If Only

If Only  ..lol.. Now  i wonder just how many times in a day even we say or think if only ? There are so many times it is not funny  but how and why do we get into these situations  that have us shaking our heads and saying if only ? Let’s face it most of these situations  only happen because we did or did not  do something or go somewhere   that we should have , but for 1 reason or another we just didn’t . Sometimes it is because we are just slackos  , sometimes it is not our fault  , but unfortunately  most of the time it is . We get way too many if only times for it to be anyone else’s fault but our own for 1 reason or another , so once again we sit and sigh and think if only ….* sigh *

If only  I hadn’t slept in then  I would have caught that bus or train or plane and gone somewhere  , either for work or for holiday  or shopping or meeting someone , so many things all because we slept in . Regardless of why we slept in , wether  for  being slow getting to bed or delayed by other people or things result is still the same , we miss transport and are left saying 1 more time  if only ….If  only  I had bought  those shares when they were offered to me , they would now be worth alot more than what  I  could have gotten them for … If only I had actually been watching where  I was going instead of texting  while driving or walking  , I might not then now either be dead or getting beaten up because my head was in my phone not on where I was going …. not all people just swear at you and keep going some react violently to being walked into by an idiot  and  I cannot blame you it hurts when someone walks into you …

If only  I had got off my lazy butt and gone to get those bargains at the shops ( yes  I know  I hate going to sales too )  but sometimes , just sometimes it is really worth trying to get there and get something . Sometime after a sale has been on and you see the difference in prices ,that makes you just want to scream , and you know right away that if only  you had bothered you would have saved a lot of money and had something you really needed as well . It is not always possible to get things on the internet  just very rarely you have to get going if you want to benefit by a cheaper price . Sometimes yes  I know not too often you do actually have to get moving to benefit from something  and even if it is a pain in the posterior  you just have to , also you cannot post things from home , lol that you have to get moving for  .. * sigh * if only  ….lol Bout time they had a service you could call to post things from home , not only for the lazy sods  but for the disabled too it would be great , time someone got this going ….

If only you had remembered to grab some sunscreen and slap a bit on  you , now you would not be impersonating a well cooked lobster , or if you had remembered  to take that shopping list with you when you went to the shops  you would not now be home , checking the list and swearing because you forgot 1 or 3 things on that list . How many times do we leave a list behind and think no worries  I will remember what was on it  , lol , yeah right of course you will , I’m betting there would be at least 3 things you forgot  when you got home and checked the list you forgot  …if only ….lol

If only you had bothered to check the maps correctly  when you left on that road trip you would now not be either lost  or going the long way round , instead of  making it an even longer trip than it should be . Knowing men tho as we do , we all know they will never ask for directions  so we know that the trip will be longer because they will  go the wrong and longer way rather than ask for directions  . Having said that if you had only known it would take longer you could have prepared  better , if only you had realised you were after all going on a trip with a male Sheesh … lol …men …if only .. Men  you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down the toilet  …lol….if only ..

If only you had just gone to the mechanic and asked him about the noise your car was making , rather than let  your man ” have a look ”  and then screw it right up  , you would now not be waiting for a tow truck ..Let’s  face it not all men have the slightest clue about what is under the bonnet of a car much less what it is supposed to do or sound like , so 1 more time you are wishing  and saying  if only  ..If only  you had , had a good nights sleep instead of staying  up late to party or to watch some sport or something else on  TV  you would not now be trying to work while yawning your head off and trying to keep the boss from noticing ….lol….if only …

There are so many , many if only’s   that a bloke could sit here all day and not run  out  , so as  I am neither a bloke , nor have the time or patience I will leave it there almost certain you know exactly what  I mean  and from here on you will even start counting the times you say or think ….if only ….lol

I can’t tell if I actually have free time, or if I’m just not doing anything…

The more you learn, the more you know,
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So.. why learn……

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