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Things We Don’t See

Things we don’t see …. Now where do you start with this  ? There must be a squillion  things we don’t see  that happen all day everyday . Do we ever stop and think about any of this  ? Do we ever stop to think at all ? Lol …my guess is nope , and the reason is we are just too busy  to be bothered to even notice what is going on around us every day , either that or we just tune it out  as we have too much else to do , like sticking our head in a phone 24/7 . So busy do we get that even if something that  happens all the time doesn’t happen we would not even notice it , as we are always too preoccupied  with   too much other crap , as we rush around each day . Life is so busy now some of us don’t even notice  when things stop for sometimes  days at a time , only when it affects us  do we wake up to things.

Things we don’t see , like when we go to the shops we expect all the products to be there  for us to buy, but what would happen if say the electricity stopped overnight and it wasn’t noticed , then when we got there we find food rotten , tills not working , etc etc etc  but we don’t see the electricity do we ? We do not even notice it until it is not working  then  we start yelling . Things we do not see, like the water that runs in our homes , we do not see it get to the home , we just see it come from the tap , and then if for some reason it does not come out of the taps , again we go mental …. lol…tal…sorry couldn’t help that , anyway we don’t see the water until we turn on the tap  so when it stops we do notice it. then it has already caused a lot  of trouble.

Things we don’t see .. another would be the letters that we find in the little box at the gate  of each home , everyday we just blindly go to the little box lift the lid and expect to see something there even if it is only junk mail …junk mail a pest but  if it wasn’t for that some people would get no mail . So if by any chance the mail or junk mail is not there because of a mail strike or something  that is the only time we notice it  , as it just seems to get there by magic . Things we don’t see  …would also be the fresh food we eat all the time , if we were to go to the market to get some and there was none  we would then be upset , because  up until  then we just expected  it to be where we want it , we never see it happen , we never see it grown do we ? We never see just how much work the poor farmer  does to get the lovely fresh food to the place we go to buy it ..

Things we don’t see is public transport , all is ok if the bus or train or plane  is right where we need/want it to be then once again we go off our trolley , sometimes this is warranted  sometimes it is not , but until that happens we don’t see all the people who make it happen. We don’t see the drivers  , the people who keep the transport going  , like the engineers , or all the staff needed at stations and bus stops and  airports , but if for any reason they all stop then we actually see them . Things we don’t see also applies  to our wonderful police , we never see  them about much  just the occasional  police car and they are always there when we need them , but we never see  how they got  to be police, we never see all the hard work that goes into getting there  , but sure yell if they are not where we need them , we have not seen the many hours of study and work they put itto getting there .

Things we don’t see  are so many  I could run out of time trying to mark them all , you know there are also doctors , nurses, teachers , firemen , to name just a few , we don’t see how hard they all have to work to get where they are , and none of them get there by doing anything but their very best and giving their all to it so they can be the best they can be at their chosen field , hats off to the ones with the dedication these people  have to achieve their goals as it takes a lot of years to get to be the very best. Things we don’t see too are the people who do volunteer  work , they do an amazing job  helping out with no thought of money at all they do it because they have good hearts and just want to help where they can , hats off to these lovely people too , we thank you as much as the others.

Things we don’t see ? Way, way too many but do we even  think about these ? Like I said before no we don’t but maybe it is about time we did start to think about some of them , and not wait until they are not there anymore to think about them as usually by this time it is way too late and we have to go into damage control.  Personally I would rather think of them now and at least try to be prepared  than have to get into panic mode when it is all too late , I am guessing most people would be the same  too . So maybe it is about time we all started to pay a little more attention to what is going  on around us  so we are not taken by too much of a surprise …

Someone just called me normal. I have never been so insulted in all my life…..

Doctor: How’s your headache? Me: he’s gone fishing….



