How I Wish

How  I wish …Now  i wonder how many times we have said this ? Also wondering how many things we have said this for ? We say it for all sorts of reasons , we say it for missed opportunities , missed people, missed calls , missed  sales , etc etc etc , when you stop and think about it we say it for so many reasons  lol makes you wonder if there is a day that goes by that we do not think it for 1 reason or another  sheeesh. Hardly a day does by we do not  sit down and thing ohhh …if only or damm how I wish …it happens so often  I really think we don’t even notice ourselves doing   it , and  I bet if we did think about it we would get a shock as it has become so automatic to just do it , like so many other things we do on as they say  ” auto pilot ” we don’t even notice when we do it .

How  I wish ..let me start then you think of ones you have done , mine starts with How  I wish that all the injuries I have were  better that would be great , or how I wish that my hubby had not just lost his job , that would make things a lot better for us .Getting fanciful now  I could say how  i wish I had all the money I want , take note money I want , not money I need  that is 2 different things altogether . Also I could say how  i wish I had a nice big house with someone else to come in and do all the cleaning and maintenance  for me , also how I wish I could just go traveling around the world again there are so many places  i still have not been to and would love to go to. How  I wish  now being practical that I had a way to help all the friends and family that need help , I feel so helpless at times that I cannot do a thing to help …

How  I wish you can go on and on about how many things you would wish for  , but how many of them are just for your own betterment  or is all your wishing for others  ? It is so easy to get selfish when thinking like this , but having said that  people these days are mostly that way and it takes a lot of effort to turn this sort of thinking around. Thankfully though there are a lot of people who do manage to think of others  though this is becoming rarer all the time as people these days are being  taught to think only of themselves . To be fair yes we do have to think of ourselves to a certain degree  but there are still too many who take that me, me, me , culture to extremes . When and if we can get to the right point and start to see others  and  their needs we will feel a lot better about ourselves.

How  I wish .. for a world where all this killing and terrorism  and violence  will come to an end and people will start to be nice to each other and start to care and to help instead of just being their usual selfish selves. How  I wish we would stop focusing  on all the wrong things and start to look outwards , if we could the whole world would be a better place  and we would not see night after night on the news  all the reports  of all this  violence  every night , that would slowly change for the better. How  i wish more people could see the need to do this , yes  i know there are a lot of people who do think this way  but we need a whole lot more to do the same thing to make any changes for the better .

How  I wish …yes  I wish all this and more and just hope that 1 day we all will think like this , until then I will keep wishing and hoping for things to get better , not just for me and mine but for all people . How  I wish for an end to greed and poverty and homelessness  and sickness , and you know all the things that sadly a lot of people now just exploit  with no feeling for anyone or anything. This is something we all can do is try to see how to help and if that means sitting and thinking how I wish then so be it as when we do take the time to sit and think there is a chance of things changing for the better , it is the stopping for more than 5 mins at a time that will help lots..

How  I wish ….Am i the only 1 ? The only 1 who wishes that things will change for the better  for a change  ??

Unless your name is “Google”, stop acting as if you know everything!

OK. If you’re so smart, what’s the answer to this question?

I think, therefore we have nothing in common.

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