You Can Never Really Know

You can never really know how the other half lives unless you go there and see for yourself, if you live in a place for a long time  or even a short time for that matter  you get to know how that place works and what  it looks like . You have the look and the nature of that place and its people  it gets stuck in your mind  and you are so very sure almost 100%  that you will always know it even if you leave it for a long time or a little  while . When we do decide to leave this place  even for a little while  you go just knowing in your mind that nothing will change no matter how long or short a time  you are away , so sure are you that you do not even consider taking any photos or anything to remind you of what it all looks like  and how it all sounds  so then what happens next ?

What happens next is when you do come back  from where else you  have been  you find that so much has changed you are in amazement  as to what happened , the longer you have been away the  more things have changed  and now you see  what you should have done before you left to keep those memories alive . I have blogged about this before  in a blog  I called” Who am I where am I ?”  So like me when I came back from overseas   you look at the place you left and really expected  to be the same as you left it and stand in wonder  about what happened  and why  ? Little things and big things  have changed , the way people now treat you ,the way businesses  do their business  now, even the  TV you used to watch , almost everything is now changed    and you are left wondering.

You can never really know  how much things will change but  that does not mean we have to like it as a lot  of the changes that happen are not  good , just look at how the violence  has gotten out of control now , and how little people even give a damn, as long as they have what they want that is all that matters. While you were away there could have been an earthquake or floods or fire or famine  or anything to make all those changes  or maybe just something simple  like a store  closing down or being sold  or something similar can change the whole place making it so different you you do wish you had taken photos before you left.

You can never really know about people either  what changes happen in them  while you were away ,they too change even if they don’t want to , things happen to make them change and when they do their whole attitude to you and everyone else will change , we cannot  stay the same when things change so much in us and around us . People who were carefree and happy and  wanting to help suddenly become quiet and keep to themselves , the outgoing part of them has been subdued  and they are only a touch of the people they once were . Changes  in situations means changes  in people  and no matter how much we want to stay the same we do not have much choice if the changes are bad enough or good enough  either way will cause changes.

Saying all this you have to realise that change is inevitable  but how we handle it is what is important , how you deal with what life throws at you  is what either makes you stronger or you let it get to you . Making you stronger is what we need to try and do and not let the negative  part of it get to you , this part is not easy , trust me it is hard but it can be done if you try hard enough . Changing your whole life and where you live and how you do things can be very , very hard  but again you can do it if you care enough  about yourself and your husband  and you both pull together . Takes all sorts of courage and all the hope you can muster but again it is possible .

You can never know either about how much even the government of the country will change while you were away , things that were against the law when you  left now are allowed and that can not always be good . Example is when you leave it was against the law to let children under the age of 15 into and pubs  or clubs , or any place  that had alcohol or gaming machines , now you can barely find a place  to have a quiet night out because they all allow young children in and the parents  do not seem to care  one bit about the noise they make . That law of not letting them in was great you could always have a nice quiet night out with your husband anytime you wanted , now it is hopeless most of the time. One can only hope that one day someone will see  this and make a few places to go to that you can have a nice quiet dinner in and enjoy it , and not have to either give up or leave early .

You can never know about anything really  you just have to gird  your loins and as they say in the classics ” pull up your big girls pants ”  and get on with life and do your best  to do the right thing by yourself and others . Maybe it is the hardest thing you will ever have to do but you do have the strength in you to do it , to make it happen . There are just so many things  you can never really know about  it would take forever to note them all down  so let’s not worry about them and take each day one at a time and do the very best we can to make it better for us and those around us , that is what I plan to do anyway.

My husband called me lazy the other day.I was so annoyed I almost responded….

🤔…. I am suspicious that I am up to something I don’t want myself to know about.

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