Things We Don’t See

Things we don’t see …. Now where do you start with this  ? There must be a squillion  things we don’t see  that happen all day everyday . Do we ever stop and think about any of this  ? Do we ever stop to think at all ? Lol …my guess is nope , and the reason is we are just too busy  to be bothered to even notice what is going on around us every day , either that or we just tune it out  as we have too much else to do , like sticking our head in a phone 24/7 . So busy do we get that even if something that  happens all the time doesn’t happen we would not even notice it , as we are always too preoccupied  with   too much other crap , as we rush around each day . Life is so busy now some of us don’t even notice  when things stop for sometimes  days at a time , only when it affects us  do we wake up to things.

Things we don’t see , like when we go to the shops we expect all the products to be there  for us to buy, but what would happen if say the electricity stopped overnight and it wasn’t noticed , then when we got there we find food rotten , tills not working , etc etc etc  but we don’t see the electricity do we ? We do not even notice it until it is not working  then  we start yelling . Things we do not see, like the water that runs in our homes , we do not see it get to the home , we just see it come from the tap , and then if for some reason it does not come out of the taps , again we go mental …. lol…tal…sorry couldn’t help that , anyway we don’t see the water until we turn on the tap  so when it stops we do notice it. then it has already caused a lot  of trouble.

Things we don’t see .. another would be the letters that we find in the little box at the gate  of each home , everyday we just blindly go to the little box lift the lid and expect to see something there even if it is only junk mail …junk mail a pest but  if it wasn’t for that some people would get no mail . So if by any chance the mail or junk mail is not there because of a mail strike or something  that is the only time we notice it  , as it just seems to get there by magic . Things we don’t see  …would also be the fresh food we eat all the time , if we were to go to the market to get some and there was none  we would then be upset , because  up until  then we just expected  it to be where we want it , we never see it happen , we never see it grown do we ? We never see just how much work the poor farmer  does to get the lovely fresh food to the place we go to buy it ..

Things we don’t see is public transport , all is ok if the bus or train or plane  is right where we need/want it to be then once again we go off our trolley , sometimes this is warranted  sometimes it is not , but until that happens we don’t see all the people who make it happen. We don’t see the drivers  , the people who keep the transport going  , like the engineers , or all the staff needed at stations and bus stops and  airports , but if for any reason they all stop then we actually see them . Things we don’t see also applies  to our wonderful police , we never see  them about much  just the occasional  police car and they are always there when we need them , but we never see  how they got  to be police, we never see all the hard work that goes into getting there  , but sure yell if they are not where we need them , we have not seen the many hours of study and work they put itto getting there .

Things we don’t see  are so many  I could run out of time trying to mark them all , you know there are also doctors , nurses, teachers , firemen , to name just a few , we don’t see how hard they all have to work to get where they are , and none of them get there by doing anything but their very best and giving their all to it so they can be the best they can be at their chosen field , hats off to the ones with the dedication these people  have to achieve their goals as it takes a lot of years to get to be the very best. Things we don’t see too are the people who do volunteer  work , they do an amazing job  helping out with no thought of money at all they do it because they have good hearts and just want to help where they can , hats off to these lovely people too , we thank you as much as the others.

Things we don’t see ? Way, way too many but do we even  think about these ? Like I said before no we don’t but maybe it is about time we did start to think about some of them , and not wait until they are not there anymore to think about them as usually by this time it is way too late and we have to go into damage control.  Personally I would rather think of them now and at least try to be prepared  than have to get into panic mode when it is all too late , I am guessing most people would be the same  too . So maybe it is about time we all started to pay a little more attention to what is going  on around us  so we are not taken by too much of a surprise …

Someone just called me normal. I have never been so insulted in all my life…..

Doctor: How’s your headache? Me: he’s gone fishing….

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