Just Because

Just because  we are taught something  at school or at work or somewhere does not mean it will forever hold true , take some of the things we spent hours and hours learning  at school  yet as we get older we prove that it was all a waste of time . Let’s face it how many times did we sit there trying to absorb all this stuff they called algebra or then there was the higher forms of mathematics , we sit  and  try and make sense of it and somehow manage to make it through , and let us not  forget geometry  all those angles going in different directions  . Really it was for me anyway a pain in the proverbial  and  as you can imagine  once it was over you manage to pass get on with next level school  work it seems that whatever else you do nothing is as hard as these 3 subjects were . The amount of hours we spent trying to make the numbers add up and the circles go the way they should  , we finally get it right and pass school and then we leave  and say thank heavens that’s over.

What now then ? Now we have to go out on our own  , get a job , look after ourselves  , so off we go and we get started , we get a place then a job and off we go and it is only years later after  much striving  we are pretty well established . Something makes us stop and think we wonder  how we  managed it  after all those years getting to this point  , 1 thing becomes obvious  in all our striving in all our getting to this point  we never once  needed all those higher maths , or those circles or those angles at no time did we ever need any of those things we had rammed down our throats . So many hours of study and worry and what for  ? Turns out for nothing at all  as in our journey to this point in time  what we have achieved  has had nothing whatever to do with where we are now it was all wasted , after all these years I still have never needed it .

Just because we did all that for nothing  does not mean conversely  that  we wasted that time  , yes it was a pain  and yes it was time consuming  but we did learn something we learned patience  because if we didn’t we didn’t  pass and that would be the end of it  if we wanted a career of any sort . Just because we did not like all that  pressure  it did do us the world of good teaching us how to handle that pressure then we were equipped to handle  most of what life would throw at us as we got older and moved on with our lives. Imagine what would have happened or where we would be without having gone through all this , it made us much stronger than we would have been had we not gone through it. Pressure is something no one likes but it does have it’s brighter side it toughens us up  and helps us prepare for the challenges we will have to face and trust me there will be plenty  unless you go live on a deserted island    somewhere.

Just because we learn things or hear things as we grow up and form our own opinions on things  does not mean we should ever stop listening and learning  we still need to keep aware of what goes on around us . Research is the best tool to prepare  us for what things  might come our way , I have learned the hard way never ever to just trust  what  I am told , also 1 thing  I learned is that too many people will lie to you if it suits them or if it suits whatever it is they are up to . Research  is my main tool now I always  do it when someone is trying  to get me to do something , go somewhere ,  or anything else I will never just do anything anymore until I have fully checked it out .

So just because someone  tries to convince you that black is white do not believe them check it out yourself  it is way safer to do that and you lessen the chances of getting  hurt  you cannot stop it but by  checking  everything you can at least make it easier for yourself. Once you learn to do your own research and not trust  what others tell you it is way safer  for you and those you love , it might take a lot of time but it will save you in the long run . When  someone says to you hey I got a great thing for you  just do this and then pay that and you will be rich , how many of us have had those e mails from Nigeria  ? I would suspect most of us have had them  and if we just blindly did what they said in the e mails we would be right up the creek.

Moral of the story …Do your research …Just because someone says something does not mean it’s right.

I have all the answers, just wish someone would ask me the right questions…

Struggling to do your exercise??? Do it early in the morning, before your brain figures out what the hell is going on!!!

Wouldn’t Want To

Wouldn’t want to  ….wouldn’t want to what  ? There are so many things or places  I for 1 wouldn’t   want to go to or do  , like for a start would you want to go skinny dipping off a huge cliff into  the sea ? Not for me thank you very much  for 1 thing  I am scared of heights  for another  I do not do skinny dipping  lol no thanks . For another I would not like to go off into some  desert  or woods or some other lonely place where if something happened you could possibly die . As  for the heights thing  I believe  in terra firma  the more firma the less terror  thank you it is called self preservation  or not doing foolish things to oneself . Also wouldn’t want to drive those maniac cars at silly speeds  but having said that I do love watching  them those blokes are so good even if they are crazy , they can have it all to themselves . Though to this list add the Stadium Trucks  they are just crazy  but those blokes make driving them look so easy  but no way would  I want to drive them .

