Upside Down

Upside down … This is not my usual blog this is a collaboration between me and my husband Richard , just as the title suggests  things have been turned upside down for us  , right out of the blue . You know 1 of those things you don’t see coming and then wham! Gotcha ! Now we have a whole lot of different challenges to to sort out , I have no doubt we will sort it all but it may take awhile  , now we know what is going on sort of

Right let me explain , I was sitting here just waiting for  Richard to come home from work when at a funny time of the day he texts me and says  ( meet me at the pub we need a drink )  I said back seriously ? He said yes , so off  I went to get dressed and go meet him . As soon as i  got there  I  did  not even wave to friends  or anyone I went right to where he was and said “What’s wrong ?   ”  He then told me he had been retrenched , I could not believe it  , I was devastated  as he loves that job so much , he and 9 others are being retrenched  , they are restructuring … so that means 10 good employees now have no jobs . Along with the jobs goes health cover as well  , and they all have just 2 months left to finish up  and leave.

Seems like  we no longer need worry about replacing the dead freezer  or anything else that might break in the next few months , as we have no idea whatever  where we will be , it will depend on where or if he can get another job  I will attach  his CV  at the bottom of this blog  so if anyone can help that would be great . He already has applied for 4 different jobs in his field he started doing that right away so as not to lose too much time in trying to get another job. We are very hopeful that he will be able to get another job even if it means moving  to another town or state as long as there is a job for him we will go , after all that is what brought us to Sydney in the first place .

Faced with this all the wonderful fun and surprises my hubby and family gave me for my birthday  was just great to take our minds off it for a while , and lovely though that was  we now have to deal with the reality of not knowing just what will happen or where we will end up. Like I said before we are both confident something will turn up  we just have to look and see what comes in , in the way of job offers . Every day  now will be a day of looking and searching to see what is available  and if we can do anything about any of them …                             .Rick’s CV


One thought on “Upside Down

  1. Know exactly how you feel. Third time redundancy (job, not person) for me.was gut-wrenching, especially when you imagine you can do IT so much better! You are both strong and will come through with flying colours. One door closes . . . . .

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