First Words

First words  … Now  I am not talking about  a babies  first words cute as they are  , they are usually  mumma  or dadda,  that is the usual and we love it when they first talk . Let’s  face it we encourage them to talk we nudge them and nudge them to talk , then what happens  ? Lol they start to talk and then we spend the rest of the time they live with us before they get married  …yes you guessed it  …lol  we tell them to shut up !! After all the time we wasted getting them to talk they do what they are told ..probably the only time they do as they are told , and then we  tell them to shut up … sheesh poor babies just cannot win can they  ? First we tell them 1 thing then we tell them another when they do it  , lol, this is mostly why after that  they ignore us , but we asked for it , so in all we tell them to talk and walk and when they do , they just get told  to sit down and shut up , lol, don’t seem right does it ?

First words I really mean are the first words we utter  when we first wake up, while we are still lying in bed  with or without a hubby beside you . What are your first words to your hubby or  your kids ? Mine are always the same I say to hubby ” love you baby ”  and snuggle up  close , his response  is  ” love you too sexy  ”  and we cuddle more . We have been doing this now for years and we hope to keep doing it for years to come , we love each other and hopefully always will . We just find it a really great way  to start the day , as you never know what a day will bring it is just great to start it off with loving words if you can , starts the day with a good positive . This works so well I wish everyone would start their day with loving words and cuddles and what a difference  the world would be then so much nicer .

First words when we meet people for the first time too can make a big difference to how a possible new friendship might evolve , and as  I say begin as you mean to go on . For me it is always  honesty I never say anything  that is anything but honest as it hurts too much . First words have power that we do not realise  and as soon  as we realise  that  the better we will be , if we watch our words then we will not have too much  trouble  it is the spur of the moment  words , the words said in anger , they are the words  that do all the damage . Too many people just open their mouths  and just let fly anything without  even considering  what those words might do to someone else . Once those angry and hurtful words are out they cannot be taken back and can cause irreparable damage to those who we say them to.

First words  said when we first meet a prospective  partner  are the ones we should watch the most if we do not want to spoil  any chance of a future , this being said , lol what I did to my hubby when he first spoke to me  does not count Telling him where to go and what to do with himself at the time seemed the right thing to do for me at the time , but as usual what man ever does what he is told ? lol He sure didn’t  and 15 years later we are still in love still together  and we both couldn’t be happier . Normally what I said to him and how long I said it for would put paid to any chance of a relationship  , but then what do we know about being normal  ?? lol Someone called me normal once  , never been so insulted in all my life ….sheesh …lol

First words count in so many situations I am sure you can think of a lot too  , like the first time you hear a teacher talk to you  , or a nurse , or a doctor , or a police man , or a firefighter , all these people who work quite often 24/7 to keep us safe  , the first words they  say can be life saving , and then of course there are the life savers , but  I am sure you get my drift . First  words said in anger make you edgy  and unable to trust the person  saying them , but first words said with a giggle or in love make you relax  and make the whole day brighter for all concerned . The only time my first words to someone  I don’t know  is weird is if they say something  I just do not understand , then  i will say to them ” yeah I had 1 of them but the wheels fell off ” lol means I have no idea what you just said …Please Explain …Giggles …

First words then as you see can make such an impact  on everyone we see and have interaction with  so should we not try a little harder to make those first words  we utter  nice ones ? World would be a lot better place  if  a lot more people tried to make the words they say  a lot nicer , and a lot more friendly , and a lot more people would not be as stressed  as they are today and that would be just great . I know it is a long shot but hey I can hope can’t i ? We all must have some sort of hope if we are to get on in a better frame of mind .

The more I learn, the more I learn, how much I have to learn….

I am great at multitasking. I can be mad at my husband for five different things at the same time….

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