Thank You

Thank you  …. 2 little  words that can be used  2 different ways either  for good or in some ways to hurt , you would be surprised how just 2 words  can be used for different things . These 2 words  have been and will be used  I guess  in both ways forever  these days  as we  all seem to do what everyone else does and do not  think for ourselves  anymore we are too much like sheep following a shepherd . Makes you wonder if you do any thinking at all  how  many other words get used in several different ways  rather than the main 1 they were intended for . So many things change  and so many things stay the same  but changing  the use of words  seems to be on going  we seem to do it all the time , just see how   many times dictionaries get changed , words added or words  taken out as no longer valid  it is always happening .

Anyway back to the 2 words I started with , let us start  with the good  side  like if someone does something  nice for you , or is polite to you , or gives you something ,  then when you say thank you , you mean it in a nice way and whoever you said it to gets a nice  feeling for having done something nice  for someone else  instead of just  ignoring  them and staying in their own little world . Gives you , well it does me , when I do something  for  someone  and they say thank you it makes me feel good , and makes me want to help someone again sometime . Thank you  is something that has the power to make someone’s day  if they have said or done something nice for someone else . Today sadly  these 2 words  today are hardly ever heard  as most people do not use them anymore  as they are words learned  when you learn  respect , but again sadly that too is something that is not  taught anymore and explains why thank you is very rarely used in the nice way it used to be . Saying thank you is so easy to do too and that makes it even more sad  that it is too hard for some people  to do .

Thank you ,as  I said before  can also be used in a hurtful way , it can be used as an insult when someone thinks someone else has  hurt them , as in they look at you and say well ” thank you ” with a sneer and you know they mean to hurt you with it . Whether  the hurt from the person is real or conceived  it can still be hurtful to say it that way to someone else , but all too often it still get said like that . Even if the slight people think has been done to them is true  there is no need  to be hurtful  to others , we should try to be nice that costs us nothing at all . Too many people  though tend to like being upset and have a need to ” get back ” at someone  they think  has hurt them  so if there is no other way they become sarcastic and the thank you they say then  is very hurtful . Thank you was always meant to be a good  thing meaning that someone was happy about something  someone has done for them but given the way the world has twisted things  now it can be used to hurt and that is sad .

To be honest I think most people  have at one time or another used these words both ways  but I personally try only  to use them as they were intended  as an expression of thanks . Thinking of saying thank you , have you ever been just walking around a shopping center and  listened ? Hearing just what people say to say shop attendants  ? Attendants who have helped them out and got them what they needed or wanted  then they either just walk off , or say such an off handed thank you that it means nothing ? There are those too who having got what they needed say thank you and really mean it  and you can see how much it means to the person attending them , a little bit of being polite  goes a very long way and can make the attendant feel worthwhile . It takes  so little to be nice but even  this tiny little bit of being nice seems to be too hard for most people these days  and it can mean so much . Having been a shop assistant  myself once I know how much that nicely said and mean thank you means when you have been on your feet for long hours , it really helps  trust me .

What we need to try and do  , but I am afraid  will not be done  too often is to try and teach the younger ones respect , then they will know that to say thank you is the right thing to do when someone does a nice thing for them . I know  I for one will always be thankful when someone helps me  and would just love to see more people  being thankful as well as it is not hard to do , seems just normal to me to do it . Also it is part of what we call manners and like respect now is sadly not taught anymore it seems , think back over the last few days , has someone been nice to you  ? Did you say thank you  ? Maybe the problem starts with you  , the one who didn’t say thank you  ? How will the young learn if the older ones do not teach them ? Sigh ..the world these days is too full of people only wanting to look after themselves  to bother to take the time to teach the young ones , so all they learn from what they see  is how to be disrespectful .

Useless fact: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words…

That awkward moment when the awkward moment you thought was awkward isn’t awkward it’s just awkward ’cause you think it’s awkward but no one else does… now that’s awkward…..

Not This Time

Not this time ….Not this time is this going to be a funny blog  , sorry about that as  I always prefer to make people laugh . There is not enough laughter in the world anymore , too much sadness and evil taking over . Yes  I know laughter is the best medicine  but sometimes you just can’t , sometimes you just have to stop, look, and say what just happened  ? Somethings are just way too much , too terrible to even contemplate but  we have to as it is forced on our attention if we want it or not , somethings you just cannot ignore . Things like what have just happened in the last 24 hours , something so evil , so bad your  mind just refuses to accept it at first  but then has no option as it is all too clear that it has happened. Fighting this horror, this  feeling, is so hard  but you try so you do not have to confront  what you  do not want to but you try anyway . What just happened was the murder of 22 innocent people and the attempted  murder of another 59 who just wanted to go see a concert and have fun.

