What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

What could possibly go wrong ? … Lol how many times we have watched Top Gear  on Tv  and heard  these words , and how many times have we seen total disaster  happen just after those words were uttered , we have seen it so many times now we just laugh  and  just like the presenters on that show  we now yell ” don’t say that !! ” lol as we do not want the disaster that usually follows said statement . Even the other presenters on the show would look horrified  and  yell if 1 of the others would say it  and they were not expecting it  , it became almost the catch phrase of that show , as it almost always spelled trouble. Trouble was what always seemed to happen on that show anyway , with all the half baked  races and challenges they set up for each other so none of them wanted to invite trouble  by saying what seemed to be  a forerunner of more trouble.

What could possibly go wrong can also be applied  to us , how many times have we decided to go somewhere or do something only to find out it was a disaster ? Probably  too many times I would suspect because let’s face it we do not have everything  we try to do go right for us the first time we try , sometimes  it takes a few goes to get it right . If everything went right first time we would soon be unbearable to live with  as we would become so self centered  that people would not want to associate with us. Failing  a few times , while  it is aggravating  and annoying  it does tend to show us we are not infallible  and we do make mistakes , and mistakes are good for us as we learn from them and get better at what we are doing . ( Well we hope so ..lol )* fingers crossed *

What could possibly go wrong  ? While it is a funny saying now to us who have  seen it so often in a funny show it can have implications to a lot of things , in that if we do not stop and think, and work things out  then everything could go wrong  and usually does. Remember Murphy  and his law ? Making fun of a saying  does not change  the actual meaning of that saying,  so as well as having a giggle at it we should always  try to make sure that nothing can go wrong , that we plan everything out well and truly before we commit to doing anything . Committing  to doing anything before we have checked all possibilities is really just not on , we really need to think things through before we do them , sadly not many people do this and things often do go very wrong , then it is a matter of clean up, sort out , then try again.

What could possibly go wrong ? Lol just about anything  , like imagine you are doing some cooking  and you ask hubby to help and he says yes ok , then he only half listens to what you ask him to do and then you end up with something  you didn’t want , lol a cooking mess grrrr.Also  you could end up with a kitchen that smells of smoke for hours and a fire alarm going off it’s nut . That is the time you make him do all the cleaning up  to teach him a lesson  and to ensure that it does not happen again . Then there maybe a time when you decide you will go somewhere  and meet up but the directions get a bit muddled and you both end up at different places , then have to reorganize  to get together where you both should have been in the first place , lol, don’t laugh   it can happen to you as well as to anyone else  you know ” what could possibly go wrong ? ”

What could possibly go wrong can then as you see be used for a lot of fun or can actually cause a lot of mischief  , it depends on your point of view  , and it depends on how well you organize your life and the things you do . There are just so many ways we can do things that finding which way is the  right way  can be a challenge but if we are careful then we can with a modicum of sense  get things done right. While as  I said we  spent a lot of time watching this  program and having that phrase  burned you might say into our heads  that now we hate to hear anyone say it  , lol, we laugh and say ” Don’t say that !” lol even to this day we still do it  because we did it so often before . Amazing how some things just stick in your head and it only takes 1 phrase to set you off giggling ..lol.

What could possibly go wrong then  is a phrase that has stuck and  I am sure  there is a phrase or 2 that you also have stuck in your heads  too , lol do not deny it , it is 1 thing  that does happen to us all as we sometimes have a memory that is too good and remember things we would be better off not remembering . So having  left that little gem in your minds now  ( hopefully ) lol  I will leave you to think of all the phrases that are stuck in your heads now , and you will think of them now , trust me  ..lol all of them.


HUSBAND: “Why wear a bra, you don’t have anything to put in it?” ME:”You wear pants don’t you?”


My husband looks handsome without glasses. That’s why I stopped wearing them…

One thought on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

  1. This reminded me of “If at first you don’t succeed – try try again. If at second it doesn’t work – to heck with it”. LOL Nice one Rhonda ! Thank you! I hope I did this right – it’s meant for “What could possibly go wrong”

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