Loose Wires

Loose wires … Now this could be about people who seem to have loose wires or actual loose wires on something , lol, but for now let’s just think about real loose wires , those ones that when they let go can cause all sorts of problems , yes  i know people with loose wires cause all sorts of trouble too but not them this time . Look at a computer when it gets loose wires and no not the nitwit using it  but the actual computer , think about it , you are sitting there doing whatever , then the damn thing throws a hissy fit and all of a sudden you get the lovely  BSOD  or for the uninitiated  the blue screen of death , and recovering  from that takes a very long time if you can recover it from there .

Loose  wires also can cause havoc in a car , you  are driving  along then all of a sudden something goes snap! then you lose  control as things go  haywire , then you know it is going to cost you big money to fix it up . Those same wires  can also cause mayhem  if they make the traffic lights  go mad  , nothing worse than the traffic build up  that can result from this happening , you can be stuck there for ages just trying to get going without hitting another car , very frustrating to all caught up in it . Loose wires in washing machines too is a right pain  you can end up with water all over the floor , nothing getting washed or the lid stays locked down  or the spinner won’t spin , so many things can go wrong with washing machines .

Loose wires also can be a pest when you are on the phone , by this  I mean the landline ones  that some still have , also the lines that connect all our internet  and TV’s  if they go wrong  then it is almost impossible to see or hear them , very annoying for sure . When you are recording something and the loose wire stops the recording or makes it all scratchy , trouble is by the time you find out you have lost the recording . Electric appliances  too are a right pain if they get loose wires and can also be very dangerous  if for example a toaster blows up because of a loose wire , you could end up having the house burn down . Loose wires be they in things or in people are big worry they can disrupt your life at any given moment and there is not 1 single thing  you can do about it  and that is what makes it a real pest .

Loose wires  then can happen at anytime to anyone or anything and no matter how hard you try , or how careful you are  these things just happen they are no one’s fault , but it is surprising  how many people feel it is their fault and they should have known better , but how can you plan for something so random ? Random things like this can never be anyone’s fault , I mean is it your fault if you get robbed when you did nothing  wrong ? Some people even are silly enough to tell you that you should  have budgeted  better , but please tell me how you plan for a robbery you have no idea is going to happen ? So as with all loose wires we just have to handle things as well as we can , pull up our big girl’s panties as the saying goes and get on with things and keep going forward.

Loose wires can and do happen all the time all we need to do is learn to cope with them and try to put things right again as soon as we can , they are nobodies  fault they are just 1 of the things that happen in life , like a lot of things  that happen. All we can do is our best and if some people think that is not good enough then that is their problem and not ours . Loose wires are here to stay as they always have been I just think now more than ever we need to be aware of them  and just sort them out and  get on with things and not blame  anyone else for them , accept they can just happen to anyone at anytime and move on with life. Personally I hate loose wires have had more than enough of them but as usual I will not let them get to me  , I will just get on with things as  I do.

My boss asked me, “do you believe in life after death and the supernatural?”
“Yes, I think so,” I replied.
“I thought you would,” he said. “Yesterday after you left to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she phoned up to talk to you…”

My husband wears the pants in my house… Wish he would leave my wardrobe alone.

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