Write It Down Part Deux

Write it down part deux…There just has to be a part deux  as when I did the first part I didn’t have time or room enough  to add more to  the blog at that time so now here is the rest of it  . Having just one part  of something like this  is just wrong  , as  there is way to it than just one part  as  I am going to now fix right up  by doing the rest , so hang on and let’s go , lol , sounds good doesn’t it  ? Anyway if you stop right  here and think for a min or two..take your time ..lol you will realise the bits that got missed out last time and will be saying to yourself , well it’s about time you got round to fixing this ! Agreed so here we are again to fix this right up  , ok a bit late  but better late than never , or so they say .

Write it down part deux …what I didn’t do before was also to say  , then you must take the list with you !! lol No use whatever to write it down  if then , when you get to where you are going you don’t have the list with you !! Sheeesh how can you get what is on that list or any list if you don’t have the dam list with you ? So attaching  this bit to the first bit then you first must write it down , second step then is to take the dam list with you  so you do not forget any of it , so write it down, put list in pocket , step two in making the writing it down bit work the way  it is meant to work. Like with anything in life if you want it work  you have to do it right , anything less just will not work , so remember that from here on in ok ? lol

Write it down part deux  if you think that was all you are wrong ! There is one more thing you have to add to the list  , what use is it to write it down , take the list with you  and then while shopping forget to read the dam thing ?! lol You would be surprised how many times people  do this they do part one and two but then forget about part three  and it is not until they get home and check that list the see one or two things they forgot ! lol Even after the careful writing it down , taking it with them they then forget to read it  and then they get so upset  at themselves when they find out what they have done . Frustrating as it is somehow we still seem to do this time after time  when will we remember that we must do three things rather than one to get the very best results ? Maybe one day  we will wake up but lol after all this time and seeing how many still do it  I really  doubt that it will happen any time soon , we are such people of habit  that we just do things over and over again until one day we wake up and get it  right.

So to sum it up in a way we can all relate to  first , write it down, then take list with you , three make sure you read the list before you go home , lol, that way you have actually a really good chance to get all the things you went out for  and that has got to be a good thing lol. Wonder right now how long it will take  for us to get it into our thick skulls  that in some things we need to do more than one thing to achieve our goals ? Your guess is as good as mine on this but all I can say is good luck with it , I will most likely  be as bad as everyone else as I did the forget to read it just the other day  sheeesh lol , so I am just as hopeless at this as everyone else , am going to try again today to get the things I forgot yesterday lol wish me luck I might need it  …

I have the ability to find objects just before people lose them. Unfortunately, the police call it theft…

I always advise people never to give advice…


I’m allergic to tickles. I break out in giggles…..

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