Balls ..

Balls …lol and no before you even think it not those balls ok ? Get your heads above your navel for a change. Sheeesh I don’t know , some people …….. no hope for them  lol.

Balls  come in all sizes and shapes and colours  and can be used for so many things  they are used for work and for play and we should  look after them always  …lol now stoppit !!!  Well there  are the ones used to play football , ones used to play soccer , ones used to play tennis , ones used to play golf , we even use them to bet on in lotto , see there are just so many ways we use balls or ball shaped things that we have need of  that I thought it was time  I pointed out just how many times we use them and how  we should be looking after them  . Like bowling balls if we don’t use them the right way they are  a menace …lol just like men and kids …so the correct way of using balls is essential to know for everyone , trust me on this .. We really do need to know how  to look after our balls that we use all the time as we would not want to be without them. ..giggles ..

Balls as  I said are a lot like kids and men , if they work the way they are supposed to think  how much easier our lives would be . Just think about it , you ask your hubby to do something and either 1 or 2 things happens , 1. he does it and all goes well or 2. he mucks around till you do it yourself  and this is what usually happens when dealing with men , lol , sheeesh  they never learn. Balls are also like kids  , dealing with kids is also as annoying because they are exactly like men in how they react but with kids you often also get the added bonus of crying, foot stamping, slamming doors , or if you are real lucky all 3 at once …sheeesh again Then again men can be like that too sometimes lol.

Balls if used wrong when playing …no not that ..stoppit !! lol When you bowl a ball wrong it goes down the gutter or even into the next lane  and might even hurt someone , so you have to be careful as also bowling balls are very heavy . Balls used for golf if used wrongly can also do a lot of damage , they can hit someone , go through a window  , or just get lost in the woods. Balls used in tennis are also ones to be careful of  as they too can hit someone , just saw an umpire  in The Australian Open get clobbered by 1 and luckily it didn’t hurt him and  he just had a good giggle .  Balls used for  football  too , and I mean real football not rugby, not soccer  , can hurt if you get hit with 1 that has been kicked hard enough at you so best not to be in the road of those , lol, stand at the bar it is unlikely they will be able to reach you there …

Balls that are used for lotto cannot hurt you physically  but they sure can hurt your hip pocket if you are silly enough to play with those balls  they can cost  you a lot of money so again best to leave them alone . Have you any idea what the odds are on those balls anyway  ? The odds are millions to 1 so not worth wasting money on . Balls used in playing snooker can also be a worry as if you can play well then they don’t hurt you but if you don’t you get beat , and you get beat more if you bet on the game , much more fun to just play for fun. Though having said that snooker balls are very hard  and if someone hits 1 too hard and it bounces off the table then that can hurt  lol .

Balls then just like men and kids  can be useful but are mostly a pain in the posterior , lol , think about it there is not a lot of difference between the lot  is there  ? Balls can be fun , men can be fun, even kids can be fun but all 3 can be a right pain if they screw up or are screwed up . Balls at least can be fixed or traded in or  replaced  but try doing that with a husband or any kids huh ? lol  you cant  you are stuck with what you have ,someone  who is a right pain at times  but like balls can be a lot of fun…Stoppit!!! lol I  would love to know just how many of you kept thinking of the wrong balls every time  I mention them , go on be truthful lol …I can count on the fingers of no hands how many did not think of the wrong balls every time …lol


The human body contains enough bones to make a skeleton…

“Mom, I’m hungry.”“Hi, Hungry. I’m Mom.”
“Mom, I’m serious.”“I thought you were Hungry?”
“Are you kidding me?”“Nope, I’m Mom.”..

My female intuition is so highly developed that I know when my husband is wrong even before he has said anything…

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