Do Not Put Yourself Down

Do not put yourself down , as someone who always does this  even I at times get pulled up short  when someone out of the blue  says something that makes me stop and think  about how  I feel about myself. Sometimes what is said just blows me away and makes me not embarrassed  actually  but close to it , as happened  the other day  I truly  did not know what to think as it was so sweet  what was said to me . All my life  I have only ever thought of myself as useless and  not worth anything , this because of the way I was dragged up ,never given a compliment ever , so when someone does compliment me  I  get  shocked , I am  never ready for a compliment it is just not in me to do it .

So if this can happen to me why can’t it happen to you or anyone else ? I have always tried to thank anyone who helps me and to be nice  to everyone , though at times it is very hard to do this I still try to do it. How many people do you know  who think of themselves as useless ? I will bet  I am not the only one who thinks like that  I will also guess that most people know someone like this , who for 1 reason or another think only of themselves as not worth it . I was always told I was  ” good for nothing and always will be ”  this from my own mother  so is there  any reason why I should think the way I do ?

Having said that I have always managed to see the bright side of life , a doctor once told me always to always keep laughing and never let them win , he was oh so right too. He was without  doubt the best doctor  I ever had , sure wish he was still here to be able to go to again he was so sweet and down to earth . The world these days is too full of  people who only want to use you and are your friends until they have what they want from you then they drift away or hurt you so you walk away . The world  needs more people who do care about others  who do want to help , not just do what everyone else does and put people down because they do not need them anymore .

Saying to someone who has been put down most of their lives  Don’t put yourself down  is not going to help them unless you back it up with  proof that they too  are worth it , they too can contribute to the ones around them . Everyone can do this , everyone can  help someone else  to see that they too are a worthwhile  human being . We need as a society to try to help more and condemn   less  and to help these people who need us so they don’t do anything silly  to themselves or others . They don’t think it is silly as by the time they get to doing this they have been through some very tough times and been treated like dirt  usually , so if we just sit back and condemn them  how exactly is that going to help them ? We need to be able to reach out to these people to show them as well as tell them that they too are worth it .

Don’t put yourself down is something  I have had said to me many times over the years and while it is ok for someone to say it they need to actually mean it for it to even get through to the person  who has been treated like crap all their lives . Just casually saying Don’t put yourself down and walking away is not going to help anyone so don’t bother even wasting your  breath  if you do not really mean what you are saying . Too many people think doing this  and walking away is all they need to do , so unless you mean it don’t bother as it helps no one .Usually   you can tell by a person’s demeanour if they really mean it or are just putting on a show  for someone , and you would be surprised how many do this .

There are so many more  these days that feel this way as the world has turned into a place we no longer like , a world that  is full of people who are solely  me, me, me people  and who don’t give a crap about anyone else unless they can find a way to use them to further what they want . So today more than ever we need to stop looking in the mirror and start looking at ways to help other people , and by doing this we can learn to help the people around us  who really need it . This is the only way to be of any real use  and it costs us exactly nothing to do . What we need is more people who can think of others too and think as they say  ” outside the box ”  when it comes to helping people who have been put in these positions it is really , really hard for them to  just  not put themselves down just because you say they should, they need help to be able to, they need help to be lifted up again , it is not easy in fact it is almost impossible .


I remembered what I forgot, then forgot what I was supposed to remember… bummer!

I was impersonating a police officer last night. I let myself go without pressing any charges.


One thought on “Do Not Put Yourself Down

  1. I think my message to you, QQ, is that you’re not alone. It might not seem to help mentioning that as I’m here and you’re there but still. I saw your tweet. I also agree about not putting yourself down. I’m going to put in a little prayer that your other half finds work and/or it gets resolved.

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