Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

Just who’s fault is it that  I am here  ? Sitting here freezing my assets off, and stirring  up my  husband .??

Lets look at this  ok..

1 Maybe it is my husband ,the man  who refused to ,errr to put it nicely , nick off when I told him to ? He persisted when anyone else would have given up and said ok .have it your own way I will nick off ( silly bugger  lol ) Too persistent  he is on some things  but not on all which is a mixed blessing ..lol  Men  you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down the toilet …Giggles …

I mean here  I was sitting at home in Australia , minding my own business ,doing whatever I wanted , chatting on irc, when in waltzed this pommie bloke , and started to talk to me in private , and no amount of telling him to go away worked. As I said to him your too young . too fat,too bald , and nothing that I want in a man .After all I wasn’t even looking for 1, had finished with them .Since found out  he sets his mind to something , then that  something gets done whether  you want it done or not , sheeeesh .

2 Or is it the long time irc friend who had been away then came back and found out about me and  Rick. 1st  question  he asked was , have you met in real life  ? As the answer was no he said ok dont go away I will be right back. He returns about 10 mins later and says check your e ..mail. , I said why ? He said just do it then I found out why .  I did so only to find a 1st class return ticket to London waiting there for me . We were absolutely stunned ( thanks  Ramage ) lol  I think.. at this point I had no idea what was going to happen , even if I had known, knowing what  I know now I would have done exactly what I ended up doing and finding the best man I could have ever wished for , but please shhhhhhh don’t tell him that Giggles  I said nothing ….

3.Or is it my own fault ( nahh never  ..lol )How could it be my fault  ? Lol  I  am a woman  and anyway he started it wasn’t me …so there  ..lol ..

I could have said no , can’t accept this its way too much ,could have just plodded on ,and tried to work it out  by myself. As you know they say , never  look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didnt and here  I am .. it has been known for a so called gift horse to end up biting you very hard  , hence my caution at this time …glad  I went on with it though  but remember shhhhhh …lol

Here I am with a man who loves me to bits ,will do anything for me ,and on who I have come to rely more than ever , not something  I do very easily . We  worked  on getting ourselves to Australia to live ,and it takes ages but was worth it big time  and we are both very glad we made the enormous  effort  it took to make it all happen.

So after all it seems it is a combination of all of these things , all working together to gang up on me , lol, cos there is really only 2 reasons you need a husband …

1 To blame things on …

2 to take the garbage out ..

So why on earth would you go looking for 1 other than for this  ? I mean he is a tease , a torment, and I want to kick his butt 3times a day at least , lol, but now  I have him , spose  I will just have to keep him …Mind you if anyone wants him …make me an offer  I cant turn down ….Giggles ..hes going to love this  ..* falls over laughing here  *

So when we finally got ourselves  into Australia ,  it is   tuff , having him around ? Might be handy at that , lol, need someone to blame after all ……… let’s face it  all us women need someone to blame that is male …trust me on this ..it is a very necessary  thing for all women , having 1 myself now I can say proof positive it is correct . Ok Ok yes it is very handy having him around and yes I do love the extra cuddles and the way he looks after me , love it to bits and will not fib about that ….shhhhh…lol  nobody say a word and he will never notice  , lol, men hardly notice anything anyway do they  ?

I’m just one step away from taking another step….

People go to the gym to take the jiggle outta their wiggle….

The day’s been long and I’m half-dead. I think I’ll drag myself to bed. I ask the Lord my strength restore and please don’t let my husband snore…


One thought on “Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

  1. You can get anti-snoring things.

    None of them work on the persistent nose. Sometimes you just have to live with the nocturnal freight train that never finally goes past you.

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