Talking of places  I wouldn’t want to go to  there must be a big place called Service , but all you ever see is busses and trains and taxi’s  with the sign on them  Not in Service , well that is obvious because you are here I can see you and this is not Service . So to my mind it seems that anyone who goes there gets so lost  they cannot find their way back  to wherever Service is , and it seems that even the public transport cannot find it’s way back either so why would you want to go there  ? I am quite happy being where I am thanks without going there and getting lost  , I might get a bit muddled now and then but I can always find my way back home. So if the people from Service cannot get back what happens ? Does that mean they are sort of imprisoned  , knowing that if they dare to leave they too will then be lost ? To forever be in a bus or train that says “Not in Service ”   for the rest of their lives  ?  Pass no thank you not for me  I sure don’t want to . Seems more like the setting for a horror movie  to me so I will give all vehicles marked  ” Not in Service ”  a very wide berth .

What else wouldn’t you want to do  ? Let me see now …how about going to the Moon or  Mars  or anything that involves leaving this planet , it may not be perfect but it is home   to me and  everyone else . Wouldn’t want to  have the kind of job that  means  I have to be away from family  for long periods  , as  I love my family to bits and would miss them too much . Wouldn’t want to have to go to  movies that  I normally do not like just to please someone else  and yes this does happen all too often but no not me thanks , I prefer  to pick my own movies to go to if  I am actually going  out to 1 , as it means I have to pay for  it and maybe dinner or coffee or something . Wouldn’t want to have to  clean up after storms like people have to either as when cleaning up you see all kinds of hurt and disaster  that the storm has caused , and me being the softy I am would spend too much time crying more than likely  as  I do feel for others in trouble  so I would be pretty useless on this sort of job. Have to really admire people who can shut off their emotions so they can do these jobs  they are very good and brave .

Talking of things  I wouldn’t  want to do I wouldn’t want to be 1 of those groups of house cleaners  who have to go into houses or shops or buildings where there has been a tragedy of some sort as again  I couldn’t  do much my feelings would get in the way  . I do however really admire the people who do this job all the time , maybe after  I did it for a while it would be ok but who knows  ? Wouldn’t want to be a TV producer  either as I have been backstage  at some  TV channels before  and fair dinkum  the things that have to be done just to  put on a show for an hour , it is amazing  to watch to see just how much goes into putting on a show phew no thanks . Never  ever realised how much goes into doing something  like that it is amazing just what goes on behind  the scenes  it is a lot like an ant colony  so many running around  and 1 main ant giving all the orders .

When you think about it there are so many jobs, places and things we wouldn’t want  to do , what are yours ? What are the things you really wouldn’t want to  do ? We sit back and let others do it  but unless we really  have to do it we just wont do it  . Would you be the type who just walks away or would you do some of these jobs  if it became really needed  ? Myself I would like to think I would knuckle down and get on with it but I cannot  be sure  I could do it .What about you  ? If you really had to could you ? We may never be needed to do something we don’t like but if the need arose it would be great to know we could do our bit to help out and not be a wimp lol . I leave it to you to decide I am just asking the question  it is a question even  I don’t know the answer to.

An unemployed clown is nobody’s fool…

Women are like roads: the more curves they have,the more dangerous they are… <–true dat lol



Assumptions  even though we are told all the time that to assume makes an ass out of you and me does that stop people from doing it  ? Does it stop anyone from looking at someone  or something or a situation  and right then right there we decide  what we are looking at  not for 1 minute do we stop to think that we might be terrible wrong  ?. Jumping to conclusions  is about all the exercise some people get and no matter how many times you try to say to them but hold on stop and  think work it out just don’t  assume  you know what’s going on . Trying to get people to actually stop and think about what they are doing , what they are thinking or choices they are making is almost impossible people just seem to   think they are correct no matter what . I know people like this and it’s heartbreaking  because the more you try to explain to them the more they resist  and would honestly swear black was white  just to avoid admitting they might be wrong.

