Hey You !

Hey You ! This is not my usual blog style but feel it needs to be said , I am not sorry for a single word of it …

Hey You ! Woman  so busy facetalking on your phone to pay attention to your sweet little girls walking with you , or trying to , they are so pretty in their little pink dresses and pigtails …. Did  you ever bother to notice them  , or notice how easy it would be for anyone to quickly walk up and grab them by the hand and walk off with them , or just simply pick them up and be off with them ? They could just as easily get bored with you and wander off on their own couldn’t they ? No you didn’t  you were so busy talking and giggling into that phone in front of your face you would never have even noticed .. I wonder how far away they will be when you finally get your head out of that phone before you do notice 1 or both of them are gone  ?

Hey You ! Yes  you a learner driver  not even got your license  yet , but think you are so smart you can text and learn to drive at the same time , how many people will you kill in your driving time ? The poor little child who ran out in front of you that you never saw because you were  texting , the older person not as fit as they once were  , oh but that’s right you hate older people and think they should be got rid of anyway . How about someone’s  guide dog , a dog so loyal  that it protects it’s human at all costs  but you didn’t  notice it because it was in front and you didn’t even lookabout to see if there was anyone or anything in the way  …and all of this before you even get your license !

Hey You ! Yes you cyclists who think it is fine to ride on the footpath  even when there are a lot of people using  the footpath as it is meant to be used.Will  how many people you run into matter to you ? What about mothers with children walking along , or  again older people who just cannot walk fast anymore , Or people just going about their daily business , does it matter to you how many you hurt or maim ? The answer is obvious you do not or you would have a little courtesy and get off it and walk , after all in case you didn’t notice it is called a footpath  not a bike path  …

Hey You ! Yes you  the girl who thought it would be fun to start a fire and just see what happens , probably because you were bored right  ? Did you even for a single minute think of the consequences ? No you did not , you  did not care that by doing this  you were  robbing people of their homes , maybe their lives , all they own  just because you thought it was funny . You probably just wanted to have something different to do , so how does it feel now  ?  How does it feel seeing just how  much pain and damage you have caused  ? Do you still find it funny that you have hurt so many ? Have you ever been in a fire ? Do you know how much agony burns cause ? My guess is no you do not know nor do you want to ..

Hey You ! Yes you who constantly drink and drive  saying to yourself it’s  ok  I have only had a couple  I can drive ok . So was it ok when you ran over that child ? That adult ? That family pet ? Was it ok that  you wound  up dead  ? Was it ok that no matter how many pictures and videos  you have seen about people who drink drive or text and drive end up in terrible crashes and kill not only themselves but other innocent people ? It is never ok to even think about trying to drive while texting or after drinking , why do so many think that they are not only better than everyone else but  also above the law  ?

Hey You ! Yes you wonderful men and women who protect us as best they can from these idiots , you wonderful police , ambos , firefighters , we salute and thank you for being willing  to give your own lives to protect the rest of us from these idiots . My big regret is that there are more and more of these idiots everyday  they are growing in number all the time we and you are all fighting a losing battle .

Hey You ! Yes you idiot politicians  and lawmakers , do you not even have a shred of  decency in you anymore ? Is it only the money that you like , like the Bible says Money Answereth All Things  …is that your God  ? Is that the only reason you are in politics  ? Where has gone the promise to look after the people in your constituencies ? Has that like everything else gone up in smoke so you can enjoy yourselves  and live the high life off the people you are supposed to be helping  ? I’m guessing that you would miss all the perks, all the extra money , all the flying around the world at our expense , so let’s not worry about what your job is supposed to be ok ? Of course too we won’t worry that you were voted in to do these things we will just forget that bit as usual ..

Hey You ! Yes you if you even bothered to read this because it is not a funny blog like  I usually do how much of all this complacency is up to you and me  ? What do we even try to do about it  ? I am sure that if enough of the ordinary people of the world  stopped just being ordinary  and started telling the people in charge of all these things  that we do not like it something would be done to try and fix it . The more we just sit and do nothing the more these people who should be fixing all this will do nothing , and the further into chaos we will fall . To me it is inevitable  that it  will happen anyway but  I feel we can at least try not to be steam rollered  and try to slow it all down  if we but try.

At this point I usually  place a joke or 3 but not this time as  I just feel things are way too much out of control and too many good people are being hurt or killed because no one seems to care even a little bit . Crying about it after the fact will not help 1 little bit we need to try and stop the rot now …………

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