I Am Astounded

I am astounded today  or should  I say almost everyday  at how people  and the things they now do and accept as right  have changed , things we would never ever have even considered  let alone want to do or say is now common  and more times than not just appalling. Never ever years ago would we be trying to force down our childrens throats that  it would be ok for them to be ” whatever they want to be ”  no matter if that was something as totally idiotic as trying to change their sex , or trying to be what they aren’t  and not giving 1 iota of care as to how they make it happen . Children used to be taught love and respect  but now I will give you 100 to 1 odds  most children these days have no idea what respect really means , they are too busy being ” offended  ” by anything and everything  and the truth is long been thrown out of class just like the Bible .

I am astounded that people these days think only of themselves and what they want and think nothing of how they get it , even to the point of abusing others  who don’t do what they think they should do , even if they are wrong in what they think they will still abuse you for not doing what they say you should. Where have we as a society  gone so wrong as to be breeding these kind of people ? People who are so sure black is white etc. that they will hound you no matter what and will refuse to see the truth even if you show it to them ,and will never ever do any research themselves . Research like respect is another thing that has gone out the window because everyone now thinks they know everything and will abuse anyone who does not agree with them ,they are just too lazy to look for themselves that is too much bother.

I am astounded that with all the so called improvements to technology  and science  they still have not found their way back to common sense and decency , they still think and will stick rigidly to it that science is the way forward , when all we really need is to bring back all the old principles we used to know and teach . Somewhere and somehow all that was good and decent has been shoved aside so this almighty science can prosper and that money can still rule the world . The Bible though many hate it and refuse to believe  it says it very clearly ” Money answereth all  things ”  Just look around you with your eyes wide open for a change and you will see it for yourself. These days if you have money you can have anything almost nothing is out of reach if you have money and  it is getting worse everyday .

I am astounded that even with all the proof before our eyes we do not see what is becoming of our world and the people in it , we just seem to be so happy wandering around with heads in phones taking no notice whatever of what is going on around us and we see nothing at all we may as well be blind . Watching people these days is not the fun thing it used to be , just sitting and people watching now you watch them but for a different reason altogether , we watch them now to make sure they do not want to kill you or rob you ,when you walk these days you have to be so on  guard . Years ago I used to walk for miles and miles and loved it , these days it is nerve wracking not knowing if someone will come after you or an idiot driver texting and driving might run over you  all the joy of walking has just about gone.

I am astounded  at the advertising today too as  I have said before there are no standards of any kind now whereas there used to be things you just could not say in the adds now it is all open slather , short of actual swearing you can tell lies and no one cares. No one cares about anything much these days except  how it applies to them if it doesn’t then they do not want to know and could care less. As long as it does not cost them time or money then it is all ok , anything else can get lost they want nothing to do with it , and as for helping others they would rather rob them than help them and that is just so very sad  that the people of the world have become so dumbed  down that they are just like robots now programmed to just  a me, me,me existence and will not change anytime soon. Even the thought  of actually putting down the phone , walking away from it to help someone is just never going to happen anymore , now unless phone can be taken too no help will be given , we are so addicted to the damn things.


If you’re going to be an ass, remember to be a smart one; not a dumb one…

I recently took up meditating. It beats sitting around doing nothing…


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