Not this time can you hide away and say it is not my fault so therefore  I do not have to do anything about it  , in other words  NIMBY  or Not  In My Backyard , this is what we are all too quick to think because we do not want to have to do anything  about what just happened  . We do not want to have to deal with something so evil so we put it away in the  too hard basket and think to ourselves that we will just let the  Government  deal with it , and way too many times they deal with it ok  but do it all wrong and so they make the problem  worse not better . Leaving the problem to others is just the easy way out and does not solve anything , we need to let those in power know that we will not have this stuff ignored anymore , no more evil done in our name . Make the Government accountable  for fighting this evil  not kowtowing to it and trying to appease it .

Let’s face it most people are good law abiding citizens and hate the very thought of someone going around hurting and even killing people  and  saying it’s ok the Government don’t mind . Why would they come to this conclusion you ask? They do because most Governments the world over just do not seem to have the guts it would take to take these animals on . They prefer to try and assimilate ,wrongly thinking that it is possible with animals like this when it is absolutely impossible  to assimilate with  a group that has nothing but murder in their mind . How many  times do they say as loudly as possible  Believe in my Make Believe God  or we will kill you  , no just give it time you will believe , no time to think just do it now or be killed . The killing will not be fast either it will involve torture  and rape and be-heading , we know it is a make believe god because the real God is a god of love and acceptance . He does not say assimilate right now or get your head chopped off , he says  ” Thou shalt not kill ”

So how did these evil sons of the devil get to be so big , so fast  ? The quickest and more certain way is to make money to get all our  guns, cars, ammo, etc, how do they do this  ? That is easy they blackmail everyone and everything into paying Halal certification on everything  and if you don’t pay  we will destroy you . They have to get money from somewhere right  ? So everytime you just go and buy things without bothering to check if it is Halal or not  you are giving them their blood money , they have you right where they want you , they know almost everyone won’t look into it , won’t really believe it  so they have won right there playing on people being basically too damn lazy to check  it out. Think about that when you next go shopping  with every Halal thing you buy you are paying for more people to be murdered  so are  almost as bad as they because you can slow them right down if not stop them altogether just by being wary.

We can only play the  NIMBY card  for so long then the time will come when it is way too late and these animals will have all they need to wipe us all out , all because people have become way too complacent and that will be death ( literally ) for many , many people . We have just seen the worst case of that in the last 24 hours as I said before  so many innocent children slaughtered  well before  they even had a chance to live . They were just starting out in life , all they did was to go to a concert , now they and others are all dead , they did not deserve that  , no one deserves that , and we can thank  the scam of  Halal certification for it as it funds it almost totally . Don’t believe it  ? Then for once do not be lazy and check it out yourself  it has been proved over and over , I mean seriously  why would water & toothpaste , & chocolate & dozens of other things these animals do not even use  need to be  Halal  ? Yet they are ,the cymbals are on all of them  except now harder to find as they have woken up that people now are waking up , a bit slowly but are waking up to the scam.  We can help we can make a difference all we need is to stop being so lazy and stop leaving it to other people to fix , it will not get fixed like that .

It is all up to you  if you want to play a part  even a small part in trying to stop this evil then please stop being so lazy and do a bit of research ….

Sorry too no joke here today am still too upset over 22 dead , mostly children and 59 injured also mostly children …

Secret Life of Socks

Secret life of socks  … I know you all think that there is a phantom sock nabber  who nicks all your socks when you are not  looking , and all you try to do is wash them or keep them safe in a drawer . Now why if it was a sock napper why would he just take 1 here and another 1 there  ? Think about it if he was a real sock napper you wouldn’t have any left , he would take them all to do whatever the sock napper does with them , mmmm  makes you wonder  doesn’t it ? What would he want with that many  socks  ? Anyway like I just said a true sock napper would not just take 1 here and 1 there he would be after all he could get hold of and we would be forever buying new socks .

