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Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

Just who’s fault is it that  I am here  ? Sitting here freezing my assets off, and stirring  up my  husband .??

Lets look at this  ok..

1 Maybe it is my husband ,the man  who refused to ,errr to put it nicely , nick off when I told him to ? He persisted when anyone else would have given up and said ok .have it your own way I will nick off ( silly bugger  lol ) Too persistent  he is on some things  but not on all which is a mixed blessing  Men  you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down the toilet …Giggles …

I mean here  I was sitting at home in Australia , minding my own business ,doing whatever I wanted , chatting on irc, when in waltzed this pommie bloke , and started to talk to me in private , and no amount of telling him to go away worked. As I said to him your too young . too fat,too bald , and nothing that I want in a man .After all I wasn’t even looking for 1, had finished with them .Since found out  he sets his mind to something , then that  something gets done whether  you want it done or not , sheeeesh .

2 Or is it the long time irc friend who had been away then came back and found out about me and  Rick. 1st  question  he asked was , have you met in real life  ? As the answer was no he said ok dont go away I will be right back. He returns about 10 mins later and says check your e ..mail. , I said why ? He said just do it then I found out why .  I did so only to find a 1st class return ticket to London waiting there for me . We were absolutely stunned ( thanks  Ramage ) lol  I think.. at this point I had no idea what was going to happen , even if I had known, knowing what  I know now I would have done exactly what I ended up doing and finding the best man I could have ever wished for , but please shhhhhhh don’t tell him that Giggles  I said nothing ….

3.Or is it my own fault ( nahh never )How could it be my fault  ? Lol  I  am a woman  and anyway he started it wasn’t me …so there ..

I could have said no , can’t accept this its way too much ,could have just plodded on ,and tried to work it out  by myself. As you know they say , never  look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didnt and here  I am .. it has been known for a so called gift horse to end up biting you very hard  , hence my caution at this time …glad  I went on with it though  but remember shhhhhh …lol

Here I am with a man who loves me to bits ,will do anything for me ,and on who I have come to rely more than ever , not something  I do very easily . We  worked  on getting ourselves to Australia to live ,and it takes ages but was worth it big time  and we are both very glad we made the enormous  effort  it took to make it all happen.

So after all it seems it is a combination of all of these things , all working together to gang up on me , lol, cos there is really only 2 reasons you need a husband …

1 To blame things on …

2 to take the garbage out ..

So why on earth would you go looking for 1 other than for this  ? I mean he is a tease , a torment, and I want to kick his butt 3times a day at least , lol, but now  I have him , spose  I will just have to keep him …Mind you if anyone wants him …make me an offer  I cant turn down ….Giggles ..hes going to love this  ..* falls over laughing here  *

So when we finally got ourselves  into Australia ,  it is   tuff , having him around ? Might be handy at that , lol, need someone to blame after all ……… let’s face it  all us women need someone to blame that is male …trust me on this is a very necessary  thing for all women , having 1 myself now I can say proof positive it is correct . Ok Ok yes it is very handy having him around and yes I do love the extra cuddles and the way he looks after me , love it to bits and will not fib about that ….shhhhh…lol  nobody say a word and he will never notice  , lol, men hardly notice anything anyway do they  ?

I’m just one step away from taking another step….

People go to the gym to take the jiggle outta their wiggle….

The day’s been long and I’m half-dead. I think I’ll drag myself to bed. I ask the Lord my strength restore and please don’t let my husband snore…

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Do Not Put Yourself Down

Do not put yourself down , as someone who always does this  even I at times get pulled up short  when someone out of the blue  says something that makes me stop and think  about how  I feel about myself. Sometimes what is said just blows me away and makes me not embarrassed  actually  but close to it , as happened  the other day  I truly  did not know what to think as it was so sweet  what was said to me . All my life  I have only ever thought of myself as useless and  not worth anything , this because of the way I was dragged up ,never given a compliment ever , so when someone does compliment me  I  get  shocked , I am  never ready for a compliment it is just not in me to do it .

So if this can happen to me why can’t it happen to you or anyone else ? I have always tried to thank anyone who helps me and to be nice  to everyone , though at times it is very hard to do this I still try to do it. How many people do you know  who think of themselves as useless ? I will bet  I am not the only one who thinks like that  I will also guess that most people know someone like this , who for 1 reason or another think only of themselves as not worth it . I was always told I was  ” good for nothing and always will be ”  this from my own mother  so is there  any reason why I should think the way I do ?

