Say It Everyday

Say it everyday ….Say what ? Say you love someone , say you need someone , tell the person or people  you love  how much you love them  all the time everyday if you can as we never know when it will be too late . How long does it take for things to go wrong in your life  ? I can tell it takes about 5 mins.  that is all the time it takes for your whole world to crash around your feet , that is how long it takes for the world as you know it becomes a great big mess . Probably  and it is quite often the case it is because of nothing you have said or not said, done or not done , it has happened through circumstances you had no control over  but you now have to deal  with the fall out . Dealing with the fallout for something like this may be 1 of the hardest things you might ever have to do , but deal with it you have to if you want to keep living some kind of normal life .

Say it everyday , if you say it to someone who has just had their life pulled out from under them  it can make all the difference to them , it can help them absorb the shock as they try to take stock and work out what else to do from this point. Everything they knew and did from here on has to be changed , and unless it happens to you , you have no idea how hard this is , how hard it is to rearrange  your whole life . Now you have to sit down and think about every single thing you have done previously  and work out if you can still do it at all, or maybe only now and then , having to go through all you have done so far in day to day life  then rethink it all is nothing  if not very hard to do . I would say it was impossible but it is not , you can do it with support  and if you have enough people on your side who will say it is ok I love you , it will be alright .

Say it everyday  because just that small act of telling someone they really mean something to you is such a small thing to you but can mean the very world to them and can help them as they restructure their lives , trust me as we are going through  this right now ourselves  it sure helps when we get someone showing support . Taking the time  to tell someone who is going through hard times takes only a few mins for you but it can mean the world to them , and helps to fight off depression  which at times like this really rears it’s ugly head no matter how  strong you think people are , things like this can make the strongest person feel weak.  Someone you have always looked at and always thought of as strong might just not be as strong as you think , usually someone who has been strong for years has had a lot of things in their life to make them strong . All it takes though is just that 1 more thing  , just that 1 thing too many to bring even the strongest  person down , they have been so strong for so long that  they just cannot keep going  without  some sort of help but they are usually the last to ever ask for it.

Say it everyday  as someday sometime somehow it may happen to you and you then would like to know that someone cares , that someone has taken time out of their own busy lives to tell you they care , that makes someone going through it feel so much better it is worth doing , and if it was happening to you , you too would love to hear it .  My ardent prayer is that no one  goes through something like this , but if they do my other prayer is that there will always be someone near them to tell them they are loved, to tell them they are cared about , you may not be able to help with money , or with another job or whatever  but just being there for them makes all the difference . Making someone who is going through hard times feel cared about  is something  I think we all should try to do , as by doing it , it does the world of good for someone  else.  Say it everyday to those around you , get used to doing it and  remember it helps them , but not only you but those you say it to and that to me is the best feeling you can get , just by saying a few words of comfort , it takes so little time to do ..

PESSIMIST: Dark tunnel. OPTIMIST: Light at the end of the tunnel. REALIST: A train. TRAIN OPERATOR: 3 idiots standing on the tracks….

You are entitled to your opinion.but why you insist on being wrong is beyond me…


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