Everything Changes ..Everything Stays The Same

Everything changes ..everything stays the same …. Have you ever noticed that no matter how  much things change around us  fundamentally  things stay the same ? When for instance a car changes models  it does what it calls an upgrade but when you get down to the bare bones of it the car is still the same , it still does the same things all they have done is change the way it looks . The  car still drives and does all the things a car does but now it costs a lot more because they have said it is better , but is it really ? Maybe in a few things it is different but it is still fundamentally  the same car . When people  decide to change , they might change the way they look , the way they dress, the way they do things but if you look right inside you will most likely see the  same person just more disguised  than they were before .

Governments , they change   the people in them all the time , also they  may get elected and be in power , then they get voted out and one of the other parties  come into power , then things all change , or do they really ? Liberal , Labour, Greens , whoever, on the surface they all look different but look closely and you will find that they all have the same basic plans , and mostly those plans mean  ripping the people off  and lining their own pockets  and you cannot tell me that there is a single political party these days who do not do the exact same thing . They  showcase all sorts of what they call differences  but once in power they all resort to doing the same things. Political parties these days  have all seemed to merge  there really is not much difference between  they are all now just self serving and greedy and it seems that will not change anytime soon.

Shopping  now this is another  bone of contention most shops these days make out that they and they alone have the best things  and once in a while they have a nice sale or something , but mostly all of them are the same , to get you into their shops and get you spending your hard earned money , but once again all are basically the same and they will do whatever it takes to get you in . Grocery shops are the best at this  they have specials yes but they also have ways of getting those specials in and sometimes they go all out to get you spending . The ones not having  a sale  of a specific  item or three  will then find something  else to put on sale ,or then undercut the same products to try and get you into their shops . When they have these grocery wars as they call it we the shoppers can do very well  , and be able to get things at a really nice price. Underneath it all though they are all basically the same with the object being to get us through the door  even though they say they are different they are not they are all the same using the same tactics as each other .

Clothing now there is a whole new battle ground some of the stunts that clothing  shops pull are amazing , anything to get you in just like all other shops . They will do more than most to get you in , but to be honest clothing shopping is the one thing I hate more than anything  as when you go looking at clothes it takes hours and hours to get done as the shops these days do not make it easy to get what you want . Remember though ..lol ..do not take your husband underwear shopping with you  it can get messy lol trust me on this , been there done that . Electrical shopping too can be a nightmare as you try to decide what TV, what washing machine , what stove , whatever to buy there are just so many now , but like everything no matter what they tell you about how many differences there are in the appliances  they really are all basically the same and do the same thing , the only differences is in the prices or the warranty that goes with them , so you really have to check them out before you buy to get the best deal.

Social  media now  too , there again is a whole world of fun and games , as no matter what way you decide to go  there is always another app that says I am the best but when you get down to it  they are not really much different to others at all . Like so many other  things we are told it gets back to that all the so called changes  and there might be one or two the thing is still basically the same . Changes are all good if they really do change things and people , but just making such small changes to try and  fool people well no that is not good, not good at all. So though it seems that everything has changed , when it gets right down to it nothing changes and  we all get taken in if we do not use our brains and just let them get away with it  makes me wonder why are we all such sheep ? why do we let them all get away with this all the time ?

Wow, I haven’t seen you since the last time I saw you…


I used to be poor. Then I bought a dictionary, and now I’m impecunious….

‘Bathtub’ spelled backwards is still ‘bathtub’. It’s not, but for a second there, you believed me didn’t you….

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