Want To Know Why ?

Want to know why …You pay so much for your food at the grocery shops ? Why that even though they do their level best to keep costs down still they go up ? Well I can tell you why and trust me no one even thinks of this or gives it a second thought , when you walk home or drive home tell me how many shopping trolleys do you see scattered around the foot paths ? Those trolleys that the supermarkets give you  to help you out , yes those ones, those ones we are not supposed to take out of the centers , those are the ones , those  are all over the place I counted 10 in just a short walk from our shopping centre  to home the other day , 10 in such a short walk . So many in 1 short walk so how many  are there in longer walks in other directions ? Makes you wonder just  how many are out there all told doesn’t it ? Or are you 1 of the many, many people who just don’t care  who say it’s not  my problem? It is your problem and you need to wake up and see that it is .

Want to know why ? It is because it is your problem it is  yours to care about , because those trolleys  do not get back to the supermarkets all by themselves  , they cannot just drive themselves home from the place they were dumped . Trolleys left all over the place have to be picked up by utes , yes special people whos whole  job is just to drive around all over the place picking up all those trolleys that people stole from the shopping centers . Everytime a trolley is stolen  it costs $$ to go collect them why do you think we have whole packs of men who only have 1 job and that is to drive round collecting them , think about it these men have to be paid and the petrol they use has to be paid for  . People who take the trolleys away from the shopping centers should be fined they should be made to pay the bills for collecting them again , let’s face it there would soon be no trolleys left for the honest ones to use if no one went to pick them up now would there?

Want to know why  ? We  know why but we just do not want to be bothered and we just shrug it off as someone else’s problem and say to ourselves ” she’ll be right mate ”  but no it won’t be , it will only get worse   the more people ignore even these so called small things   the more trouble then starts to build up . We all need to try and stop this as the longer it goes on the worse it gets and the costs are passed on to the honest people  more and more meaning that they can buy less because the prices are getting out of control just because we shrug it all off . While we do nothing the prices creep up as petrol goes up $$ per hour to workers creeps up  so it gets more and more expensive to retrieve the trolleys the unscrupulous  people think it is their right to just take  when they feel like it .

Want to know why .. It is because the people of today are so self centered that they refuse to try and help anyone else now , and even those that try to help get ridiculed so  how is this sort of behaviour  going to help anyone ? Just the other night we were having dinner out at our local and in the short time we sat there having dinner I saw loads of people wandering about the street outside with trolleys , everyone of them had them full of who knows what but the point is there , right there was proof of what I am saying  and why I chose to highlight  this problem . This is a problem not only here but worldwide , the  UK has the right idea they make you pay a gold coin  to use the trolley ,which you then get back when you return the trolley , that has cut it down a lot , we should do the same .

Want to know why … Now  you do and the more we ignore it the more it will get worse till someone  does something about it , mind you I am not holding my breath  as things that need doing rarely get done when they need to be it is usually  a long time after before they get fixed . Even problems like this , even though they add to the last thing we need it adding to , to the food bill unless they fix it the food will keep on creeping up in price and  it only because some people think they are above the law and can do what they like .


I have completely mastered the right way to do everything wrong…

I am always up for a challenge whenever the sign says push I pull….


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