What To Do ?

What to do ? When the silliest things happen and we just stop and think huh? What did we just do/not do then ? Like we go to the kitchen and decide to make coffee ok all fine , we get the kettle boiled we pick it up only to find we forgot to get the cup out * duh * lol what to do then ? lol throw up your hands and wonder  if you are even on the right plane/planet we all have these moments I am sure when something as simple as making a coffee goes wrong because of 1 little thing . Only takes 1 little thing to either mess up or you to forget the 1 thing to then give you a huh ? moment and do not tell me you haven’t done it either because I know you have .

What to do moments come in so many ways and you can never ever tell when it will hit you , personally I think it is a bit like a cat waiting  to pounce , it sees you are not really concentrating for 1 reason or another  and then *Wham! * lol , it hits you and leaves you wondering again huh ? The best thing about these what to do moments is the only thing they hurt is you  , lol, you are usually the only 1 that knows it has happened if you are lucky no one else is about at the time to see you stuff up .Things like that are the only good thing about these moments  usually you are alone and can hide the fact you had a huh? moment good aint it  ? lol

What to do moments though can also happen when you are out , like the other day we were at the local have a couple of drinks after a hard day sorting out our move and 1 of the friends we were with dear old  Frankie , lol a real character , anyway he gets up to go and go to the gents and get another drink in well after about 10 mins he comes back sits down and then says ****** lol he forgot to get the drink ! and if you know  Frankie at all you would know this really was a huh ? moment as he never ever forgets his drink !lol Well we just could not stop laughing really as he made it so funny and all at that table could not help but laugh , trust me he really is a funny bloke ..

What to do for us now is packing and moving we now have a lovely new house to go to in another state , and now we have the house secured we have all the joys of working out what to take and what not to ..oh joy ..lol apart from the fun of bubble wrap it is a pain in the proverbial  for us from here on in and we have to make sure if there are any huh ? moments they are corrected right away as we will not be able to fix them once we roll on out of here . Also we need to keep tabs on each other to make sure the other does not forget their jobs and also to make sure we do not forget what we have to do .What to do for us now is getting everything sorted and packed or sold if possible and just thrown out then arranging  for us and our stuff to get to new house …phew lol what a job.

What to do or not do from here too is that I will not be able to do a blog for the next couple of weeks or so  but will be back to them as soon as we are organised in our new place and re connected , so bear with me as we get this all done and wish us luck lol. The main thing though is house is secured and family are happy we are coming and are helping us get sorted and settled once we get there . Blogging will continue as I said once we have moved and are settled  etc , I hope you all enjoy reading these as much as  I enjoy writing them , so here’s to a short break while we leave here and go there .

Wear a smile every day – one size fits all 

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…and a woman will do what he can’t.


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