Having said that I have always managed to see the bright side of life , a doctor once told me always to always keep laughing and never let them win , he was oh so right too. He was without  doubt the best doctor  I ever had , sure wish he was still here to be able to go to again he was so sweet and down to earth . The world these days is too full of  people who only want to use you and are your friends until they have what they want from you then they drift away or hurt you so you walk away . The world  needs more people who do care about others  who do want to help , not just do what everyone else does and put people down because they do not need them anymore .

Saying to someone who has been put down most of their lives  Don’t put yourself down  is not going to help them unless you back it up with  proof that they too  are worth it , they too can contribute to the ones around them . Everyone can do this , everyone can  help someone else  to see that they too are a worthwhile  human being . We need as a society to try to help more and condemn   less  and to help these people who need us so they don’t do anything silly  to themselves or others . They don’t think it is silly as by the time they get to doing this they have been through some very tough times and been treated like dirt  usually , so if we just sit back and condemn them  how exactly is that going to help them ? We need to be able to reach out to these people to show them as well as tell them that they too are worth it .

Don’t put yourself down is something  I have had said to me many times over the years and while it is ok for someone to say it they need to actually mean it for it to even get through to the person  who has been treated like crap all their lives . Just casually saying Don’t put yourself down and walking away is not going to help anyone so don’t bother even wasting your  breath  if you do not really mean what you are saying . Too many people think doing this  and walking away is all they need to do , so unless you mean it don’t bother as it helps no one .Usually   you can tell by a person’s demeanour if they really mean it or are just putting on a show  for someone , and you would be surprised how many do this .

There are so many more  these days that feel this way as the world has turned into a place we no longer like , a world that  is full of people who are solely  me, me, me people  and who don’t give a crap about anyone else unless they can find a way to use them to further what they want . So today more than ever we need to stop looking in the mirror and start looking at ways to help other people , and by doing this we can learn to help the people around us  who really need it . This is the only way to be of any real use  and it costs us exactly nothing to do . What we need is more people who can think of others too and think as they say  ” outside the box ”  when it comes to helping people who have been put in these positions it is really , really hard for them to  just  not put themselves down just because you say they should, they need help to be able to, they need help to be lifted up again , it is not easy in fact it is almost impossible .


I remembered what I forgot, then forgot what I was supposed to remember… bummer!

I was impersonating a police officer last night. I let myself go without pressing any charges.

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That Face

That face …The face you see first thing in the morning , the very first one , and no not your own lol , that one is the face of the one you love  , the one who brings you most joy , the one you feel relaxed to be with , the one you  turn to for help  and for comfort. The one you married ,the one you just feel happy to see first thing when you wake up , or in my case when you have had that first cup of coffee lol when by then I might just be awake , no guarantee  though lol with me it might take two  cups . That face that the minute you see it you feel better and  you both feel the same about each other  and the more you spend time together over the years the more you get to know  what the other one thinks , lol yes it is true you do finish each other’s sentences  after a few years  of being together . It is true  that this happens and we find it a huge joke still amazes me why some people think it is not funny  and they see it as some sort of  a problem.

That face no matter where you started  your relationship  it is the first time a face of someone has really meant anything more than just a way to recognise someone , this time as time goes on and you get to know and love each other that face becomes something special  and more than just a way to identify someone . I have been going to sleep and waking up to a face that may not be the most handsome , as I am not the most beautiful , but that face just means so very much to me , and my heart lifts the moment he is back by my side . Work sometimes  makes them have to leave you for a while but at least after the working day they come back and if it has been a long day the relief when they do get back home is wonderful ,well it is to me.

That face  lol when you catch the person doing something  you didn’t know they were doing , when they were doing it for you , lol, so special , like when he set up a surprise birthday party for me , he had found out I had never had a birthday party before so he colluded with family and got as many as he could here to surprise me . This time  that face was mine in surprise and joy  that he would do that for me, was the best present ever loved every  minute of it went on for days and was so much fun. That face  when all the family that were in on it  finally get caught out and try to pretend they didn’t know it was going to happen, lol, yeah right . That face those times is just wonderful it restores your faith in people and family for just a little while , until something happens to make you wonder all over again and it will never doubt that as the world is turning so ugly now and we can’t seem to stop it , or don’t want to.