One thing is for sure we all have  socks  and their sneaky cohorts  the stockings oh and do not forget tights  , all of these can be found in almost every home   and we keep losing them most often  only 1 at a time to make you mad . After sometime you will also find that wait..what ? That sock you thought was missing is now where it should be as is the stocking or tights  and that makes you wonder where it went to  did it go on Holiday  ? If so how come you didn’t get to do with it  ? That is just not fair to any sock, tights, or leggings owner  now is it  ? After all they are yours so why shouldn’t you be able to go on holidays with them  ? Makes a lot of sense to me …

Well here  I have some news for you, it is not a sock napper that messes you up and just takes a sock here or there it is something more sneaky than that …wait for it …… what really happens is those socks and tights  etc have a secret life . What ? You ask ..yes they do they  sit there  for a while letting you put your feet into them all the time  even those with smelly feet ( yes you Jim )  lol , then they decide ok time for a break  so they keep a look out  , they help each other you know . Then when the time is right 1 will sneak down the back of the washing machine  and just sit there out of sight until they have had a rest  then all of a sudden there they are  and you scratch your head  trying to work out how you missed it . You missed it because it was hiding   and it didn’t want you  find it until it was ready to be found  , then you found it very clever and sneaky .

Sometimes they hide down the back of the couch …you know where the coins that fall out of your pocket go , they sit there too until they want to be found then not giving away the place of the coins they manage to be found  and again you wonder how . Some are even sneaky enough to hide inside another sock so you think you have lost yet another 1 when it is really there all the time it was just hiding inside the other 1. Sneaky huh ? When again they want to come out , they never stay hidden for too long  just long enough till you go get more socks , then they slip out of the other sox in the drawer and you come in find it and again are left wondering . So now you have more than likely 3 pairs of socks  you didn’t need because these days  socks  come in packs of 3  and it is cheaper to get them that way  how’s that for sneaky huh ?

So next time you lose some socks or stockings ot leggings  or tights  remember  it is not your fault  , nor a  sock napper , it them being sneaky little sods just wanting to have a day or 6 off they are cunning little things as they can get into the sneakiest  places . They can also  wriggle up into the top of your shoe and you don’t notice because your feet  just want to have the shoes  off so you don’t pay enough attention and so they  hide in the shoe safely hidden . Convinced you have both of them together  you throw them in the wash only to find out when the wash is done you are minus 1 sock …dammit …sock stays hidden till you need your shoes again he makes his reappearance and you wonder how you missed him ..again .. lol ..

So when you discover a sock or  a legging or some stockings  missing don’t be in too big a rush to replace them because as sure as you do they will sneak back and you end up with way more than you need , see how sneaky they are  ? They conspire together to give us a hard time  just because they can  and who are we to try and stop them  ? Lol we are just human  and not nearly as sneaky as socks , so when they nick off take a while to really look for them or to buy any more coz  you can be sure they will return . I have even heard of people who have drawers  full of odd socks  that eventually get them all back into pairs they way they should be if  they were not so sneaky .. So careful and patience  are the 2 words to remember if you don’t want to be always  buying socks …right ?

Have you ever experienced the experience of experiencing experiences?


ME; “I love you.” HUSBAND “Is that you or the wine talking?” ME “It’s me.. talking to the wine.”

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The Early Bird

The Early  Bird  …Catches the worm right  ? Well ok that  sounds great but wait just a min here  what about the poor worm ? Did anyone ask it if it wanted to be caught ? Think about it for a few mins , you’re sitting there deep in the mud  enjoying a quiet time  then all of a sudden Wham!!  The early bird strikes  !! You are caught , gobbled , eaten , and all for a bird that has to get up early  , why cant it sleep in and leave you alone ? After all  what did you ever do to the bird  ? All you do is live in the mud minding your own business  crawling around being nice to other worms  then just because a dam bird cannot sleep  you are caught  , now  honestly  is that fair  ? Worms do not harm birds they keep to themselves  so why can’t those pesky birds just leave them be ?

Those pesky early  birds have also caused others to be mean to worms too  , they are called fishermen  and they too live by the maxim ” The Early Bird Catches  The Worm ”  again why the poor worm ? why does he have to keep hiding in the mud just to live  ? So now we not only have a bird  chasing worms early now we got fishermen who catch them and then go drown them to catch a fish  that also gets up early  so he can get those worms. Only problem with that is he too now gets caught and taken home to be eaten . Beginning  to see a picture here  ? That pesky early bird has someone else in trouble too now , again why ? Why can’t that silly bird stay in bed for a while so everyone else can too ? Why does he have to get up so soon  ? I think it is because he just loves  causing all the mayhem  he does  after all he starts it all .

