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You Do Get Used To It

You do get used to it you know , what you may ask ? You do get used to having your own pest , lol, for pest see husband lol, sorry dear  but you asked for this one . There are and still will be  many , many times when  I just want to kick you right up the bum , but having said that you should be very happy that I am short and have a bad back so I can’t actually do it no matter how much I want to , so you are mostly safe from actual physical  damage lol aint  you a lucky man ? You know as well as  I do how many times this happens  so you know  I  am telling the truth  so wotchit you lol. So where exactly do I start with all this explaining how you can and do get used to it huh ? lol…

You do get used to having to tell your pet pest , lol now I like that a pet pest lol nice  I will use that again , anyway you do get used to telling your pet pest some things over and over again before they actually seem to hear and if you are lucky understand what you said. You also get used to forgiving them when time after time (wasn’t that a song once lol ? ) they get  same thing wrong  and they still do it wrong , they still put some things the wrong way round or do them the wrong way , or maybe that should be not the way you do it , and that makes you mad and wonder why you bother ? You do get used to giving up on trying to get them to do some things and end up doing it yourself  just to get it done  sheeesh  men hey  ? lol Still wonder if there ever comes a time  when they actually do things the way you want them to or if it is just a male thing , if it is then there is no hope of that ever happening lol dam it ….

You do get used to having to tell them things more than once , even though  it drives you nuts that you have to repeat things over and over before they get it , but the most important thing is that they do eventually  get it …yay …lol take a deep breath , and keep repeating till it finally sinks in to them then you start  on something else lol . You get used  to having to do somethings twice or three times  but you realise it will be like this when you marry them so if you do not like repeating yourself over and over again ladies then please do not marry lol . You get used to having to cook all the time and do the washing etc more than you ever used to but that too is what you agree to when you marry so it’s all good , sometimes you get lucky ( as  I did  ) and get a man that loves to cook so will do some of it too  even if you still have to do all the dishes lol , oh well can’t have everything now can we ?

You get used to also having someone share your life 24/7 , someone who loves you , someone who will do anything for you and tells you all the time how much he loves you and just loves all the same things you do . You get used to loving going to all the same places and ,and all the same sports , and just about everything else you love . You get used to the love and comfort  you get from them too and them always being there when you need them , you get used to them helping you when you need it , yes sometimes  they are a pest and won’t help but if you really  need the help they are there to help. Let’s face it that is why you married them in the first place , you knew you would always be there for each other or you would not have married . AmI Right ?? lol sorry dear ..sorry not sorry lol .

You get use to so many different things when you get married but it is better to have your own pet pest lol love that term than to go through life alone , well I think so anyway . So far I have not seen a single thing to make me feel any different and hope  I never will , love my pet pest lol  and we have a lot of fun  and that to me is how it should be.

A friend in need is a pest indeed……. lol see?


My husband keeps bugging me about dinner even after I told him I already ate…


Sorry fro all teh typos. Whne it comse to texting, I’m all thumbs.


Did You See ?

Did you see ? …. Did you see when that lovely little baby was born ? The look of love on the parents face?  Did you see ? ..When that old person who needed help actually got it when they needed it  ? ..Did you see?.. when that Paramedic  saved that child’s life ? ..Did you see?.. when that doctor and that nurse stayed up all night to save someone’s life ? ..Did you see ?..when those firefighter’s  saved that child from the blaze , then put out the fire that was deliberately lit? …Did you see ?..all those police  officers put themselves in danger  to stop rioting  idiots  from doing any more damage than  possible ?  Did you see ? All those soldiers  who went to the war front to fight  to save you and everything you have  and everything you will need or want ? Did you see ?.. all those shopkeepers  and sales people who work long hours to make sure that all the things that you need to get or do are there for you ? Did you see any or all of any of these things ?

