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Loose Wires

Loose wires … Now this could be about people who seem to have loose wires or actual loose wires on something , lol, but for now let’s just think about real loose wires , those ones that when they let go can cause all sorts of problems , yes  i know people with loose wires cause all sorts of trouble too but not them this time . Look at a computer when it gets loose wires and no not the nitwit using it  but the actual computer , think about it , you are sitting there doing whatever , then the damn thing throws a hissy fit and all of a sudden you get the lovely  BSOD  or for the uninitiated  the blue screen of death , and recovering  from that takes a very long time if you can recover it from there .

Loose  wires also can cause havoc in a car , you  are driving  along then all of a sudden something goes snap! then you lose  control as things go  haywire , then you know it is going to cost you big money to fix it up . Those same wires  can also cause mayhem  if they make the traffic lights  go mad  , nothing worse than the traffic build up  that can result from this happening , you can be stuck there for ages just trying to get going without hitting another car , very frustrating to all caught up in it . Loose wires in washing machines too is a right pain  you can end up with water all over the floor , nothing getting washed or the lid stays locked down  or the spinner won’t spin , so many things can go wrong with washing machines .

Loose wires also can be a pest when you are on the phone , by this  I mean the landline ones  that some still have , also the lines that connect all our internet  and TV’s  if they go wrong  then it is almost impossible to see or hear them , very annoying for sure . When you are recording something and the loose wire stops the recording or makes it all scratchy , trouble is by the time you find out you have lost the recording . Electric appliances  too are a right pain if they get loose wires and can also be very dangerous  if for example a toaster blows up because of a loose wire , you could end up having the house burn down . Loose wires be they in things or in people are big worry they can disrupt your life at any given moment and there is not 1 single thing  you can do about it  and that is what makes it a real pest .

Loose wires  then can happen at anytime to anyone or anything and no matter how hard you try , or how careful you are  these things just happen they are no one’s fault , but it is surprising  how many people feel it is their fault and they should have known better , but how can you plan for something so random ? Random things like this can never be anyone’s fault , I mean is it your fault if you get robbed when you did nothing  wrong ? Some people even are silly enough to tell you that you should  have budgeted  better , but please tell me how you plan for a robbery you have no idea is going to happen ? So as with all loose wires we just have to handle things as well as we can , pull up our big girl’s panties as the saying goes and get on with things and keep going forward.

Loose wires can and do happen all the time all we need to do is learn to cope with them and try to put things right again as soon as we can , they are nobodies  fault they are just 1 of the things that happen in life , like a lot of things  that happen. All we can do is our best and if some people think that is not good enough then that is their problem and not ours . Loose wires are here to stay as they always have been I just think now more than ever we need to be aware of them  and just sort them out and  get on with things and not blame  anyone else for them , accept they can just happen to anyone at anytime and move on with life. Personally I hate loose wires have had more than enough of them but as usual I will not let them get to me  , I will just get on with things as  I do.

My boss asked me, “do you believe in life after death and the supernatural?”
“Yes, I think so,” I replied.
“I thought you would,” he said. “Yesterday after you left to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she phoned up to talk to you…”

My husband wears the pants in my house… Wish he would leave my wardrobe alone.



Maths ….Maths is a subject we all get subjected to , no matter what school we went to , they always crammed maths down your throat . When we first start learning maths it is not too bad , but that’s just to lull us into a false sense of security , as unbeknown to us it is building up to blow our heads off as it starts to change . Changes come slowly at first it is just add this , subtract that, divide something into something ,  you know like the old joke …think  of a number  , take  away so much , then divide  by  so much then you have the number you started with …lol sounds complicated and it is , at first you thought it was going to be easy but then it snuck up on you  and bit you on the butt …lol.

Next thing you know these maths that started out so simple have branched   out into 2 other categories  now , 1 of them is called  geometry  and the other trigonometry , lol and you thought maths was easy …ha..not a chance  once you start it   you can’t just quit  because now you find out just how much harder life has got . Now you see that you now need all these different types of maths to even get a decent job , let alone start a career . still think maths is easy  ? lol Maths  was never my favourite subject but thankfully I did learn enough of it to get by and can still do basic maths in my head if need be , also thankfully I don’t need it too often.. Lol and don’t get me started about science  as that too is another branch of maths , just sayin …lol  sneaky huh ?

