Procrastinators ….. How many times will a procrastinator procrastinate  before you threaten to knock his block off ? The answer is too many times …lol…being married to a procrastinator I know what I am talking about , there have been so many times that I have wanted to just knock his block off , sorry dear but you know  I  am right .  I always groan when I know  I have to wait for him to do something  , as  I know it will never ever get done when you first ask . That is why if something needs to be done  I ask long before it really needs to be done as much as  I can , knowing full well it will not get done right away this is about the only way I can handle it . The other way of course is just to wait till he has put it off at least twice then just give up and go do it myself , lol, that way he don’t get a kick up the butt even though he deserves it .

Procrastinators as good? bad ? lol  as the 1 I live with can really make you wonder why you even bother , why you do not just do it yourself anyway and save yourself a lot of  grief . Also makes you wonder sometimes why you are still with them , trouble is there are just some things , too many if you ask me that you simply just cannot do yourself , while I try not to have to ask there are times when you just have to . I have tried for 15 years now , lol yes 15 , to get him to see that it is way easier to just do it then you can relax and not have to worry about it after that , that doing it right away  get’s all problems solved * sigh *  it has not worked yet apart from actually kicking his butt  I have no idea  what to do with him.( open to suggestions lol ) 15 years and

Procrastinators this bad  really are hard to live with at times , and it does not matter how much you love them , this can really make your blood boil trust me , there have been times when I have just walked away rather than get too mad at him as  I really do love him or would not be still here after all these years. Yes  I am the first to realise there are times when putting off doing something has benefits , but there are not as many of those as he would like me to believe , it is still better to just go and get it done , then you have nothing more to worry about and you can relax. They tell you love conquers all  and mostly I do believe this but there are times when it takes all self control not to just get mad at him  and start nagging , and that is something  I really refuse to do as  it is not good for either of you . So it must be very important if I ever do stoop to nagging.

Procrastinators  do seem to me to live in an alternate universe I think as they just don’t get it that putting everything and everyone at times off till a later time, and they do not get it through what passes for a brain that it make those that love them just so mad at them , I am sure if they bothered to think about it they might see what I am saying here. Getting things done when they first need doing is something I have always done , for instance when we have a meal , as soon as we are finished  I go do the dishes , there is no way I want a pile of dishes looking at me for hours on end , and also knowing that at some point I have to do it  so why not just get it done ?

Procrastinators  just in case you think  I am saying they are all male  I am not they are women as well as men , women are just as good at putting things off as men have no doubt of that . Women also make their partners very angry  at times because they do not get things done , they also can  be just as annoying  and cause just as much agro. What I want to know is where/when/how  do people decide to become procrastinators  ? What makes them suddenly decide to do this ? Surely they realise after  a while that it is not a good thing  to be , so why do they not change and start to improve ? I know  I would love hubby to stop doing it so much , it really does make me mad sheesh just as well I love him ….

Procrastinators are they born like that or do they become that way ? If they become that way then what is it that makes them become that way  ? Someone please tell me so maybe , just maybe  I can fix my 1 , lol, even though I love him as he is mostly this 1 thing drives me to distraction . How soon in life do they start doing this ? When does a child , yes a child  suddenly decide to become a procrastinator  like it was some sort of necessary need in life ? What time in life do they sit and think hey I am going to be a procrastinator  it is my life’s dream to be 1 and  i will be 1 no matter what  ? Lol would love to really know what makes them that way and if there is a way to fix it in them without going to jail …lol. .. lol now  I must finish this and go get some things done .

I’m never naughty… Just mischievously creative!  I like being me!!!  XXX


I can’t go anywhere in my house without somebody recognizing me….



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