Books …. Does anyone ever just sit and read books anymore ? Reading books can be a very relaxing thing , it can also be a great way to learn , how long is it since  you just sat down and read a book ? Ever just turned  off the  TV or the radio  and read a book just for pleasure  ? I do it all the time  just love the escapisim   it can give you  , the way you can just forget all your worries and troubles just for a little while and immerse yourself  in a different world.  Maybe it will not change the things you want to change but if you can just relax away from all your worries for a while  it has got to be good for you , well I think so anyway the things that bother  you will not be changed by you taking a break for a while  and it will do you good  and help you to think a little better after a break .

Books do us a lot of good , gets us away from the electronic  maze for a while and out of the constant urge to do this or that , like this page  or that , share this page or that , it is relentless and you really need to take a step back sometimes  and this is where relaxing with a good book comes in. Most people who see you reading a book will not disturb you , it is funny how if it is a book you are reading  they leave you alone but if you are on the computer they do not hesitate to ask you things  never did understand that . There is so much more satisfaction I think in reading an actual book   than sitting in front  of a computer all the time , and there are some things you just cannot learn on a computer .

Books cover a whole  different world  of things , especially if you like  fiction  as there is so many  different types of fiction or fantasy that  you have so much to choose from ,and each can take you to a different world just for a little while at a time . While  i know almost everyone now  just goes right to the computer and google  you can actually learn a lot from picking up a book , lol trust me google does not know everything . You can go from mildly sick to dead in just a few clicks using google  lol and who needs that  ? Despite what 99% of people think now google does not know everything and a bit of good old fashioned research  can teach you almost as well  by using books .

Books are also a better way of storing things , yes you will need a bookshelf or 3  but if you save things on a computer you also need lots of memory sticks  or hard drives , it all adds up to the same thing but  I think books are the more relaxing  way to do it . Reading  is and always will be to me a much better way to research as you do not run the risk of the computer throwing a hissy fit causing you to lose all the information you just got together , with a book it is at hand all the time . Books don’t need to be re booted  or scanned or anything like that for you to check up on something , they are right there at hand ready to use always . Books do not do the whole ” you need to update ”  thing that can waste a whole lot of time , time you may not have at the time of research. Books do not keep you waiting for ages and ages while they do the whole scan and reboot thing as they are always ready  you only have to pick them up.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying computers  are bad  I just think we give them way too much of our time and we need to get up and walk away more often . Books can be a very good way  to be able to do this , going for a good walk also always helps , or going shopping even if it is just window shopping or going for a coffee  . There are many  other ways to get away from computers  but these are just a few of them  I  am sure you know many of the other ways too. Computers can do a way lot more than books can but if it had not been for the books to start with we never would have gotten to them in the first place , we would  not have been able to read without first learning from books . Learning to read and write  was  I think 1 of the best things ever  I have always loved reading and even now do a lot of reading still .

So how much book reading do you do , do you ever just walk away and pick up a book or a magazine  just for sheer relaxation ? We all need to relax at  least a bit  , hopefully before we get to the point of throwing said computer under a bus , lol as I threaten to do often right now as this thing plays up constantly . Books are the 1 thing  I can count on not to crash , lol except if  I fall asleep reading and it crashes to the floor . Well 1 thing for sure when it does crash to the floor all it does is scare the wits out of me but no other damage , lol , but if a computer does it is a whole new world of pain as we all know . It can take days to restore a computer  but all you have to do with a book is pick it up and go back to the page you were on . …Lol get the impression that I just love books  ???


My husband thinks I’m a clock ,he’s always winding me up…

Redneck Word : debate…i was gonna go fishin today but forgot to bring debate..


I have a hidden talent……I really wish I could find it!…

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