Games People Play

Games people play …. No I do not mean the sports people play though that does come into it at a point , I mean the games people play with others that can really , really hurt. First  though let us look at sport, in almost all of the sports you will find players “playing ”  by that I mean for example in soccer 1 of the worst games for this . A player kicks a ball along the ground and gets a tiny bit too close to another player from the opposition team , and then it is on!! Players goes down rolling on the ground screaming  he’s hurt, yeah right . when you look at it 9 1/2  times out of 10 it is all acting player not even marked , like I said soccer is the worst for this , but it has also been  done it rugby , football, tennis  and others as well . My question is why ? Why do they do  it ? Is it for extra money ? To get  some sort of advantage ? Or just because they don’t want to play anymore? Why don’t they just quit and get a real job ? Why keep doing crooked things like this ?

Then there are the games people play with other people’s money , you know the ones , the  crooked lawyers , the crooked stock brokers , the crooked bookmaker , there are so many of them and their 1 goal seems to be to fleece as many people as possible before they get caught . Doing this gets them so much money they are the ones who have all these ” off shore accounts ” . Then there are the ones who run online gambling  and boy  there are a lot of those , how do you know that what they tell you is true ? The answer is you just don’t you have no way of checking up on any of these people online or not they have a system so well set up the average punter has no hope .

Then of course on a different level are people who play you , these are the people who make friends with you , pretend to be able to help you then bring you down and it costs you big money . I know this from personal experience  and now it has led to me not being able to trust anyone very easy any more , I mean how many times do you have to be burned or to loses a lot of money before you become the sort of person who then trusts no one . Coming from this sort of thing makes that person then a person who trusts no one not even family at times and that is just so wrong , but what can you do when you have been burned by someone like this ? Makes living sometimes a bit on the difficult side as you just don’t trust easy anymore , but you do learn to live with it , you do learn to cope and just get on with it . Really it is the only way to go and not let the sods win , that makes them mad because you were able to move on.

Games people play  now what  I really want to know is why ? Why do they do it? What pleasure do they get out of hurting and or ripping off others ? What makes them get to this point ? Have they no feeling at all for the people they are hurting  ? Have they got to the point in their lives when all that matters to them is who they can rip off next ? So what brings a person to start playing these kinds of games ? Guessing here that whatever it is that starts them off  they must be  unable to stop doing it , they must be bereft of normal feelings  and  I must say I feel very sorry for them if this is what they think is a good thing to do .

Trouble is that by the time you realise you have been played you have lost not only time, invested in them , but money , and all confidence in other people , and this is the bit that it is very,very hard to come back from . It is not always just the money that hurts the most it is also that the person you thought was a friend could do this to you , even more hurtful is wondering why they thought you were the 1 to do it to . Why ? What did you ever do to them but be nice to them ? Have never been able to work out why people sink that low that they can even think of doing things like this to others . Anyway I think all we can do is pray and hope we do not come across them in our lives , and do not get hurt by them.

Games people play are so many and so varied it has now become almost impossible to tell when you meet people for the first time , I know for me personally I am now very wary of new people who come into my life . Before you say it yes  I do know that  I am not the only 1 who has been hurt this way , sad thing is that too many others have also been caught out  too and I have no idea what we as a people can do to stop this sort of rot. Respect  is they key to stopping it but where in this day and age does anyone learn  respect ? I will tell you nowhere , it is not even taught in our schools anymore , and if you want proof just look around you at the so called ” next generation ” most of them can’t even dress correctly and what they do wear is disgusting , yet they wonder why rape and violence is so rife. Sad to say I think there is no easy solution as parents these days are not allowed to be parents and so you see now what has happened.

When I was younger I had all the answers, now I am older I am wondering where the heck I put them !

When I offer to wash your back all you have to say is yes or no not who the hell are you and how did you get in here.?

One thought on “Games People Play

  1. Hi Rhonda – I finally got a moment to read your blog – you certainly have talent in writing – perhaps it’s time to write a book and publish it – might be worth a try! I’m so glad to be back chatting – really missed all that time I was absent. Take care, my talented friend! I’ll see ya on line soon!

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