong , like spoonerisms  but still wrong , like I did with the title and  beyond . The very fact that we stop and laugh  means we have not really lost the plot  we just got it mixed up with the plot from the detective series on Tv at the time  , lol that is my excuse anyway . When this happens  I just  stop , giggle, then say what I meant to say at the time  . This kind of thing happens to everyone though it is amazing how many people do not admit it  , thinking that people might think they have lost their minds , when in fact it just means the brain is working just fine and  just had a case of the hiccups  we all get them too .

At least these days there are a lot of ways to combat the weather , we have  heaters and air con  and fans and all sorts of things to help so usually it is not too big a deal . Right now right here it is fans on , windows open, feet in cold water, cold water with ice blocks  to cool down and prevent dehydration , well that is what we are doing right now , poor fridge is getting a right work out with cold water and ice blocks as quick as it can get them ready . When we can we head off to a cafe or the pub for meals and cool drinks , but more importantly to use their air con lol . All these places have air con way better than anything we could have or even afford  so it makes sense to use them  as  I see  it , you get more comfortable and have a good meal and chat with friends  , win, win I say .

When the weather  goes all wrong , well wrong to the way we like it we do all sorts of funny things to make ourselves feel better , not all of us have the time or the money to go out boating  or swimming or anything  as exciting  as we would like to do  so we make do , and just do the best we can and usually it works , unless the power goes off then  Houston  we have a problem lol and a big 1 at that as it makes all attempts  to make ourselves more comfortable impossible but as long as it is not for too long it is ok but if power is out too long  then we are in trouble ….lol… now what was it I said about weather being in control ?lol shhhh  Don’t  tell the power ….or it might get in a huff and go out and we can only do so much with batteries ….lol


Had a toothache made an appointment with the dentist. Only time he could fit me in was tooth hurty.


There is a nudist convention in town today,I might go as I have nothing on….

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