Fake News

Fake news  today it is everywhere  we have never  ever been so inundated  with it  and until the Trump election campaign started and all the haters came out we had barely even heard of it . Everyday now in almost all media  you can find people screaming that this is fake news and that is fake news  makes you very wary of everything you see or hear now you just cannot take anything for granted anymore . Whatever we perceived as news giving media  always being correct  has now been dealt a death blow, because now we have to question everything we hear or see and even though we used to believe everything the then media told us we can no longer do that . I for one cannot remember the last day I looked at the news media  and did not see a lot of articles  marked  Fake  news  almost everyday there are several .How did it come to this  ? Let me explain in the next few  chapters and maybe you will understand too .

Fake news was started by unscrupulous people who did not want the real truth to get out , so they started making up stories and saying they were truth , then just sat back and waited for someone to say ” hey wait a minute ” and then prove the story wrong . These fake stories gradually got more and more ridiculous  and there were more and more of them and more and more people started  noticing them and you guessed it , it took no time at all before the real true stories were also being screamed at as fake news. Therefore  job done so much fake news has hidden the real news now nobody knows the real truth anymore at all , the only way to find out the truth is to research  then you will know  what is and isn’t  right . Too many people though these days are either too lazy or just too busy to look for the truth so either ignore all news  or believe what they are told to believe , way too many do this unfortunately .

Fake news so why ? Who did it benefit ? This was all orchestrated  by a few very very rich individuals  who wanted certain things to happen in the way they wanted  to make sure they stayed in control of all things , if not all things but most of them they want to rule the world  and so far are doing just that . These few will be running things for as long as they can  thinking they run the world   so should be able to do whatever they like whenever they want to  and yes it will work for a time but not forever. They have now gotten so used to having control that almost nothing will stop them , the power has gone to their heads and controls them totally , short of death  they will never ever stop  wanting to rule the world and they do not even see the wrong of it , not do they want to .

Fake  news  started by a corrupt few that  want to rule as  I said , so how do we stop them  ? Is there a way to stop them  ? Sadly no there is no way  as this fake news that has taken over almost everything makes it just too hard sometimes to find the real news and they know that , and also know that people are too lazy or busy to check for  themselves  and  I see no real way of stopping them , love him or hate him Trump is trying to stop a lot of it but it has taken over the world so much even a man as powerful as him has got little or no hope of stopping it any time soon. Sadly too even us over here have been overtaken by the fake news syndrome  it took awhile but it got here and even we have to question all we are told by the news media . Thinking we were too far away from all that a lot of people just let it go over their heads but now they too need to wake up and see  that it is here as well and we ignore it at our own peril  as someone once said.

Fake news has now made a lot of people very , very rich  and has put them in positions  they never would have been able to achieve  without it , but now boy do they love it as do all the people who started it , they love it for all the money it makes them . Fake news now affects us all and we need to be more vigilant than ever in checking out what is right and what is fake if we do not we can also get caught up  in all the mess that goes with it . People in general tend to just  let this sort of thing go right over their heads  but we can only do this for a while , if we do not start being more efficient  in checking things we could find ourselves in a lot of trouble. Fake news is so bad now and causes so much trouble world wide which is why I decided to write this , in the hope that some of us will start to care a little and try even a little bit to do what is right , it is all up to us now , it is up to us to act or not to act and hope we will be ok , I just trust God  and he has never let me down yet .

True love doesn’t care about the look or size of your wallet, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Thinking is not for everyone. Please think responsibly…..

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