So Much Stuff

So much stuff ..  Have you ever noticed just how much stuff we all have ? How much of it we have and it seems to be in every room  because somewhere along the line we have been convinced we  ” need ”  it  so off we trot like good little sheep and we get it . We have rooms and garages full of all the stuff , some of us even have stuff in our cars it  is over the place so much . Look around your room now , go on  , just the room you are sitting in reading this now , how much ” stuff ”  is in the room that really you do not now and never did need , but it is there now and  you were so sure you needed it  . Advertising companies these days in my opinion  have no morals at all they will do anything to convince you that yes you need this or that  and you must rush out and get it right now as it is on special and you don’t want to miss that, if you miss it you might never get another chance at it and we can’t have that now can we  ?

Stuff ..just what is all this  “stuff ” I am talking about  ? This is all the things you see sitting around your room that you never even pick up much less use  half the time you don’t even look at it  , it just sits there gathering dust . Dusting is the only reason some of it even gets moved at all otherwise it just sits there and does nothing and you don’t ever use it so why did we get it in the first place  ? Advertising that’s why all those adds convincing us we need it for our lives to be complete  and to make our houses look so much better than it did before , what a load of codswallop ….sheeesh   Most of us  now realise that we  only bought it on a spur of the moment thing because the adverts got to us but that does not change the fact that out houses are now full of stuff we do not need now and never even needed in the first place.

Stuff  so what exactly is this stuff we have collected that we realise now we maybe should have left where it was …..and no before you say it  I do not mean husbands …I mean all those fancy  dinner dishes that now just sit in packages in case they get broken , all those named football souvenirs you have that do have practical use but you don’t want to use them in case they get broken .  There are also all those lovely throw rugs and nice clothes  you  have that you never use or wear  in case they get stained  or ripped or stolen or something , like all the other things we get  ” on special ”  because we have been convinced we needed it  and really we never did but that is advertising for you , convince all the sheep that they need these things and bob’s your uncle all gets sold. Not forgetting too all that very special jewelry  that they say we must have as it will make us feel so much better ,they play on our emotions and yes it works very well.

Stuff  so again how much stuff do you have  ? Being realistic  now if you suddenly decided to move maybe to another state or even another country  just how much of what you   have  would  you  be able to or even want to  take with you ? How much of it would you end up getting rid of that you finally see you wish you had never even got in the first place ? Having been in this position more than once  I know the answer and even now though I know better I still have a bit of stuff  I would gladly sell  to make things easier if we move again. Though I have very little  ” stuff  ” now there is still a bit , sometimes it is very hard to say no to yourself even though you know you should . Let’s face it even if we only moved down the road or over the road the impact of all this  “stuff” would be exactly  the same , it would still be a pest to move and would cost money .

So much stuff even the most astute of us seem to manage to get ” stuff ”  and sometimes we don’t even realise it as we have all been collecting this sort of thing for so long now it’s almost automatic now , see something , like it , buy it , even if you will never use it . Alright yes some of it does look good sitting around the place and yes it does look pretty and brightens up the place but let’s face it we do not really need it do we ? Learned this the hard way myself so now am very careful not to get anymore “stuff ” and just get things we can use all the time , after all it costs money to get all this stuff so we need to all be careful in this I think . So how much “stuff”  is in your place , how many rooms are there that have no stuff at all in them or has every room got some ? Are  you all too “stuffed ” to make an easy move or cut down the dusting time ?  lol  ask yourself..


If you try and don´t succeed, you have successfully not succeeded….

I like to walk backwards so I know where I have been….

Money talks mine is saying “Nah nah nah nah nah…you can’t catch me!”…


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