Challenges … What challenges have you had to face ? Challenges  come in all shapes and sizes and can occur at any given moment , I believe  challenges  are not ours until they are thrown at us if you will ,  because when they do come we usually  stop and think …uh – oh what now ? then set about deciding what exactly  how and when or if we will answer the challenge or let it pass us by . The temptation with a lot of the challenges  life throws at us is just to sit down, shut up, and let them fly pass , but some are really worth taking on as  they will provide us something way better than we ever expected sometimes and we need to have the courage to accept them and accepting them can be the start of a whole new life for us and all concerned  , as it did for me over the years.

Deciding how to handle each challenge we are thrown can take a long time and often given a bit of time we can make the right decision as to what to do about them . Some of them though are ones that need to be answered and answered quickly and these are the ones that can be very exciting and frustrating all at the same time and it is a big temptation to just flip a coin as there seems no other way to work out what to do . Preferably  the ones that give us at least some time to work out  are the best  if we have any choice in the matter   then we can at least limit the damage if we or it messes up . Challenges that just  hit us on the fly are the ones that are the hardest to cope with  but if we keep our calm and stay strong we can do it  , more so if you have a loving partner to help you make the needed decisions , some truly are best not made alone .

Most people have challenges in life the trick is and no it is not easy is to deal with them the right way , getting help with them  is also a good thing to do wherever you can , that too may be difficult  but can be done if we have patience , then usually it can be worked out  to the betterment of all concerned . Challenges come in all shapes and sizes and can be as usually just be as simple as ” where do we go for dinner ? ” as pick the wrong place and after all the getting there and sorting out plans you find either it all goes well or they got your booking all wrong or you didn’t  book and cannot get in to the place you want , or you do get in and the place is full of screaming kids and the night is ruined , that happens all too often these days unfortunately  as parents just  have little or no control over their own kids  and that is just sad.

Challenges  as  I said come in all shapes and sizes  and some of the bigger ones  can be very daunting  thereby making them a real worry , but if we keep strong we can do it  , as  I myself have proved over and over again , it is not easy but don’t they say ” life wasn’t meant to be easy ” ? So onward and upward  and on  with it and on to the next one is my motto . Having said that it wasn’t meant as a challenge lol please we need a break , and by a break I mean a good one for a change , but whatever we will win . If we didn’t have all these challenges life would inevitably get very boring  that then could and often would lead to mischief . Mischief  can be a lot of fun if done the right way  but also like everything it can be done  with bad intentions and that is the kind to stay away from  if we are at least  a little bit nice and  I much prefer nice , have seen too much of the nasty thank you  , so nice from here on thank you ..

Challenges ..So when was  your last real challenge  ? Did you just push it off and forget it  ? Did you get help with it ? Did you grab it with both  hands and go with it? There are so many answers  to  the question of challenges  that we sometimes  forget  that there is help out there  if we need it the trick is to know when and who to ask for said help . Some challenges can be so much fun that you want to  just keep on doing them  , but mostly life is not that fair  and most of them are ones that need  delicate handling  if we want to do the right thing , and usually we do like to do the right thing , and that is as it should be . Right now we have a big challenge but we are both confident we can sort it out to our own good , may take a while but together we can do it .

So next time you get a challenge  remember you are not alone  and there is always someone who  has been there done that and can help you if you ask for it. We all have challenges as  I said before and the trick is knowing  how to handle them , not always easy but never too much for us if we use our brains, not something too many people do any more I am sorry to say but some of us still do. I think when you get handed something that at first looks to be bigger  than you can handle then  is the time to relax , maybe do what I do and pray , or something to make you relax  properly  to be able to think it through before  you actually do anything . So next time it is  your turn for a challenge step up to the plate  and do not let it  get you down , getting down helps nobody at all ..


NOTE TO SELF: Please stop writing yourself notes…


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