Medication  I am guessing now that there are very few people  who are not on some sort of medication , and like it or not most of us need some at some point in their lives , seems there is always a need  for medication  for something or other we can’t seem to get away from it . Medication is for the most  part good for us and it offers relief for many problems  , let us face it there are a lot  of people who would not even be alive today without good medication . Many lives also are made a lot better for having a way to relieve symptoms of things that maybe cannot be healed as they may well be hereditary  so there is no way other than medication to make their lives a lot easier . Medication  on the whole then is a very good thing and there are more and more being  made to help more and more people  they are always researching always looking for cures for things like cancer  etc.  and that is a good thing they are dedicated people only wanting to help.

Medication then is mostly a very good thing , but my beef is with the way it is marketed , yes this is a bit of a rant but I think it needs saying , they need to be made to put all the things on the labels  that can cause side effects ,  and  I mean all of them not just the ones they think won’t be too hard and stop people from buying them. The reason I say this is because  I recently tried yet 1 more thing to try and ease my pain  and maybe help with the fluid retention , as I know  I am allergic to some things  I  have become an avid label reader  so when I got these you can bet I thought they were safe for me . Imagine my shock when I started to feel a bit off  and the only thing that was different was the new pills  I had bought  from the chemist . I had not changed anything else in my diet or anything so it was the only thing different .

So I did what I always do and   had another read to be sure  I had not missed anything on the label , confirmed that I had not and then thought ok now I do further research  to see what was not on the label. My 1st horror was in finding out that had  I kept taking them I might well have gone blind as they affect eye pressure , and as  I have glaucoma this was devastating  this was just but the 1st shock , next 1 was that it could cause heart attack , or stroke or if I was diabetic it could be a disaster , now you can see why I was so angry any 1 or all of those things are terrible on their own but to not even  mention  them on the label to me is  just wrong , and it was only my checking it out properly  because I felt a bit off that led me to this discovery and of course stopping the pills immediately. Who knows just what would have happened to me had  I just kept on with them thinking it would be ok it was just my body getting used to them .

Marketing today is so in your face , so ” you must have these ”  that most people just accept it and go get them , and because life today is so fast and furious  we just have not got the time to be checking every little thing . Just a cursory  glance at a label and off we go not time for anything more . Time after time this proves to be true so we get lulled into a false sense of security and just go to a chemist and get pills  and take them . We get so used  the advertising  we just believe it and use them , they keep on telling us how good the pills are and how much we need them . What really, really needs to happen is that all medication has to be labelled correctly  so things like  being caught out  with pills you should not be taking cannot happen again , someone needs to fix this before more people get caught out and maybe die or worse .

Medication ..rant over but I think it all needed to be said if only to make more people aware that they really need to read labels and do more research so they do not have any trouble . I was lucky this time  as I always check  and it did not take me long to realise  that I had to stop them and check up on them . Thankfully all is well now but it will be a long time before  I try any more pills that is for sure 100% .

I ate my salad without dressing because I didn’t have time to put on clothes…


Have you tried the new vodka diet. I’ve lost three days already…


I have a new rule: No one is allowed to talk to me for 24 hours after I wake up….

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