That Face

That face …The face you see first thing in the morning , the very first one , and no not your own lol , that one is the face of the one you love  , the one who brings you most joy , the one you feel relaxed to be with , the one you  turn to for help  and for comfort. The one you married ,the one you just feel happy to see first thing when you wake up , or in my case when you have had that first cup of coffee lol when by then I might just be awake , no guarantee  though lol with me it might take two  cups . That face that the minute you see it you feel better and  you both feel the same about each other  and the more you spend time together over the years the more you get to know  what the other one thinks , lol yes it is true you do finish each other’s sentences  after a few years  of being together . It is true  that this happens and we find it a huge joke still amazes me why some people think it is not funny  and they see it as some sort of  a problem.

That face no matter where you started  your relationship  it is the first time a face of someone has really meant anything more than just a way to recognise someone , this time as time goes on and you get to know and love each other that face becomes something special  and more than just a way to identify someone . I have been going to sleep and waking up to a face that may not be the most handsome , as I am not the most beautiful , but that face just means so very much to me , and my heart lifts the moment he is back by my side . Work sometimes  makes them have to leave you for a while but at least after the working day they come back and if it has been a long day the relief when they do get back home is wonderful ,well it is to me.

That face  lol when you catch the person doing something  you didn’t know they were doing , when they were doing it for you , lol, so special , like when he set up a surprise birthday party for me , he had found out I had never had a birthday party before so he colluded with family and got as many as he could here to surprise me . This time  that face was mine in surprise and joy  that he would do that for me, was the best present ever loved every  minute of it went on for days and was so much fun. That face  when all the family that were in on it  finally get caught out and try to pretend they didn’t know it was going to happen, lol, yeah right . That face those times is just wonderful it restores your faith in people and family for just a little while , until something happens to make you wonder all over again and it will never doubt that as the world is turning so ugly now and we can’t seem to stop it , or don’t want to.

That face  I don’t know about you but I can usually tell when someone is lying as their face takes on a certain look , hate to see that but  it happens , much  prefer to see a happy smiling face , would rather see people happy than see them sad there is too much sadness in the world these days . Doing these blogs I hope to make people laugh mostly  but sometimes I use them to highlight something that means a lot to me , or is a bit of a rant but mostly I just love to make people laugh , just to make their lives a little bit brighter for a few mins. That face  I love to see then as  I said is a happy one but even I know that cannot be all the time more’s the pity but  I do try to do it , lol, well someone has to don’t they ?

That face then is the one you want to see on people all the time  and as that is almost impossible these days it just makes it all the more special when it does happen , so my thought is that if you can make someone happy , make them laugh for a while then  do it  as most need  a good laugh . People watching as  I said once before is something I like to do and it would be so nice  if more and more of those faces were happy ones , not what you see today more and more worried faces, or deep in their phones , or I just don’t care faces , the looks on the faces of the world has changed so very much it is a real shame , would love to be able to change that , but that alas is not possible .


Confucius says “Man who walk through airport door sideways is going to Bangkok.”😖

No one is allowed to talk to me for a minimum of 24 hours after I wake up.



One thought on “That Face

  1. As far as I know make someone laugh for a while wouldn’t cost money anymore as most as people need to a good laugh cross the world.positive attitude as well as sophisticated creative thought and lifestyle can help you to feel happy.During a conversation with your friends, say, “chirpledeekirpledeedum” in the middle of each sentence.Wear socks on your hands. When people ask about it, say matter of factly, “My toes are protesting.”
    Paint smiley faces on an old pair of shoes and wear them to school.. Put a cute little dress on your pooch and take her (or him) for a walk in a crowded park.

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