Why Copy ?

Why copy  ? … Why do people these days have to copy everything they see  ? Why do they have to copy everything they do ?  Have you noticed that when a new thing , for example is advertised   people just run to get it  and then soon after that  you see a copy , a copy that is different by just a little bit so as not to be against the copyright laws . Then there will be a new fashion accessory  or a new jewelry  design  , or maybe a new style in cars or a new type of house , or something , anything it does not really matter what it takes no time at all seemingly for a copy  to appear  , usually a  little bit cheaper  than the original  item was at the start . Have seen this sort of thing so often it makes me wonder   how people get the copies  done so quick    have they got spies or something  ?

Why copy  ? Why do they feel the need to copy  and not make their own ? Really  makes me wonder if original ideas are getting extinct  because there are just so many copies of so many things  and the speed at which the copies appear is amazing , love to know how the companies that do these copies get them out so quick . Also makes me wonder why ? Can’t they do anything for themselves  anymore or is it just too much trouble to try and think for themselves ?  The people who come up with the original ideas must be very  upset  to see their invention being copied and then sold at a much cheaper price , they have put so much time , effort , money into it , finally get it out there only to have at about what seems like 5 mins. later  there is a copy .

Why copy ? I know why just take a  look at the fashion ,make up , jewelry, shoes , bags, etc you get the idea they make so much money out of copies that they now have no scruples  at all and run ff copies as soon as they can . Personally I have seen so many dresses for example  that all look the same but for maybe 1 or 2 things  just enough differences  so it cannot be called a copy and not breach the copyright act . Makes you wonder really how many other things that we buy are copies doesn’t it ? Thinking that a lot of things that are copies are so well done that you the shopper cannot tell without expert help , copies have not got the same return value as originals so anyone making a copy  has to make it just right or get caught out, that does happen but not enough to stop the copies unfortunately so it goes on.

Why copy ? Why do people see someone  wearing something and right away think I must have that ,I must have that exact thing  ? When you go out you see so many people wearing the same things  , if you just walk and look you can see so many types of the same thing  be it clothing or shoes or carry bags or jewelry , I notice it time and again . What makes people act like sheep and just flock to things like  this just because someone else has it  ? Have people lost the ability as well to be original , or is it just sheer laziness or is it that people now just don’t have the time anymore  in this hectic lifestyle we now have ? To me I would rather have something just because  I need it  not because everyone  else has them , need rather that copy is the only reason I get anything .

Why copy ? This need as it seems to be to copy almost everything that others do is amazing , it almost seems like it has become part of people’s  DNA  now , see something , must have it , no originality  no thinking for themselves anymore , just follow the crowd , copy what they do stay in the flock , I just find it amazing. I am guessing that is why even in the armies all over the world  they all have basically the same sort of weapons  there really is not a lot of difference  but  there also maybe 1 or 2 others we have not seen yet but given time we will the way the world is heading now , lots of sheep doing what they are told . Why copy  ? To get the best we can for ourselves without having to think for ourselves  , that is altogether too much work now it seems . We really need to start learning to think for ourselves sooner rather than later  if we do not want all these copies  to rule us , we need to be ourselves not just sheep happy to copy .


Getting out of bed in the morning ruins my whole day….

Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s blocking my view….

I am so grumpy I am not even talking to myself…!😬😬😬😬😬

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