Did you see ?… No you did not because either you were working hard  yourself  or you were doing something that could put yourself or others in danger . Did you see ? ..When  that person who so very sure that they could talk on the phone and drive at the same time  got killed by a truck that they drove under when it slammed on the brakes because someone stopped suddenly in front of them  ? Did you see?..  when ..Those supposedly  peaceful refugees  rioted and killed people and burned  so many buildings down ? ..Did you see  ?… When ..The mechanic  stayed up half the night to fix your car as you really needed it to be going the next day  or you would be in trouble? Did you see ?..those countless delivery driver’s  that work almost 24/7  and have not a lot of time at home with family  as their jobs are to make sure  we have all we want and need  right when we need them ?.. Did you see ?… All those waiters and waitresses  that work long hours in all sorts of places so you can go out and have a fun night out   without having to cook, do dishes or anything else of the boring things that go to making a good meal?..

Did you see ?… No  most likely you did not see very much of this and you did not for many reasons , some of them being life gets in the way , also the things you see are limited by the governments  , as they do not want you to see a lot of things in case you get upset and vote them out , where would they be then ? Out of the  gravy train is where that is why they so strictly control what you do and do not see on social media . Did you see?… No you did not because with life , and jobs these days are so fast and you just have to keep rushing  and the more it keeps rushing the less you actually see around you and that is the reason you did not see a lot of things , when you stop and think about how much you did not see you will be as shocked as I was when I thought about it …

Did you see?.. No because you have become a” Millennial ” which means that everything you do or see has to be in or on the internet , because your head is so buried in this so called technology that you cannot even pull your head out  of your phone  or your computer or tablet or whatever you have long enough to see the world around you and what is going on in it . Bother to extract the head from the phone etc. and you just might actually see the world as it is not as you think it is . Did you see?.. Anyone who is walking around these days without their head in the phone  ? Nope me neither well not many  as  I have said before it is now a plague that this world has that everyone embraces  so they do not want to see reality  now . Did you see? .. any of these or all the other things that shape the world today  ? Did you see?.. that so few  now even care now about how things are going , much less want to try and stop some of the evil that goes on everyday ?

Did you see? …no you did not because too many people now just want to sit back , do what they want a, and wait for others to fix the mess , a mess they may not have made but  sure could be cleaned up quicker if there were more people who actually cared. Did you see any  so called churches  have prayer meetings and prayer vigils  to try and help people in distress? Did you see any of these so called churches try to help anyone  without expecting them to pay for it  ? No you didn’t because they as well as every other  so called church cares more about pomp  and ceremony and shows with loud  music and lights rather than the people they are supposed to help . Did you see? …no because there is nothing left to see with them anymore they have evolved into  money making industries  , that is why you  did not see … We need people to see more and do more even if it is just to pray , remember prayer helps the many that you cannot help by yourself .

I’ve taken up running again… Running out of money, running out of time & running out of patience..😜.


I woke up with a headache this morning but he made me a coffee so now I feel better.

Write It Down Part Deux

Write it down part deux…There just has to be a part deux  as when I did the first part I didn’t have time or room enough  to add more to  the blog at that time so now here is the rest of it  . Having just one part  of something like this  is just wrong  , as  there is way to it than just one part  as  I am going to now fix right up  by doing the rest , so hang on and let’s go , lol , sounds good doesn’t it  ? Anyway if you stop right  here and think for a min or two..take your time you will realise the bits that got missed out last time and will be saying to yourself , well it’s about time you got round to fixing this ! Agreed so here we are again to fix this right up  , ok a bit late  but better late than never , or so they say .

Write it down part deux …what I didn’t do before was also to say  , then you must take the list with you !! lol No use whatever to write it down  if then , when you get to where you are going you don’t have the list with you !! Sheeesh how can you get what is on that list or any list if you don’t have the dam list with you ? So attaching  this bit to the first bit then you first must write it down , second step then is to take the dam list with you  so you do not forget any of it , so write it down, put list in pocket , step two in making the writing it down bit work the way  it is meant to work. Like with anything in life if you want it work  you have to do it right , anything less just will not work , so remember that from here on in ok ? lol

Write it down part deux  if you think that was all you are wrong ! There is one more thing you have to add to the list  , what use is it to write it down , take the list with you  and then while shopping forget to read the dam thing ?! lol You would be surprised how many times people  do this they do part one and two but then forget about part three  and it is not until they get home and check that list the see one or two things they forgot ! lol Even after the careful writing it down , taking it with them they then forget to read it  and then they get so upset  at themselves when they find out what they have done . Frustrating as it is somehow we still seem to do this time after time  when will we remember that we must do three things rather than one to get the very best results ? Maybe one day  we will wake up but lol after all this time and seeing how many still do it  I really  doubt that it will happen any time soon , we are such people of habit  that we just do things over and over again until one day we wake up and get it  right.

