How Do You ?

How do you  insult  or try to insult  someone you love just to see the reaction only to find out  he or she just dishes it right back  ?? Lol now that just aint right in anyone’s language  and should be stopped , hear that hubby dear  ? Lol  if  I want to stir  you up then you should let me and stop being a spoilsport , gotta get my fun somehow don’t I ? Then again spouses are sometimes the biggest spoilsports of the lot , wonder if that is a rule for spouses  ? Probably is  and if it is it needs to be repealed  so us who want to stir someone  can do so without any trouble , spoilsporting  is just not cricket  and should have it’s bat removed  so it can’t spoil sport anymore .

How do you feel when you go to a lot of trouble to wind someone up , just for the giggles , with no intention of hurting them ( that is just not on anytime ) only to find out that this particular time they are way ahead of you and it all backfires ? Miffed …miffed with a capital Miffed is how  I  feel when my chief spoilsport  does it to me . Lol but  he knows if he messes 1 up I will sit and think of another  and this time it won’t be so easily  spoilsported   so he can ” suck it up buttercup ” ….lol… The amount of times he has done that to me is way too many so  now  I am getting more careful in how I stir him up , well let’s face it he messes it up when he spoilsports  so he is fair game , well to me he is anyway lol , all is fair in love, sport, war, and stirring , so there now ya know.

How do you  actually stop from dying  from actual laughter when the once in a blue moon thing happens and it goes off 100% better than you even hoped it would ? Unfortunately that does not happen way often enough  for my liking  but man is it fun when it does . Again how do you stop laughing too hard  when a stir that someone else does  works so well it also gets  your hubby ?? Have even seen this sort of thing too and let me say right now I do not and will not cause anyone to be hurt  , just want them to have a little fun , have a good giggle as the world is so intense right now  we need a lot more fun times and giggles to help keep us on track ,we need a break more often  just to keep our sense of humour  intact and balance out all the drama . ( and who bought in the tents anyway  ?  lol )

How do you ..feel if it happens  back at you  ? Me I think it is hilarious  and cross my legs real quick lol so I don’t wet myself laughing too much. Give as good as you get or better is my motto , so he knows not to start on me if he cannot take it back again , that’s why  we have so  much fun  together  because we are always  stirring each other over 1 thing or another it never stops at our place  lol and we would never want it to either . How do you explain to other people  how you and your hubby get along  ? lol you don’t if people  hang around you long enough they will soon see how you get on and decide you are both  mad …lol  and they are right !! lol We make it obvious  that we are both nuts always quoting movie lines at each other for the giggles , and we love it  and always will.

How do you …just work and work and work and be busy all the time without having any fun  ? Answer is you should not because if you  don’t have a laugh every now and then you become somewhat less than human I think  so we all need to take  the  P out of each other now and then to keep somewhere near sane in this mad world . Then  again looking at the news each and every day  and seeing how bad the world and the people in are becoming  I wonder if I really want to stay sane , I am beginning to think it is over rated , it gives you so much trouble . How  do you  …balance the being sane bit with the giggling bit ? No idea but somehow we need to if we are going to get by in the world as it is now , like it or not this applies to everyone , like it or not we are all the same  and need the same things to keep level headed  if this is even possible anymore with all the outside pressures now in the world.

How do you do it  ? Do you do what we do and just  take each day as it comes as much as you can ? Do you try not to  let all the evil get to you  ? Do you just try no matter how hard  it is  to take things with a grain of salt  until you have to do otherwise ? Do you even bother anymore ? We do always as we would rather do that than give in , give in to the way the world wants us to , and do the things it wants, as it cares not 1 bit about individuals.  Do you try to see the funny side of things as  I always do ? Seeing the funny side of things is not always easy  but it is the best way to try and survive these days .

I have a screw loose; but it’s not my fault I can’t find the screwdriver….

I am allergic to stupidity,It makes me break out in sarcasm…..

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