Want to know what  else that annoying early bird causes  ? Well how many times have you yourself  had to abandon  a nice comfy bed to get going  because  someone used that dam phrase on  you with the direct  effect that you too now have to get up early . Does this seem fair to you ? That an insomniac  bird  who refuses  to stay in bed  now makes it impossible for others to stay in bed  and for worms to have to hide deeper in the mud ? One good thing is that  unless you are a fisherman  you are not going to go  get the poor worms in a frenzy trying to escape  so you are 1 less  danger to the worm . That at least gives the worm a bit of a rest for a while and he can  enjoy  his mud and  relax …until  the next morning  , damm that bird , someone needs to sedate it  for everyones  sake so they as well as the worms can have a nice lay in , sounds fair to me .

So anyway you look at it the early bird  is the cause of a lot of problems and needs to be   re-educated  and fast  so it stops upsetting so many people  and  causing so much havoc  around the world . Around the world  ? Yes this dam bird does this thing everywhere in the world  not just in 1 place it is everywhere  and people need to stop this bird from being so disruptive in so many places . If it was only just 1 or even 2 or 3 places it would not be so bad because then the worms could migrate  and be right out of the  birds range  and would be  a lot better off . So would all those fishermen they also would not have to get up too early  as they could then catch the worms anytime if the worms did not watch out  for themselves .

As I see it all   the   problems   or most of  them  anyway  in the world are caused by an insomniac bird , so we need to get this bird and teach it to stay in bed longer then all will be well !! See how easy it can all be  ? We just need the right answer to the right question and Bob’s your  aunty!! Problem solved  !! See how easy it all is  ? Just get that bird to stay in bed longer and all will be well.  Now all we need is a committee   to set up the bird teachers , then they can teach the teachers  how to teach the birds to sleep in , no worries piece  of cake  or bird food  something like that  would work , lol , sounds ok to me . We also need volunteers  to teach the teachers   etc etc etc lol  you see what  i mean I am sure by now . So all in all we need the    Early Bird to Stay in Bed !!  So to protect  the worms , the fishermen and us from having to do things we do not want to do all we need is to  get that silly bird to stay in bed longer , there !! That’s all we need to do and world problems all solved  easy aint it  ? lol

I never believe anything until it has been officially denied…

I couldn’t see a thing this morning so I opened my eyes….


If … Let’s look at this tiny word and just start to realise how many times and in how many ways  this tiny word has caused chaos , have you thought of any  ? By now you should  have thought of at least 5 ways , we do it so many times and I dare say that by now having used it so much  we do not even realise we are doing it . Such a tiny word  just 2 letters but those 2 letters can cause such trouble or paradoxically  such happiness  amazing for a word so small. This just shows us never to think that  just because something is small it cannot have a big impact .

So  how does this happen ? How many times have you said oh If I had known about the sale I would have been there for it  , or  If  I had known that person needed help I would have helped , but I had no idea . Trouble was coming and I did not want to get involved but  If I had known when it was  I would have kept away . When the train or bus left without me  I would have been there in time  If I had known what time it went  . If the job opening  was available  at that place  I would have been there for  it  If I had known the day and the time. I would not have gotten  so sick If I had  known not to eat that out of date food or the things being passed around  that were a bit iffy at the time.  If  the idiot running  North Korea  right now had not got  his tiny little nose out of joint then he would not be pointing missiles  now at everyone or everything .

Then there are the elections coming up in the  UK  soon now  If people in the  UK had not been too lazy to vote , as it is not compulsory ( it should be  ) then they would not be in all this Brexit crap that is going on now  with yet another election coming up so soon . Having said that  America also is in the same position If the elections were compulsory  then they too would not be having all the  Trump  blow up that they are . As you can see that If they had taken the time to vote then they would have a right to complain , but they didn’t and it is always the  ones who do not vote  that yell the loudest after , sheesh give me a break If you didn’t like the way it panned out you should have voted  it is that easy . You get what you ask for in most things in life   so If  you cannot be bothered taking part in it then do not complain if you get what you really didn’t want.