Numbers ….Have you ever noticed how much numbers rule our lives  ?  After a while we soon realise that not always are the big numbers the best , say if you have a fever you do not want the numbers to be too big because then you know it might be a very long haul to get better . When being pulled over by the police again the bigger the number they are pulling you over for the worse it will be for you  and might keep you walking for a lot longer than you wish . When living in a place that often gets very high temperatures  once more the lower the numbers the better  the big ones only mean  the possibility of sunburn and maybe even fires so 1 more time  the lower the number the better. When you are  out shopping there is yet 1 more time that we do not want big numbers  as it will then cost us  much more than we want to pay out.

Now for low numbers at first glance you would think that low numbers  are the ones to go for but let me tell you they are not  , not when again you are talking about temperatures  if they get too low then things can get really , really bad too so low numbers  also can be a big problem . Low numbers for working too may not be good  , for prices for customers in a shop  it is good as it helps them get what they want at a better price , but low numbers for your salary is not at all good  and no one wants that .Low numbers can be good if you have to climb stairs as obviously the less steps the better you have to climb , low numbers of jobs you have to do also is good as is low numbers of things you have to get when going food shopping helping to keep the food shop bill down  and that is always good .

High numbers then are good but only in the right circumstances  as is the low ones , all numbers are good when in the right place , and right time but whatever  we encounter them  we have to deal with them in whatever way works . Numbers are also at work in everything we do or say and be , as numbers also work as in our age , obviously  the more numbers we can get for our lives the better  , no one wants to  have to leave life at too low a number  we all try to achieve as big a number as we can , this is purely in the hands of God  but we must still try to do the best we can to get to as big a number as we can and not throw our lives away foolishly . High numbers are also good when at school because the higher we can get our numbers for our results in exams the better it will be for us later on in life and help us get the jobs we want instead of what we have to take if the numbers are not high enough .

Numbers come into our lives from the day we are born , the numbers of our years  starts then , and then goes on to the number of things we achieve in life , and also the number of things we get to do and places we get to go . Numbers of course come into it when those of us silly enough to bet on things like dogs, horses, lotto etc , that is when numbers become a vital thing  as we try oh so hard to pick the right numbers  so we can win , and of course winning is the important thing or we would not bet ,there would be no point in it at all . Numbers make all the difference too  when putting in our tax returns  because if we get those numbers wrong we can wind up in a whole mess of trouble , if we have not paid enough we will be fined but 1 good thing is if we have paid too much  we will at least get it back with a bit of luck.

Numbers , numbers , numbers  they are in our lives from the day we get here right till the day we leave , now what I want to know is  who thought these wretched numbers up ?? lol  ..they are all over us all the time so who decided it was a good idea to inflict them on us? I bet they knew exactly when they were doing and laughed all the way to the bank knowing how much pain and anguish they would cause us , cause each and everyone of us  from day 1 , bet they had a great laugh  when they worked out just how much of a pest having to deal with numbers everyday of our lives  would be . Really think about it what do you do , if anything , in a day that does not need a number of some kind? Go on  I will wait , waiting , waiting, waiting , lol you cannot can you ?

Numbers for when you cook , numbers for when you watch TV , numbers when you drive your car , numbers even for when you have a bath or shower , numbers when you make a phone call , numbers when you go for a walk , as you can see numbers, numbers,numbers  you cannot  escape  numbers anyway  no matter what you do or where you go the numbers will follow and will get you so you better learn how to live with them as no escape is possible ….sod it  I often wonder just how many numbers there are  in the world ? Also what  use are some of them ? There are way too many for the average person to even know much less be able to use in everyday life  so why are there so dam many  ? Why also do we get so many of them pounded into our skulls at school when in most cases we will only use a fraction of them ? I think that happens coz  someone has a warped sense of humour and wants to annoy kids at school  for as long as possible before  the kids can finally escape school …..poor kids…lol.. glad it’s them and not me anymore as the numbers now are worse  for them .

Time flies when you’re having fun  ….And fruit flies like a banana ….

If my calculations are correct, and they usually are, I ran out of money six years ago.

No one is allowed to talk to me for a minimum of 24 hours after I wake up…


What Planet Exactly ?

