Maths ….Maths is a subject we all get subjected to , no matter what school we went to , they always crammed maths down your throat . When we first start learning maths it is not too bad , but that’s just to lull us into a false sense of security , as unbeknown to us it is building up to blow our heads off as it starts to change . Changes come slowly at first it is just add this , subtract that, divide something into something ,  you know like the old joke …think  of a number  , take  away so much , then divide  by  so much then you have the number you started with …lol sounds complicated and it is , at first you thought it was going to be easy but then it snuck up on you  and bit you on the butt …lol.

Next thing you know these maths that started out so simple have branched   out into 2 other categories  now , 1 of them is called  geometry  and the other trigonometry , lol and you thought maths was easy …ha..not a chance  once you start it   you can’t just quit  because now you find out just how much harder life has got . Now you see that you now need all these different types of maths to even get a decent job , let alone start a career . still think maths is easy  ? lol Maths  was never my favourite subject but thankfully I did learn enough of it to get by and can still do basic maths in my head if need be , also thankfully I don’t need it too often.. Lol and don’t get me started about science  as that too is another branch of maths , just sayin …lol  sneaky huh ?

Maths has a way of sneaking into all sorts of things , so when you go for that job you want or that career  you yearn for , without maths and all that goes with both job and or career are out the door pretty much . So when you so eagerly  started  out , so full of confidence  it must have been a shock to suddenly find out  that maths now is more important  than it ever was before and you might be kicking yourself that you did not pay attention to it more . Now after all the years past you may have to do a refresher  course to catch up with all you missed because you didn’t pay it proper heed when you first did it , uh ..oh ..what a pest  here you go again …

Then looking at it from another angle there are those of us who did do the maths  and put all the work into it only to find out that we  have done quite  well  without needing to use any of it , have never needed to find the square root of anything to get ahead , nor have I ever need to know the precise angle of anything  for any reason , so why did I have to go through all that as well ? Let’s face it 1 + 1 still makes 11 right  ? lol Anyway maths is a subject that drives us all nuts as we fall into 2 categories  those that use it as they get older and those that get on very well and never needed all the extra maths at all  yet still did quite well .

Some people do need it every day in their jobs and I am very respectful of those people as they have put in the hard yards and conquered maths rather than  let maths conquer them , well done to them . Then as  I said a lot do not need them every day , well nothing but the basics  , you know I need to go shopping and I look at my supplies and work out how many  of each thing I need , that is easy  as is working out how much I need to put into something I am cooking  that much is not rocket science . Mind you sometimes  I think rocket science might have been easier  at times when  that maths that was so easy at first  then so neatly changed into a monster  while you were just learning  what you thought  was all you needed . Maths is very sneaky like that  and not too many can escape it’s  clutches  good luck to those who can  lol , whoever invented it in the first place needs a kick up the butt ….seriously why invent something  so sneaky and that we will all need at some point ? Not fair is what I say  lol ….


I copied and pasted now I have glue all over my monitor,aaaah…

1 Universe 8 Planets 204 Countries 804 Islands 7 Seas 8 Billion People. . . And I still have to make My Own Sandwich..

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