Picture this … you go out to a fair or a carnival or something  and there are people having fun enjoying  themselves  and kids running around yelling making a lot of noise  but you don’t like noise so why go  ? If you wanted a place to have a bit of fun then  why go to such a place if you don’t like a lot of noise ? People do though and then complain loudly  about all the noise . I personally do not like a lot of noise for more than 1 reason but I make as sure as  I can be that where ever I do go is a reasonably  quiet place  and there is a chance it will be good , but sometimes I just have to put up with it  and hope  for the best. Have you ever gone to a shopping centre  and found there is a sale going on in almost every  store  and you didn’t know , now why didn’t you know  ? If  you had read the junk mail instead of just chucking it out you would have known  then when you got there they would not have sold out by the time you found out .

Can you see now how  such a tiny word has such big implications ? If this then that …is so appropriate  for this , if we had known this , or that or something else  we might have done something , gone somewhere  different . If these people had not done this or said this  we would not now be in the trouble we are in , but who can we blame for not  paying attention ….yes  yes  I know you are too broke to pay attention , but aside from that  it is our own fault , If we bothered  to take note and try and keep up with things then this little word If could not possibly have such an impact on us , we just need to focus more that then would take a lot of the power  of If away from it . So next time you are tempted to answer  with ,  If only ….just don’t  it is more than likely  your  own fault because you let  life get too hectic  and become  too easily lead  and  say IF .. only .


Thinks that thinking about the thoughts of thinking are too thinkable for thoughts to be thought about thinking, i think that’s what I think.

Why is it every time someone sees me smile they ask me what I’ve been up to???


Really ?

Really ? Really why is it even possible that people these days just accept what they are told without ever questioning  it or finding out the truth ?  We just  seem to hear something and say to  ourselves ” Oh Ok ”  and that is about that . We never stop for a single second and think  hold on that may well be wrong  and then say ok I will check  into this and then make a decision  when I know  the facts . Accepting  things at face value is something we should never do , this I know from experience  having  been there done that and come off second best before  so now  I check and re-check  everything and have saved  myself a lot of trouble. There is nothing worse than accepting something or someone the way it is first presented   to you only to find out later what a very bad thing that was to do, that you should have taken the time to check it or them out more first. Very often just accepting things can also be very expensive  and a lot of people  have lost a lot of money  by just accepting things that we should have checked more thoroughly.

The amount of things than can go wrong by just blindly accepting things  is so high it makes me wonder why on earth we still do it , why do we still just accept so many things with just a cursory check ? I will tell you why the clue  is in the last sentence,  Time , time is the enemy of us all now we have become a people of clock watchers  always running and jumping to the time clock  so making even more time is a very hard thing to do in our already hectic life styles . So give us yet 1 more thing to have to do and our mind just clicks over and says oh sod it that will do  and no more checking is done because we are too overworked  and rushing too much. Was in a way a sad day when the  clock or timing  came into being , yes  it has helped us a lot but  also has put us in a position  that now is really beyond a joke  as we now seem to be fighting it all the way every day .

So ok even  though we now fight every day to race that time monkey  does that mean  we have to stop using our intuition ? Intuition  is what generally helps us make correct decisions  but more and more these days  we let it sleep and make rushed decisions  that often come back to bite us  on the butt. So again we come to the place of making decisions on instinct or do we just say sod it that will do ? We have to stop accepting things at face value and start to do more research or we will get bitten again and again and more and more we will just say Really ?? As yet again something we just accepted proves to be wrong  and we now have to start again  whereas if we had taken a little bit of our precious time and checked  it out we would not now be spending even more time  to start all over again.  We do not seem to realise that if we spend just a little time at the beginning it will save  a lot of time later  comes from making rushed decisions.

So now will we learn anything ? The correct answer  is no but some will say of course we will and yes we might but after how many times of getting it wrong will we? Having a very busy lifestyle  is no excuse for making snap decisions  even though we tell ourselves it is , just because we are terribly busy is no excuse to not do something  correctly and if we are the ” adults ” we claim to be then  we should know that . Getting to this so called adult stage is not easy and surely we  must have learned a thing or 3 on the way there  but it is amazing how many  of us just don’t bother  because we are just too busy and in so doing have more than 1 Really ? moment in our lives. Seems that as time moves on it does seem to get faster and faster but in actual fact it does not  , it is our lives that get faster  and faster and drags us along with it  ready or not.