What planet exactly are 99% of the people living on now ? Fair dinkum  I do not know anymore , it is beyond belief what people will now say or do  these days , almost everyday I see things that just make me stop and wonder where  on earth these people live . There have been so many things , for 1 in the so called scientific  world that just make you gasp, for instance all those who have seen the movies of Arnold’s  called Terminator  will be I hope horrified that those exact kind of robots are now being perfected . Really they are and my question is why ? Though trust me  I really do know why , some are for a bit of good to the people but most are being set up for the same reason as the movies , for human domination . Once they have that they have total control and then we have what is being worked towards right now 1 world government , and it is not that far away , so much so it is scary  so we need to be more watchful.

What planet exactly  ? The 1 that  now is already fooling people into thinking that this new google contraption  that turns on the lights, plays the music, talks to you , even gives you recipes  is a wonderful thing to have and people love it , just as they love the adds about it on TV. Not 1  of them sees what is really going on , they just cannot wait to get them in their homes , they do not realise that something that can talk to you and do all that is also listening  to everything you say and watching everything you do and reporting everything it thinks you do wrong. There is always 2 sides to everything and surely the fact that this contraption that can do all this for you you should know it is also reporting on you  it just makes sense. Anything that seems too good to be true almost always is and you can count on that .

What planet exactly  ? These people who wear ..I was going to say clothes but trust me some of the” things ” for want of a better description  cannot be called clothes as most of them should just be thrown in the bin! Some of them are so bad  I have almost been sick just looking at them , I mean why wear jeans that are all ripped ? If  I saw some like that they would go in the bin yet idiots pay big money for them it is just crazy , makes me wish I still ad all the pairs  I used to have like that that I threw out , could have  made a fortune selling them , but once upon a time  people had brains, now they dont they just follow like blind sheep. They seem to be unable to think for themselves so just go with the crowd and  not use what they are supposed to have ..a brain ..of their own .

What planet exactly  ? The same planet that thinks it is all ok for  so called women to wear such degrading and show off clothes that have almost no materiel in them  and they will be just fine  ? Do they never stop to think ? Nope they do not if they did they would not do the things they do or almost wear , they would make sure that they had at least a smidgen of decency  and make sure they were at least covered , not as badly as those awful  burka’s  those are just too bad no one should be made to wear those they are so belittling  to the women forced to wear them , what I mean is keep covered  what should not be shown .

What planet exactly ? The same 1 I just described but full of women who think wearing this kind of thing is ok , but have no idea the damage they can cause by being so provocative , they have no idea what they are doing nor do they seem to care . What part exactly of  ..hey look it is all on show  help yourself  do they not understand ? They are showing everything and then when , and  I mean when they get raped  they wonder why , it is simple really  you put it all on show so it is to be taken , so keep it modest and you stop almost all of it , not all but a big majority  there are always some mongrels out there who would rape anything  , but that is no reason to get about like a cheap tart , if you do whatever happens to you is what you have been asking for.

What planet exactly ? The planet that is ruining our children by not letting parents  be parents and discipline  their children , and the same 1 that is telling them everyday  that they can be anything they want , girl , boy, no sex , anything perverted you can think of . No one is even trying to stop this  abomination either , some children as young as 4 are being told they can change sex if they want , they are even being talked into it and it disgusts  me to the core, leave the children alone . This transgender  rubbish  has gone too far and is destroying the world , people will not get it into their heads that they are born exactly what they are meant to be , they are not in the wrong body at all .

What planet exactly ? The planet that tells us all we need is more money , more technology , more things , not 1 word about  love , compassion , respect , the joy helping others brings , none of that is relevant  now only what they want  you to think is now relevant and look out if you think any other way . Like the  Terminator movies they want supreme control  ! 1 world government, 1 world religion , 1 world finance , and they are almost there and most people do not know this and even worse do not care . These things are all heading toward  world domination and by people not giving a dam they are getting it without any worries , so what planet exactly ? The 1 that just sits by and let’s it happen and this is what breaks my heart , the fact that people are so caught up in their own little worlds  they have no time to see what is going on around them . As they say  there is none so blind as they who will not see and that is so tragically true  it just hurts. Too many just shrug it off and think it is all just nonsense  , and it won’t happen to me there are so many that think like this it really is appalling . Time will tell …sadly..


