You Do Get Used To It

You do get used to it you know , what you may ask ? You do get used to having your own pest , lol, for pest see husband lol, sorry dear  but you asked for this one . There are and still will be  many , many times when  I just want to kick you right up the bum , but having said that you should be very happy that I am short and have a bad back so I can’t actually do it no matter how much I want to , so you are mostly safe from actual physical  damage lol aint  you a lucky man ? You know as well as  I do how many times this happens  so you know  I  am telling the truth  so wotchit you lol. So where exactly do I start with all this explaining how you can and do get used to it huh ? lol…

You do get used to having to tell your pet pest , lol now I like that a pet pest lol nice  I will use that again , anyway you do get used to telling your pet pest some things over and over again before they actually seem to hear and if you are lucky understand what you said. You also get used to forgiving them when time after time (wasn’t that a song once lol ? ) they get  same thing wrong  and they still do it wrong , they still put some things the wrong way round or do them the wrong way , or maybe that should be not the way you do it , and that makes you mad and wonder why you bother ? You do get used to giving up on trying to get them to do some things and end up doing it yourself  just to get it done  sheeesh  men hey  ? lol Still wonder if there ever comes a time  when they actually do things the way you want them to or if it is just a male thing , if it is then there is no hope of that ever happening lol dam it ….

You do get used to having to tell them things more than once , even though  it drives you nuts that you have to repeat things over and over before they get it , but the most important thing is that they do eventually  get it …yay …lol take a deep breath , and keep repeating till it finally sinks in to them then you start  on something else lol . You get used  to having to do somethings twice or three times  but you realise it will be like this when you marry them so if you do not like repeating yourself over and over again ladies then please do not marry lol . You get used to having to cook all the time and do the washing etc more than you ever used to but that too is what you agree to when you marry so it’s all good , sometimes you get lucky ( as  I did  ) and get a man that loves to cook so will do some of it too  even if you still have to do all the dishes lol , oh well can’t have everything now can we ?

You get used to also having someone share your life 24/7 , someone who loves you , someone who will do anything for you and tells you all the time how much he loves you and just loves all the same things you do . You get used to loving going to all the same places and ,and all the same sports , and just about everything else you love . You get used to the love and comfort  you get from them too and them always being there when you need them , you get used to them helping you when you need it , yes sometimes  they are a pest and won’t help but if you really  need the help they are there to help. Let’s face it that is why you married them in the first place , you knew you would always be there for each other or you would not have married . AmI Right ?? lol sorry dear ..sorry not sorry lol .

You get use to so many different things when you get married but it is better to have your own pet pest lol love that term than to go through life alone , well I think so anyway . So far I have not seen a single thing to make me feel any different and hope  I never will , love my pet pest lol  and we have a lot of fun  and that to me is how it should be.

A friend in need is a pest indeed……. lol see?


My husband keeps bugging me about dinner even after I told him I already ate…


Sorry fro all teh typos. Whne it comse to texting, I’m all thumbs.

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