It’s Too Easy

It’s too easy ….When  you know how it is way too easy to get people , lol , mostly men  to do what you want them too as most men only need a smile and please and they will do anything for you , well not everything but you know what I mean  lol. Not that long ago I had a freezer that I needed to get rid of and the rules about hard refuse collection with our council had changed so you now have to book a time for them to come.  So 1 day I look outside and there  was a truck picking up some from over the road , so I go out  ask really nicely and  smile and yep you guessed it they took the freezer too  , lol job done problem solved all done with a smile and a nice chat to the men .

When in the UK still I needed to know something from the local police and happened to see 2 of them coming down the steps  ready go on patrol , so I stopped them asked nicely , smiled and yep once again I got the information  I needed , 1 went right back into the station and found out what I needed to know , lol too easy  .. So many  times even when out shopping I have been able to get help  from men and yes some women too just by being nice and smiling when asking a question . There are so many times that just being nice and just having a nice smile can get you any or all the help you  might need , and the funny thing is it does not matter  what it is a smile goes a long way and best of all a smile is free to all to give and to receive , but these days almost no one  uses them . I have found that a smile will get you not only help but also a giggle and that just makes it feel better  for all concerned, just wishing  more people  would use this free gift they all have and makes the day that much nicer for all concerned .

Also getting what you want or need can be so funny , if for example it comes from a place you go to all the time , our local pub is a prime example , the people who work there are so nice it is a pleasure to go there and service is great …But…lol  some of them have this 1 bad habit , there is a door they use a lot and they just open it go through and let it slam behind them , now that’s all ok if….if you see them go in  but if you don’t that door slams so loud that it scares the crap out of you . Well I thought it was time to get some of them to stoppit  and yes my being nice and smiling worked , 1 bloke came out of it, looked up saw me and shut it quietly , lol made me and him laugh so much it was funny , and as  I had not seen him go in I was glad he saw me as he come out that just proves the power of a smile and being nice …and stirring the blokes  lol.

Well it is a well known fact that a smile goes a long way and it is so true  , I would much rather smile and be nice than make things  worse by being  a grump , that does not  help with anything  and gets nothing done. So let’s hope more people learn to smile more , learn that the smile costs nothing and gives a lot of pleasure  to all you give it  to. Also it helps you to get things done that people think you can’t  get done , I love it when that happens love it when I prove that if you take the right attitude into doing anything  you can achieve  a lot  and that is good for everyone .  The world would be a better place and people would be not only happier  but people would be more relaxed   and we sure  could use that there is too much violence  in the world now  we need more people to smile . Happiness and smiling a lot go hand in hand  and makes for a better community as well and we sure could use that .

So go out, make people smile  , make them giggle  , make that the way you go out every time  you go out and that alone will make things better for you and all around you , it’s what  I try to do each time and I love doing it . I wonder how quickly the world would change if we all did this , even just a little around you ,around where you live etc would start the ball rolling and that would be a good start. Lots of good things we have in our lives even now just started from small things and slowly grew from there  , all we have to do is start  it and hopefully it will spread  from there  ,as they say 1 foot at a time gets things started  and grows from there .

I’d agree with you, but there’s no point in both of us being wrong!

I never do sit ups at home because I hate domestic ab use.

All I need is the kit but to have the kit I have to buy the whole kaboodle.

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