Maths has a way of sneaking into all sorts of things , so when you go for that job you want or that career  you yearn for , without maths and all that goes with both job and or career are out the door pretty much . So when you so eagerly  started  out , so full of confidence  it must have been a shock to suddenly find out  that maths now is more important  than it ever was before and you might be kicking yourself that you did not pay attention to it more . Now after all the years past you may have to do a refresher  course to catch up with all you missed because you didn’t pay it proper heed when you first did it , uh ..oh ..what a pest  here you go again …

Then looking at it from another angle there are those of us who did do the maths  and put all the work into it only to find out that we  have done quite  well  without needing to use any of it , have never needed to find the square root of anything to get ahead , nor have I ever need to know the precise angle of anything  for any reason , so why did I have to go through all that as well ? Let’s face it 1 + 1 still makes 11 right  ? lol Anyway maths is a subject that drives us all nuts as we fall into 2 categories  those that use it as they get older and those that get on very well and never needed all the extra maths at all  yet still did quite well .

Some people do need it every day in their jobs and I am very respectful of those people as they have put in the hard yards and conquered maths rather than  let maths conquer them , well done to them . Then as  I said a lot do not need them every day , well nothing but the basics  , you know I need to go shopping and I look at my supplies and work out how many  of each thing I need , that is easy  as is working out how much I need to put into something I am cooking  that much is not rocket science . Mind you sometimes  I think rocket science might have been easier  at times when  that maths that was so easy at first  then so neatly changed into a monster  while you were just learning  what you thought  was all you needed . Maths is very sneaky like that  and not too many can escape it’s  clutches  good luck to those who can  lol , whoever invented it in the first place needs a kick up the butt ….seriously why invent something  so sneaky and that we will all need at some point ? Not fair is what I say  lol ….


I copied and pasted now I have glue all over my monitor,aaaah…

1 Universe 8 Planets 204 Countries 804 Islands 7 Seas 8 Billion People. . . And I still have to make My Own Sandwich..


Books …. Does anyone ever just sit and read books anymore ? Reading books can be a very relaxing thing , it can also be a great way to learn , how long is it since  you just sat down and read a book ? Ever just turned  off the  TV or the radio  and read a book just for pleasure  ? I do it all the time  just love the escapisim   it can give you  , the way you can just forget all your worries and troubles just for a little while and immerse yourself  in a different world.  Maybe it will not change the things you want to change but if you can just relax away from all your worries for a while  it has got to be good for you , well I think so anyway the things that bother  you will not be changed by you taking a break for a while  and it will do you good  and help you to think a little better after a break .

Books do us a lot of good , gets us away from the electronic  maze for a while and out of the constant urge to do this or that , like this page  or that , share this page or that , it is relentless and you really need to take a step back sometimes  and this is where relaxing with a good book comes in. Most people who see you reading a book will not disturb you , it is funny how if it is a book you are reading  they leave you alone but if you are on the computer they do not hesitate to ask you things  never did understand that . There is so much more satisfaction I think in reading an actual book   than sitting in front  of a computer all the time , and there are some things you just cannot learn on a computer .

Books cover a whole  different world  of things , especially if you like  fiction  as there is so many  different types of fiction or fantasy that  you have so much to choose from ,and each can take you to a different world just for a little while at a time . While  i know almost everyone now  just goes right to the computer and google  you can actually learn a lot from picking up a book , lol trust me google does not know everything . You can go from mildly sick to dead in just a few clicks using google  lol and who needs that  ? Despite what 99% of people think now google does not know everything and a bit of good old fashioned research  can teach you almost as well  by using books .

Books are also a better way of storing things , yes you will need a bookshelf or 3  but if you save things on a computer you also need lots of memory sticks  or hard drives , it all adds up to the same thing but  I think books are the more relaxing  way to do it . Reading  is and always will be to me a much better way to research as you do not run the risk of the computer throwing a hissy fit causing you to lose all the information you just got together , with a book it is at hand all the time . Books don’t need to be re booted  or scanned or anything like that for you to check up on something , they are right there at hand ready to use always . Books do not do the whole ” you need to update ”  thing that can waste a whole lot of time , time you may not have at the time of research. Books do not keep you waiting for ages and ages while they do the whole scan and reboot thing as they are always ready  you only have to pick them up.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying computers  are bad  I just think we give them way too much of our time and we need to get up and walk away more often . Books can be a very good way  to be able to do this , going for a good walk also always helps , or going shopping even if it is just window shopping or going for a coffee  . There are many  other ways to get away from computers  but these are just a few of them  I  am sure you know many of the other ways too. Computers can do a way lot more than books can but if it had not been for the books to start with we never would have gotten to them in the first place , we would  not have been able to read without first learning from books . Learning to read and write  was  I think 1 of the best things ever  I have always loved reading and even now do a lot of reading still .

