Train Of Thought

Train of thought ….Now that is something that does not stop at everyone’s station to be sure  and we see that day after day after day  when we see people do the most stupid and ridiculous things . Always makes me wonder how on earth are they still alive , how come their sheer stupidity and lack of any kind of thought  has not killed them  ? Everyday we see it even when we do not want to , these days people tend to just  close their eyes or stick their heads in their phones just so they do not have to see what happens next to these people . Cannot say I blame them either there have been times when even  I have stopped in the street and just been shocked at things  I have seen .

Train of thought  lol sometimes I think it just runs some people over! When you see what they do you know like those ridiculous challenges  that are now all seemingly  the rage now the big  ” new thing ”  that all the young  ones are now doing , even though many of them are now killing themselves doing them . Why in the world would they think this is a good idea , why would they think that something that has killed others will not possibly  kill them too ? What level of boredom/ stupidity  are they on that they even give this kind of  thing even a second glance  ? Makes me wonder what has been  going on  in their lives that bought them to this point that even the possibility of death will not stop them  from being so stupid?

Train of thought may not run some over but it rushes past their station so fast at times it makes me wonder if it knows something they don’t , and knowing this it is not even going to bother  stopping or even slowing down for that matter  it just goes whoooosh  and it’s gone , lol  think I know a few like this , have seen the vacant looks on faces for a second then all of a sudden they smile , lol, that’s when the train rushes by they almost get run over by it . These are the ones who get into silly arguments they have no hope of winning  or even getting even  they know it but do it anyway . These are the people who are more inclined  to say ” hold my beer and watch this ”  the minute you hear this then my advice is simply to run as fast as you can away till the train manages somehow to get back to that particular station .

Train of thought … lol.. now we come to the ones  who momentarily  stop look at the train then decide not to board it  so the train goes off in a huff  and wonders how long it will be before it is even looked for again. These are the ones who decide  they will go wandering in those nice big chain stores and  see what they can ” pick up ” without anyone noticing , they have conveniently  forgotten  security  guards and cameras  so wonder how they got caught . Sure they may have gotten away  with  it time after time , lol, there was a song called that once  wasn’t there ? lol Anyway they may have  many times got off scott free but there will always  come a time  when they don’t

Train of thought …as you can see this is a train that is not only hard to catch it is a train that some at least try to catch  but many never do manage to get on board . This train is very selective it seems in who it actually lets get on board , makes you wonder  how much better things would be if more people  were able to actually catch this train  instead of just watching it go steaming  by . Train of thought needs  more people to try to catch it rather than let it go might be a few less deaths a few less people in trouble a few less problems to solve , but how on earth do you make someone want to catch a train  they only see rushing  past them ?.  Mostly all their lives they have not bothered so need to be  taught how to first wave it down then what to do with it  when it stops , most would not even know how to get on board.

Train of thought how do you go with the train of thought , does it stop at your station or do you just wave at it as it goes by ? Have you learned how to use the train  or what it is actually for ? Guessing we will never know what most people  do with their trains  but if we could actually see these trains  we may have an idea but  as we cannot  we will have to just wonder  what happens with other people . Here is wishing more than 1 will learn how to not only see these trains but also learn how to catch them and actually use them… wishful thinking here ….

Better go to bed I have to get up really early tomorrow afternoon…..

I use to be addicted to soap, but now I’m clean……..

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