Makes you wonder  then just how many times we will still do the ” if you say so ” thing and not check things out and by doing so get into more trouble , I mean how many times will we do it ? Will we just accept that a mouse born in a biscuit tin is a biscuit and not a mouse ? Will we just accept that politicians  will tell us the truth ? That last 1 is a big no for me as those people  don’t even seem to know the truth themselves  so how can they tell us ? Anyway they are more for themselves than the people they are supposed to represent anyway . So next time someone tell you something and they assure you it is the truth  just say Really ? and be sure to check it out for yourself a lot less harm will get to you if you just take the time to do some research .

If quitters never win and winners never quit…..why should you quit while you’re ahead?

I was hooked on auctions after only going once… going twice…going three times !!

What We Thought We Knew

What we thought we knew  …..Ever noticed how many times and in so many places and instances  we were so sure we knew what was what  that when we suddenly find out that what we thought we knew was all totally wrong  and we almost go into meltdown . After all we have known this stuff  for years and years how could it all now be wrong ? How is it possible that things , people , places  we have known and been 100%  sure we knew , all of a sudden it gets  shown to us that it was all wrong  ? It can be 1 of the most annoying and distressing times for us  or sometimes it can just be downright funny when we find out the truth  , we shake our heads and wonder what else  we thought we knew  is also wrong  ? Sheeesh  what a thing to have to think about as now you have to sit down and virtually re-wind your whole life and try and work out what is right and what is not , or just shake your head laugh and walk away. Thinking  about this sort of thing for too long can  give you a huge headache  so maybe it’s best not to and just from there on wait and see and do not be too surprised when you find out things that you knew were  all wrong   after all  we cannot know everything  though some people think they do  lol .

What made this all very clear to me was  leaving this country for a number of years then coming home    and thinking    , no worries it will all be just fine the place wont have changed much  after all it was only a few years . Then the reality sets in and you wonder  if you ever knew anything at all  in the first place , as all of a sudden after all these years  away it  seems the whole country  has changed . Changed it’s way of doing things , of laws , of  how things are done , and now you have to start again  to try and make sense of things, things that were legal then are now not or things that were against the law are now allowed  what ? The 1 thing of all these that makes me fume is that there is now nowhere you can go out to dinner without having to put up with other people’s screaming  kids , I have not been able to find a single place to go for a nice quiet dinner . There is no respect for others  at all now and that is why before  I went away you could go to any hotel , pub , restaurant and know that kids  under 16 were not allowed in to those unless they were alcohol free . Therefore  if you wanted a nice quiet dinner you could quite easily find a nice place to go  , now I’m guessing it’s this damn  politically correct bull***t  that has changed all that without a minutes thought  for those of us  who actually do like a nice quiet night out  and as  I said there is  not 1 place  I can find anymore  it is just pot luck if you manage to be able to have a quiet night .

Also when  I got back it became clear  that  a lot of family things  I always thought of as correct also was not , so still trying not to think about that too much . What else do we think we know ? How many things can you think of in your own life that you were so sure of only to find out  that nope you were all wrong , it isn’t  that way it’s this and you were just wrong . Most  frustrating  when things like this happen has you wondering if you ever knew anything or if  you do now ? Remembering places as they once were , you are  positive you know where everything  is  that you used to know , only to go there and find it gone  and people now tell you that the place you thought was there was never there but down the road a bit  or somewhere else  altogether. Somehow we had it wrong all the time but never knew so the wrong place got stuck in our brain  and not until we get back to it do we find out the truth . The mind is a funny thing  it works out what  things are what and then fixes them in place and then if proved wrong later  gives you a headache lol , can’t win can we ?

What we thought we knew  opposed to what we actually  do know can be  very  annoying there is nothing worse than being sure you knew something only to have it proved later by someone you were  all wrong , don’t know about you but it really upsets me  lol hate being proved wrong  as  I keep telling the menace ( hubby lol )  I am always right . Cannot have someone proving me wrong now can  I  ? As well as being frustrating finding out you are wrong  also means if it is important that you know the truth  you then have to start digging to find out the truth and that can be a right pain in the  butt while you do it and it can take a long time  and cause many a headache  at the time. So all in all it seems it pays not to be too sure you know things , always leave a little corner of doubt there until you do know for sure .

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