How Not To

How not  to … To murder your hubby when all of a sudden he is under your feet all the time , or never there when you want him etc etc etc … This is the time  when something you did not expect to happen does  and all of a sudden  he has no job and is there with you now almost 24/7 . Laugh if you want to but after the shock wears off and you  start the long process of looking for work for him  , once that is started and you have that bit set up then you get to the everyday bit of just living  and you suddenly  wake up to the  fact/problem that he is there all the time doing things you may or may not want done or conversely not doing what you want done ..or

How not to … Right now there have been times when it has taken all my strength and love for him not to murder him when  he does /does not  do what we need doing or what we want to do …lol still with me here  ? Sometimes he goes off to an appointment  and says yes dear I will keep in touch , I will  phone you to let you know  what happened , I will stop you from worrying about me , but does he  ?? No  he does not and when he finally shows up all you want to do is kill him  because you spent all that time  worrying  and he just did not keep in touch. It is not as if it is a major thing you are asking  is it? All you want to know is he safe , then when you find out he is ,your first  impulse is to kill him lol …grrrr  men never learn ..and they wonder why  we get mad at them …after all his idea of not being away or outside for that matter is  is so different to mine it is asif he has no idea of how time flies ….grrrrrr

How not to  murder them when  you may be watching something on  TV  and they come in and either change channels without asking or talk all the time so you can’t hear the program anyway !! Once again even though you love them so much  all you want is  to kill them  , they do it not because they don’t love you but because  they just don’t think , but then again when did men ever stop to think? Another time you are doing the washing , you ask them if they have any washing that needs doing they either say no or just don’t answer so you go ahead and do the washing  only to find out later  there on the floor is a pair of undies and some sox !! grrrrr…lol …it gets harder all the time not want to  so….Have a cup of coffee  try to relax , put all thoughts of murder behind  you , after all remember you love him ….or you are supposed to ..and you did marry him ..

How not to when you may be out somewhere and all of a sudden he has  a call and  he is off leaving you to get home when you can , alright this is rare but it has happened  and he really  did not mean it but it is hard to put up with . How not to when you have had a good meal and there is a pile of dishes and guess who makes himself  scarce ?? lol .. Give you 1 guess he is not to be found anywhere  and you get stuck with a ton of dishes  and you have already cooked the meal and done all the prep. To be fair though he does love cooking and does a fair bit  , but in so doing  the mess is piled high when  I have to do the clean up after , just as well he does cook very well and is good  at it . Also he is slowly learning to keep the mess to a minimum  and not leave it so spread out all over the kitchen , lol, but it has taken a while to teach him this , he is lucky I love him. lol

How not to ….Now this is the hardest thing lol, when you ask him to do something and he gladly says yes dear no worries  will get on to that , after reminding him at least 6 times  and it is still not done , this is the time you really, really want to kill him , he has got to be the king of the procrastinators !! arrrgghh ! lol  This is my biggest  problem with him some times it can take  days to get something  done, for 1 reason or another he just does not get the job he so gladly said yes to doing   for days and it drives me nuts , lol yes  I know  I am nuts anyway but as  I married him I have to put up with it dammit Why is there no expiry date ? lol he is so glad there is none or I just might have returned him , lol asif  I would do that I do love him but at times it just gets harder , so fingers crossed he gets a job sooner rather than later before I do forget how much  I love him. lol

How not to …is to remember exactly that , how much  I love him  , how perfectly we fit together as a couple , how we do that thing we all laugh at , the finishing each other’s sentences  bit , lol yes we do that all the time , that is how well we work together , it is remembering all this that really how  I do not … * sigh * lol …


If random does what random is and random is what random does …what does random do?

Told my husband I would cook his favourite meal tomorrow. Jokes on him as tomorrow never comes.


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