Did You See ?

Did you see ? …. Did you see when that lovely little baby was born ? The look of love on the parents face?  Did you see ? ..When that old person who needed help actually got it when they needed it  ? ..Did you see?.. when that Paramedic  saved that child’s life ? ..Did you see?.. when that doctor and that nurse stayed up all night to save someone’s life ? ..Did you see ?..when those firefighter’s  saved that child from the blaze , then put out the fire that was deliberately lit? …Did you see ?..all those police  officers put themselves in danger  to stop rioting  idiots  from doing any more damage than  possible ?  Did you see ? All those soldiers  who went to the war front to fight  to save you and everything you have  and everything you will need or want ? Did you see ?.. all those shopkeepers  and sales people who work long hours to make sure that all the things that you need to get or do are there for you ? Did you see any or all of any of these things ?

Did you see ?… No you did not because either you were working hard  yourself  or you were doing something that could put yourself or others in danger . Did you see ? ..When  that person who so very sure that they could talk on the phone and drive at the same time  got killed by a truck that they drove under when it slammed on the brakes because someone stopped suddenly in front of them  ? Did you see?..  when ..Those supposedly  peaceful refugees  rioted and killed people and burned  so many buildings down ? ..Did you see  ?… When ..The mechanic  stayed up half the night to fix your car as you really needed it to be going the next day  or you would be in trouble? Did you see ?..those countless delivery driver’s  that work almost 24/7  and have not a lot of time at home with family  as their jobs are to make sure  we have all we want and need  right when we need them ?.. Did you see ?… All those waiters and waitresses  that work long hours in all sorts of places so you can go out and have a fun night out   without having to cook, do dishes or anything else of the boring things that go to making a good meal?..

Did you see ?… No  most likely you did not see very much of this and you did not for many reasons , some of them being life gets in the way , also the things you see are limited by the governments  , as they do not want you to see a lot of things in case you get upset and vote them out , where would they be then ? Out of the  gravy train is where that is why they so strictly control what you do and do not see on social media . Did you see?… No you did not because with life , and jobs these days are so fast and you just have to keep rushing  and the more it keeps rushing the less you actually see around you and that is the reason you did not see a lot of things , when you stop and think about how much you did not see you will be as shocked as I was when I thought about it …

Did you see?.. No because you have become a” Millennial ” which means that everything you do or see has to be in or on the internet , because your head is so buried in this so called technology that you cannot even pull your head out  of your phone  or your computer or tablet or whatever you have long enough to see the world around you and what is going on in it . Bother to extract the head from the phone etc. and you just might actually see the world as it is not as you think it is . Did you see?.. Anyone who is walking around these days without their head in the phone  ? Nope me neither well not many  as  I have said before it is now a plague that this world has that everyone embraces  so they do not want to see reality  now . Did you see? .. any of these or all the other things that shape the world today  ? Did you see?.. that so few  now even care now about how things are going , much less want to try and stop some of the evil that goes on everyday ?

Did you see? …no you did not because too many people now just want to sit back , do what they want a, and wait for others to fix the mess , a mess they may not have made but  sure could be cleaned up quicker if there were more people who actually cared. Did you see any  so called churches  have prayer meetings and prayer vigils  to try and help people in distress? Did you see any of these so called churches try to help anyone  without expecting them to pay for it  ? No you didn’t because they as well as every other  so called church cares more about pomp  and ceremony and shows with loud  music and lights rather than the people they are supposed to help . Did you see? …no because there is nothing left to see with them anymore they have evolved into  money making industries  , that is why you  did not see … We need people to see more and do more even if it is just to pray , remember prayer helps the many that you cannot help by yourself .

I’ve taken up running again… Running out of money, running out of time & running out of patience..😜.


I woke up with a headache this morning but he made me a coffee so now I feel better.

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