Happiness   …. What is happiness to you  ? What is it that makes you happy ? People , places , things you do  , places  you go  ? There are so many things we could mention but these are just a few , for me something  I like more than anything is  to be with nice people   and just relaxing   and chatting  ,  not having to rush off , having some nice  quality time together . with things being as hectic as they are now  , and hardly ever seeing hubby due to work commitments  just doing this makes me happy . New  years  was a prime  example we just sat  and chatted in a quiet pub having a bit of fun with some of the staff and  friends , by the time midnight came we were the only ones left and that to me made it much better loved it , it seemed like a special moment ..

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes of course and there are many causes of happiness I always try to find happiness every time I  go out it is there if you look , there is always  something to make you giggle  if you keep your eyes open and not in your phone as  I have said many times , sorry to repeat but it is so true even more so today .Sitting down and watching a really good  TV show also makes me happy  but unfortunately  there are less and less shows that are even worth the time of day  much less watching for even 1 hour  much less a whole series of them . TV  these days is something else that is mostly just awful  and as for the advertising  that is mostly disgusting  , it is more than obvious  that there is no longer any advertising standards  board like there used to be  as so many of the adverts are just wrong on so many levels .

Happiness for me too is a quiet walk on the beach  just watching the waves  and thinking about things in general ,also love going to a zoo , managed to take hubby to the  Sydney Zoo loved walking round it looking at all the lovely animals , was quietly hoping they would keep him …lol …but they made me take him home …damm…lol sorry dear . Sometimes  just going window shopping , no not to actually buy windows but to look in them and see what it is  I would  like but cannot afford as usual . Helps to pass the time and relax  also to give you ideas if by some miracle you get the money you need you know just where to go and get it . Like to do this at times when there are no too many people about  so we do not have to worry about idiots with phones.

Happiness too can be getting something  you really needed or that  you have wanted for years but never quite  got, also applies to places you wanted to go to but again you just could not  get the money , so when you do get it in these circumstances  it just seems to make it more special , well I think so anyway  it does to me . Happiness  can also be when you finally meet someone  you have known online for a very long time but never got  to meet in real life  , most of the people I have met online have been just lovely , but as with anything there is always 1 or 2 that  break the rules  but mostly it is good. Personally I have proved  that many times and now have some lovely friends  that  I never knew before  I met them online first , lol, silly me even married 1 of them , but  I do not regret it 1 single little bit , lol, it’s been great fun spotted here and there with problems  but you get that …

Happiness too to some people can be just ,say, getting a car that  they have always wanted , while that is good , to me things are not that important people are more important , but each to their own . Happiness also can be just lying on  a couch reading a book  or watching  TV , like I said there are so many things that can cause happiness we just need to look for them and not let things get to us too much , and yes I know it is hard but if we make the effort we can manage it . All the time  it gets harder and harder  I know as things around the world get worse but if we can just look about we can find some , maybe just a little but even a little helps in this mad and crazy world.

This world is falling apart rapidly and it is obvious but we can do our best to keep ourselves together and help others if needed , I know without the help of  God  I for 1 would have been dead years ago  as  I have almost been killed many times . Thanks be though I am still here and able  to find my bits of happiness  from time to time and it helps so much to be able to . Of course to state the obvious  to have enough money to live by and do the things we need or want to also would make a lot of people happy as well as me sure would be nice but it is not the be all and end all money is not everything  even though it sure helps.

Is there a Procrastinators Anonymous? If so, I’m joining right now!.. tomorrow for sure..definitely next week…next month at the very latest…

I just remembered that I forgot that I was supposed to tell you that I forgot what I remembered to forget then found out that I was supposed to tell you….Damn I forgot again…

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