So how much book reading do you do , do you ever just walk away and pick up a book or a magazine  just for sheer relaxation ? We all need to relax at  least a bit  , hopefully before we get to the point of throwing said computer under a bus , lol as I threaten to do often right now as this thing plays up constantly . Books are the 1 thing  I can count on not to crash , lol except if  I fall asleep reading and it crashes to the floor . Well 1 thing for sure when it does crash to the floor all it does is scare the wits out of me but no other damage , lol , but if a computer does it is a whole new world of pain as we all know . It can take days to restore a computer  but all you have to do with a book is pick it up and go back to the page you were on . …Lol get the impression that I just love books  ???


My husband thinks I’m a clock ,he’s always winding me up…

Redneck Word : debate…i was gonna go fishin today but forgot to bring debate..


I have a hidden talent……I really wish I could find it!…

Hey You !

Hey You ! This is not my usual blog style but feel it needs to be said , I am not sorry for a single word of it …

Hey You ! Woman  so busy facetalking on your phone to pay attention to your sweet little girls walking with you , or trying to , they are so pretty in their little pink dresses and pigtails …. Did  you ever bother to notice them  , or notice how easy it would be for anyone to quickly walk up and grab them by the hand and walk off with them , or just simply pick them up and be off with them ? They could just as easily get bored with you and wander off on their own couldn’t they ? No you didn’t  you were so busy talking and giggling into that phone in front of your face you would never have even noticed .. I wonder how far away they will be when you finally get your head out of that phone before you do notice 1 or both of them are gone  ?

Hey You ! Yes  you a learner driver  not even got your license  yet , but think you are so smart you can text and learn to drive at the same time , how many people will you kill in your driving time ? The poor little child who ran out in front of you that you never saw because you were  texting , the older person not as fit as they once were  , oh but that’s right you hate older people and think they should be got rid of anyway . How about someone’s  guide dog , a dog so loyal  that it protects it’s human at all costs  but you didn’t  notice it because it was in front and you didn’t even lookabout to see if there was anyone or anything in the way  …and all of this before you even get your license !

Hey You ! Yes you cyclists who think it is fine to ride on the footpath  even when there are a lot of people using  the footpath as it is meant to be used.Will  how many people you run into matter to you ? What about mothers with children walking along , or  again older people who just cannot walk fast anymore , Or people just going about their daily business , does it matter to you how many you hurt or maim ? The answer is obvious you do not or you would have a little courtesy and get off it and walk , after all in case you didn’t notice it is called a footpath  not a bike path  …

Hey You ! Yes you  the girl who thought it would be fun to start a fire and just see what happens , probably because you were bored right  ? Did you even for a single minute think of the consequences ? No you did not , you  did not care that by doing this  you were  robbing people of their homes , maybe their lives , all they own  just because you thought it was funny . You probably just wanted to have something different to do , so how does it feel now  ?  How does it feel seeing just how  much pain and damage you have caused  ? Do you still find it funny that you have hurt so many ? Have you ever been in a fire ? Do you know how much agony burns cause ? My guess is no you do not know nor do you want to ..

Hey You ! Yes you who constantly drink and drive  saying to yourself it’s  ok  I have only had a couple  I can drive ok . So was it ok when you ran over that child ? That adult ? That family pet ? Was it ok that  you wound  up dead  ? Was it ok that no matter how many pictures and videos  you have seen about people who drink drive or text and drive end up in terrible crashes and kill not only themselves but other innocent people ? It is never ok to even think about trying to drive while texting or after drinking , why do so many think that they are not only better than everyone else but  also above the law  ?

Hey You ! Yes you wonderful men and women who protect us as best they can from these idiots , you wonderful police , ambos , firefighters , we salute and thank you for being willing  to give your own lives to protect the rest of us from these idiots . My big regret is that there are more and more of these idiots everyday  they are growing in number all the time we and you are all fighting a losing battle .

Hey You ! Yes you idiot politicians  and lawmakers , do you not even have a shred of  decency in you anymore ? Is it only the money that you like , like the Bible says Money Answereth All Things  …is that your God  ? Is that the only reason you are in politics  ? Where has gone the promise to look after the people in your constituencies ? Has that like everything else gone up in smoke so you can enjoy yourselves  and live the high life off the people you are supposed to be helping  ? I’m guessing that you would miss all the perks, all the extra money , all the flying around the world at our expense , so let’s not worry about what your job is supposed to be ok ? Of course too we won’t worry that you were voted in to do these things we will just forget that bit as usual ..