That face  I don’t know about you but I can usually tell when someone is lying as their face takes on a certain look , hate to see that but  it happens , much  prefer to see a happy smiling face , would rather see people happy than see them sad there is too much sadness in the world these days . Doing these blogs I hope to make people laugh mostly  but sometimes I use them to highlight something that means a lot to me , or is a bit of a rant but mostly I just love to make people laugh , just to make their lives a little bit brighter for a few mins. That face  I love to see then as  I said is a happy one but even I know that cannot be all the time more’s the pity but  I do try to do it , lol, well someone has to don’t they ?

That face then is the one you want to see on people all the time  and as that is almost impossible these days it just makes it all the more special when it does happen , so my thought is that if you can make someone happy , make them laugh for a while then  do it  as most need  a good laugh . People watching as  I said once before is something I like to do and it would be so nice  if more and more of those faces were happy ones , not what you see today more and more worried faces, or deep in their phones , or I just don’t care faces , the looks on the faces of the world has changed so very much it is a real shame , would love to be able to change that , but that alas is not possible .


Confucius says “Man who walk through airport door sideways is going to Bangkok.”😖

No one is allowed to talk to me for a minimum of 24 hours after I wake up.


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Train Of Thought

Train of thought ….Now that is something that does not stop at everyone’s station to be sure  and we see that day after day after day  when we see people do the most stupid and ridiculous things . Always makes me wonder how on earth are they still alive , how come their sheer stupidity and lack of any kind of thought  has not killed them  ? Everyday we see it even when we do not want to , these days people tend to just  close their eyes or stick their heads in their phones just so they do not have to see what happens next to these people . Cannot say I blame them either there have been times when even  I have stopped in the street and just been shocked at things  I have seen .

Train of thought  lol sometimes I think it just runs some people over! When you see what they do you know like those ridiculous challenges  that are now all seemingly  the rage now the big  ” new thing ”  that all the young  ones are now doing , even though many of them are now killing themselves doing them . Why in the world would they think this is a good idea , why would they think that something that has killed others will not possibly  kill them too ? What level of boredom/ stupidity  are they on that they even give this kind of  thing even a second glance  ? Makes me wonder what has been  going on  in their lives that bought them to this point that even the possibility of death will not stop them  from being so stupid?

Train of thought may not run some over but it rushes past their station so fast at times it makes me wonder if it knows something they don’t , and knowing this it is not even going to bother  stopping or even slowing down for that matter  it just goes whoooosh  and it’s gone , lol  think I know a few like this , have seen the vacant looks on faces for a second then all of a sudden they smile , lol, that’s when the train rushes by they almost get run over by it . These are the ones who get into silly arguments they have no hope of winning  or even getting even  they know it but do it anyway . These are the people who are more inclined  to say ” hold my beer and watch this ”  the minute you hear this then my advice is simply to run as fast as you can away till the train manages somehow to get back to that particular station .

Train of thought … lol.. now we come to the ones  who momentarily  stop look at the train then decide not to board it  so the train goes off in a huff  and wonders how long it will be before it is even looked for again. These are the ones who decide  they will go wandering in those nice big chain stores and  see what they can ” pick up ” without anyone noticing , they have conveniently  forgotten  security  guards and cameras  so wonder how they got caught . Sure they may have gotten away  with  it time after time , lol, there was a song called that once  wasn’t there ? lol Anyway they may have  many times got off scott free but there will always  come a time  when they don’t

Train of thought …as you can see this is a train that is not only hard to catch it is a train that some at least try to catch  but many never do manage to get on board . This train is very selective it seems in who it actually lets get on board , makes you wonder  how much better things would be if more people  were able to actually catch this train  instead of just watching it go steaming  by . Train of thought needs  more people to try to catch it rather than let it go might be a few less deaths a few less people in trouble a few less problems to solve , but how on earth do you make someone want to catch a train  they only see rushing  past them ?.  Mostly all their lives they have not bothered so need to be  taught how to first wave it down then what to do with it  when it stops , most would not even know how to get on board.

Train of thought how do you go with the train of thought , does it stop at your station or do you just wave at it as it goes by ? Have you learned how to use the train  or what it is actually for ? Guessing we will never know what most people  do with their trains  but if we could actually see these trains  we may have an idea but  as we cannot  we will have to just wonder  what happens with other people . Here is wishing more than 1 will learn how to not only see these trains but also learn how to catch them and actually use them… wishful thinking here ….

Better go to bed I have to get up really early tomorrow afternoon…..

I use to be addicted to soap, but now I’m clean……..