So to sum it up in a way we can all relate to  first , write it down, then take list with you , three make sure you read the list before you go home , lol, that way you have actually a really good chance to get all the things you went out for  and that has got to be a good thing lol. Wonder right now how long it will take  for us to get it into our thick skulls  that in some things we need to do more than one thing to achieve our goals ? Your guess is as good as mine on this but all I can say is good luck with it , I will most likely  be as bad as everyone else as I did the forget to read it just the other day  sheeesh lol , so I am just as hopeless at this as everyone else , am going to try again today to get the things I forgot yesterday lol wish me luck I might need it  …

I have the ability to find objects just before people lose them. Unfortunately, the police call it theft…

I always advise people never to give advice…


I’m allergic to tickles. I break out in giggles…..

Everything Changes ..Everything Stays The Same

Everything changes ..everything stays the same …. Have you ever noticed that no matter how  much things change around us  fundamentally  things stay the same ? When for instance a car changes models  it does what it calls an upgrade but when you get down to the bare bones of it the car is still the same , it still does the same things all they have done is change the way it looks . The  car still drives and does all the things a car does but now it costs a lot more because they have said it is better , but is it really ? Maybe in a few things it is different but it is still fundamentally  the same car . When people  decide to change , they might change the way they look , the way they dress, the way they do things but if you look right inside you will most likely see the  same person just more disguised  than they were before .

Governments , they change   the people in them all the time , also they  may get elected and be in power , then they get voted out and one of the other parties  come into power , then things all change , or do they really ? Liberal , Labour, Greens , whoever, on the surface they all look different but look closely and you will find that they all have the same basic plans , and mostly those plans mean  ripping the people off  and lining their own pockets  and you cannot tell me that there is a single political party these days who do not do the exact same thing . They  showcase all sorts of what they call differences  but once in power they all resort to doing the same things. Political parties these days  have all seemed to merge  there really is not much difference between  they are all now just self serving and greedy and it seems that will not change anytime soon.

Shopping  now this is another  bone of contention most shops these days make out that they and they alone have the best things  and once in a while they have a nice sale or something , but mostly all of them are the same , to get you into their shops and get you spending your hard earned money , but once again all are basically the same and they will do whatever it takes to get you in . Grocery shops are the best at this  they have specials yes but they also have ways of getting those specials in and sometimes they go all out to get you spending . The ones not having  a sale  of a specific  item or three  will then find something  else to put on sale ,or then undercut the same products to try and get you into their shops . When they have these grocery wars as they call it we the shoppers can do very well  , and be able to get things at a really nice price. Underneath it all though they are all basically the same with the object being to get us through the door  even though they say they are different they are not they are all the same using the same tactics as each other .

Clothing now there is a whole new battle ground some of the stunts that clothing  shops pull are amazing , anything to get you in just like all other shops . They will do more than most to get you in , but to be honest clothing shopping is the one thing I hate more than anything  as when you go looking at clothes it takes hours and hours to get done as the shops these days do not make it easy to get what you want . Remember though not take your husband underwear shopping with you  it can get messy lol trust me on this , been there done that . Electrical shopping too can be a nightmare as you try to decide what TV, what washing machine , what stove , whatever to buy there are just so many now , but like everything no matter what they tell you about how many differences there are in the appliances  they really are all basically the same and do the same thing , the only differences is in the prices or the warranty that goes with them , so you really have to check them out before you buy to get the best deal.

Social  media now  too , there again is a whole world of fun and games , as no matter what way you decide to go  there is always another app that says I am the best but when you get down to it  they are not really much different to others at all . Like so many other  things we are told it gets back to that all the so called changes  and there might be one or two the thing is still basically the same . Changes are all good if they really do change things and people , but just making such small changes to try and  fool people well no that is not good, not good at all. So though it seems that everything has changed , when it gets right down to it nothing changes and  we all get taken in if we do not use our brains and just let them get away with it  makes me wonder why are we all such sheep ? why do we let them all get away with this all the time ?