Hey You ! Yes you if you even bothered to read this because it is not a funny blog like  I usually do how much of all this complacency is up to you and me  ? What do we even try to do about it  ? I am sure that if enough of the ordinary people of the world  stopped just being ordinary  and started telling the people in charge of all these things  that we do not like it something would be done to try and fix it . The more we just sit and do nothing the more these people who should be fixing all this will do nothing , and the further into chaos we will fall . To me it is inevitable  that it  will happen anyway but  I feel we can at least try not to be steam rollered  and try to slow it all down  if we but try.

At this point I usually  place a joke or 3 but not this time as  I just feel things are way too much out of control and too many good people are being hurt or killed because no one seems to care even a little bit . Crying about it after the fact will not help 1 little bit we need to try and stop the rot now …………

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Happiness   …. What is happiness to you  ? What is it that makes you happy ? People , places , things you do  , places  you go  ? There are so many things we could mention but these are just a few , for me something  I like more than anything is  to be with nice people   and just relaxing   and chatting  ,  not having to rush off , having some nice  quality time together . with things being as hectic as they are now  , and hardly ever seeing hubby due to work commitments  just doing this makes me happy . New  years  was a prime  example we just sat  and chatted in a quiet pub having a bit of fun with some of the staff and  friends , by the time midnight came we were the only ones left and that to me made it much better loved it , it seemed like a special moment ..

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes of course and there are many causes of happiness I always try to find happiness every time I  go out it is there if you look , there is always  something to make you giggle  if you keep your eyes open and not in your phone as  I have said many times , sorry to repeat but it is so true even more so today .Sitting down and watching a really good  TV show also makes me happy  but unfortunately  there are less and less shows that are even worth the time of day  much less watching for even 1 hour  much less a whole series of them . TV  these days is something else that is mostly just awful  and as for the advertising  that is mostly disgusting  , it is more than obvious  that there is no longer any advertising standards  board like there used to be  as so many of the adverts are just wrong on so many levels .

Happiness for me too is a quiet walk on the beach  just watching the waves  and thinking about things in general ,also love going to a zoo , managed to take hubby to the  Sydney Zoo loved walking round it looking at all the lovely animals , was quietly hoping they would keep him …lol …but they made me take him home …damm…lol sorry dear . Sometimes  just going window shopping , no not to actually buy windows but to look in them and see what it is  I would  like but cannot afford as usual . Helps to pass the time and relax  also to give you ideas if by some miracle you get the money you need you know just where to go and get it . Like to do this at times when there are no too many people about  so we do not have to worry about idiots with phones.

Happiness too can be getting something  you really needed or that  you have wanted for years but never quite  got, also applies to places you wanted to go to but again you just could not  get the money , so when you do get it in these circumstances  it just seems to make it more special , well I think so anyway  it does to me . Happiness  can also be when you finally meet someone  you have known online for a very long time but never got  to meet in real life  , most of the people I have met online have been just lovely , but as with anything there is always 1 or 2 that  break the rules  but mostly it is good. Personally I have proved  that many times and now have some lovely friends  that  I never knew before  I met them online first , lol, silly me even married 1 of them , but  I do not regret it 1 single little bit , lol, it’s been great fun spotted here and there with problems  but you get that …

Happiness too to some people can be just ,say, getting a car that  they have always wanted , while that is good , to me things are not that important people are more important , but each to their own . Happiness also can be just lying on  a couch reading a book  or watching  TV , like I said there are so many things that can cause happiness we just need to look for them and not let things get to us too much , and yes I know it is hard but if we make the effort we can manage it . All the time  it gets harder and harder  I know as things around the world get worse but if we can just look about we can find some , maybe just a little but even a little helps in this mad and crazy world.

This world is falling apart rapidly and it is obvious but we can do our best to keep ourselves together and help others if needed , I know without the help of  God  I for 1 would have been dead years ago  as  I have almost been killed many times . Thanks be though I am still here and able  to find my bits of happiness  from time to time and it helps so much to be able to . Of course to state the obvious  to have enough money to live by and do the things we need or want to also would make a lot of people happy as well as me sure would be nice but it is not the be all and end all money is not everything  even though it sure helps.

Is there a Procrastinators Anonymous? If so, I’m joining right now!.. tomorrow for sure..definitely next week…next month at the very latest…

I just remembered that I forgot that I was supposed to tell you that I forgot what I remembered to forget then found out that I was supposed to tell you….Damn I forgot again…