I made rabbit stew , my husband complained that there was a hare in it…


When I got married I thought I was marrying a nymphomaniac. After a few months the nympho left and I was left with the maniac…

How Do You ?

How do you  insult  or try to insult  someone you love just to see the reaction only to find out  he or she just dishes it right back  ?? Lol now that just aint right in anyone’s language  and should be stopped , hear that hubby dear  ? Lol  if  I want to stir  you up then you should let me and stop being a spoilsport , gotta get my fun somehow don’t I ? Then again spouses are sometimes the biggest spoilsports of the lot , wonder if that is a rule for spouses  ? Probably is  and if it is it needs to be repealed  so us who want to stir someone  can do so without any trouble , spoilsporting  is just not cricket  and should have it’s bat removed  so it can’t spoil sport anymore .

How do you feel when you go to a lot of trouble to wind someone up , just for the giggles , with no intention of hurting them ( that is just not on anytime ) only to find out that this particular time they are way ahead of you and it all backfires ? Miffed …miffed with a capital Miffed is how  I  feel when my chief spoilsport  does it to me . Lol but  he knows if he messes 1 up I will sit and think of another  and this time it won’t be so easily  spoilsported   so he can ” suck it up buttercup ” ….lol… The amount of times he has done that to me is way too many so  now  I am getting more careful in how I stir him up , well let’s face it he messes it up when he spoilsports  so he is fair game , well to me he is anyway lol , all is fair in love, sport, war, and stirring , so there now ya know.

How do you  actually stop from dying  from actual laughter when the once in a blue moon thing happens and it goes off 100% better than you even hoped it would ? Unfortunately that does not happen way often enough  for my liking  but man is it fun when it does . Again how do you stop laughing too hard  when a stir that someone else does  works so well it also gets  your hubby ?? Have even seen this sort of thing too and let me say right now I do not and will not cause anyone to be hurt  , just want them to have a little fun , have a good giggle as the world is so intense right now  we need a lot more fun times and giggles to help keep us on track ,we need a break more often  just to keep our sense of humour  intact and balance out all the drama . ( and who bought in the tents anyway  ?  lol )

How do you ..feel if it happens  back at you  ? Me I think it is hilarious  and cross my legs real quick lol so I don’t wet myself laughing too much. Give as good as you get or better is my motto , so he knows not to start on me if he cannot take it back again , that’s why  we have so  much fun  together  because we are always  stirring each other over 1 thing or another it never stops at our place  lol and we would never want it to either . How do you explain to other people  how you and your hubby get along  ? lol you don’t if people  hang around you long enough they will soon see how you get on and decide you are both  mad …lol  and they are right !! lol We make it obvious  that we are both nuts always quoting movie lines at each other for the giggles , and we love it  and always will.

How do you …just work and work and work and be busy all the time without having any fun  ? Answer is you should not because if you  don’t have a laugh every now and then you become somewhat less than human I think  so we all need to take  the  P out of each other now and then to keep somewhere near sane in this mad world . Then  again looking at the news each and every day  and seeing how bad the world and the people in are becoming  I wonder if I really want to stay sane , I am beginning to think it is over rated , it gives you so much trouble . How  do you  …balance the being sane bit with the giggling bit ? No idea but somehow we need to if we are going to get by in the world as it is now , like it or not this applies to everyone , like it or not we are all the same  and need the same things to keep level headed  if this is even possible anymore with all the outside pressures now in the world.

How do you do it  ? Do you do what we do and just  take each day as it comes as much as you can ? Do you try not to  let all the evil get to you  ? Do you just try no matter how hard  it is  to take things with a grain of salt  until you have to do otherwise ? Do you even bother anymore ? We do always as we would rather do that than give in , give in to the way the world wants us to , and do the things it wants, as it cares not 1 bit about individuals.  Do you try to see the funny side of things as  I always do ? Seeing the funny side of things is not always easy  but it is the best way to try and survive these days .

I have a screw loose; but it’s not my fault I can’t find the screwdriver….

I am allergic to stupidity,It makes me break out in sarcasm…..