Wow, I haven’t seen you since the last time I saw you…


I used to be poor. Then I bought a dictionary, and now I’m impecunious….

‘Bathtub’ spelled backwards is still ‘bathtub’. It’s not, but for a second there, you believed me didn’t you….

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Challenges … What challenges have you had to face ? Challenges  come in all shapes and sizes and can occur at any given moment , I believe  challenges  are not ours until they are thrown at us if you will ,  because when they do come we usually  stop and think …uh – oh what now ? then set about deciding what exactly  how and when or if we will answer the challenge or let it pass us by . The temptation with a lot of the challenges  life throws at us is just to sit down, shut up, and let them fly pass , but some are really worth taking on as  they will provide us something way better than we ever expected sometimes and we need to have the courage to accept them and accepting them can be the start of a whole new life for us and all concerned  , as it did for me over the years.

Deciding how to handle each challenge we are thrown can take a long time and often given a bit of time we can make the right decision as to what to do about them . Some of them though are ones that need to be answered and answered quickly and these are the ones that can be very exciting and frustrating all at the same time and it is a big temptation to just flip a coin as there seems no other way to work out what to do . Preferably  the ones that give us at least some time to work out  are the best  if we have any choice in the matter   then we can at least limit the damage if we or it messes up . Challenges that just  hit us on the fly are the ones that are the hardest to cope with  but if we keep our calm and stay strong we can do it  , more so if you have a loving partner to help you make the needed decisions , some truly are best not made alone .

Most people have challenges in life the trick is and no it is not easy is to deal with them the right way , getting help with them  is also a good thing to do wherever you can , that too may be difficult  but can be done if we have patience , then usually it can be worked out  to the betterment of all concerned . Challenges come in all shapes and sizes and can be as usually just be as simple as ” where do we go for dinner ? ” as pick the wrong place and after all the getting there and sorting out plans you find either it all goes well or they got your booking all wrong or you didn’t  book and cannot get in to the place you want , or you do get in and the place is full of screaming kids and the night is ruined , that happens all too often these days unfortunately  as parents just  have little or no control over their own kids  and that is just sad.

Challenges  as  I said come in all shapes and sizes  and some of the bigger ones  can be very daunting  thereby making them a real worry , but if we keep strong we can do it  , as  I myself have proved over and over again , it is not easy but don’t they say ” life wasn’t meant to be easy ” ? So onward and upward  and on  with it and on to the next one is my motto . Having said that it wasn’t meant as a challenge lol please we need a break , and by a break I mean a good one for a change , but whatever we will win . If we didn’t have all these challenges life would inevitably get very boring  that then could and often would lead to mischief . Mischief  can be a lot of fun if done the right way  but also like everything it can be done  with bad intentions and that is the kind to stay away from  if we are at least  a little bit nice and  I much prefer nice , have seen too much of the nasty thank you  , so nice from here on thank you ..

Challenges ..So when was  your last real challenge  ? Did you just push it off and forget it  ? Did you get help with it ? Did you grab it with both  hands and go with it? There are so many answers  to  the question of challenges  that we sometimes  forget  that there is help out there  if we need it the trick is to know when and who to ask for said help . Some challenges can be so much fun that you want to  just keep on doing them  , but mostly life is not that fair  and most of them are ones that need  delicate handling  if we want to do the right thing , and usually we do like to do the right thing , and that is as it should be . Right now we have a big challenge but we are both confident we can sort it out to our own good , may take a while but together we can do it .

So next time you get a challenge  remember you are not alone  and there is always someone who  has been there done that and can help you if you ask for it. We all have challenges as  I said before and the trick is knowing  how to handle them , not always easy but never too much for us if we use our brains, not something too many people do any more I am sorry to say but some of us still do. I think when you get handed something that at first looks to be bigger  than you can handle then  is the time to relax , maybe do what I do and pray , or something to make you relax  properly  to be able to think it through before  you actually do anything . So next time it is  your turn for a challenge step up to the plate  and do not let it  get you down , getting down helps nobody at all ..


NOTE TO SELF: Please stop writing yourself notes…


Am I the only one that’s addicted to air?I can’t live without it…

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