Some people will just not ever admit that heaven forbid they might be wrong about something  my father the excuse for a man he was , was just like that so stubborn he did himself and no one else he came in contact with any good at all . Watching someone say  at  a job  you know and can see what needs to be done  but the person who is working with you decides it needs to be done differently  and will not hear of it being done any other way. Right there is a huge problem because by the time  you finally get through  to the other person it has cost a lot of time and money and it usually has to be done again , the way  it should have been done the first time . Some people  I think you cannot get an idea into their heads even if you were  to hit them over the head with a hammer  makes them so hard to get on with and to live with if they are family.

Another  way we assume things is that often we go and buy something and do not bother to read all the directions deciding that it’s no problem as we know what we are doing , so we buy the thing take it home and then maybe after leaving it for a while because you are busy you try to use it only to find out we got it wrong and it is not what  we needed at all . So back off to the store and this time we work out just what it is we need and get it right , it is better if when we buy things we do it when we have plenty of time  because if we don’t we end up assuming that the thing we got in a hurry will be ok . More times than not though it is not right so then we have to wait longer to use  the thing because we now have to go back and return it , this will be ok as long as the  exchange period has not elapsed  and this can happen  and if it has you are stuck with something you cannot use all because you assumed it was ok . This is 1 of the things assuming really does mess up  you should never go shopping in a hurry as rushing it only makes you make mistakes which then turn out to cost  you a lot more time and money than you were  expecting .

Another thing people assume about is other people  how many times have we seen on faceache or somewhere a picture of someone who looks just like a drunken mess and homeless  only to find out later they are only dressed like that to help others . Knowing that with a lot of the true homeless they are a bit worried about anyone turning up all neat and tidy  they might be out to rob them  because a lot do that. So they dress the part and then can get close to the people  they want to help without them running away in fright . Also how many people look at others  mainly women and automatically assume they are  no good and on the street because they deserve it , when it is often the case that other people have caused the problem and we are totally wrong.

One more thing about assuming is that so many people will look at someone and decide they are lazy and need to get a job or do something , when the actual truth is that the person they are assuming is just lazy has an invisible  illness or injury  . These people look just fine , dress just fine so most cannot understand why  they are not working , what they can not see is the pain inside the body , the pain that makes it so hard just to do the simplest of things . I have seen on faceache and heard about in real life how some people have abused others for parking in a disabled spot  when to them they look just fine  again what they do not see is the hidden pain or know how hard it is  for some people to just put 1 foot in front of the other . Sometimes  I wish that there was a way to just for a minute pass that pain on to the 1 abusing them , and let them feel that pain so they stop judging but unfortunately  it is not possible  even though some people deserve to be able to  feel that pain . Maybe  then they will stop poking their noses into what does not concern them and also stop hurting people who already have enough pain to bear  .

If I ever get to name a street I would name it Datta Way …

“Don`t try this at home” Okay, I will try it at my friend`s place.


Life of Birds

Life of birds  and yes I mean the feathered variety  , have you ever considered what it might be  like to be a bird  ? They get  to do whatever  they want , go wherever  they like , eat if they want to or not and not have anyone going  crook at them  . Just think  ,you see something you like the look of so instead of having to ” ask mum  ” or  anyone else  you just flap your wings and off you fly  to see or do whatever it was that caught your attention . When you want to see something there is almost nothing that can get in your way  as you just use  your wings to get above anything  that blocks the view . Wonder how many times in life  you maybe go sightseeing  and get to a place and  find that someone or something is in the way of the perfect picture or sight , now a bird just cheeps to it’self  and rises above the blockage  and gets the full view ….lucky bird ..Right now I envy those birds very  much even though right now there are some noisy little sods just outside the window  they are still free and happy , free as a bird  should be  ..* sigh *

Birds also once they leave the nest  can go where they want and do what they want  , but we as humans  even after we leave the nest  are restrained by things and or people  and cannot just go where we want  or do what we want as what we do affects others ,. birds then have it lot’s better  also they do not have to ask can  I ? when they want to eat something or do something  they just flap those wings and off they go answering to no one …lucky things  ..lol  Birds also get into fights and squabbles  with other birds  but when they have had enough they just flap those wings again and off they fly right out of trouble , wish we could do that sometimes  be much easier for sure  . Imagine today if someone was giving you a hard time you just cheep at it and fly away no harm done , nobody hurt  a few feelings hurt maybe but that is about all and they soon heal.

Travelling too again no worries just flap those wings  and off you go to wherever  the mood  takes you and  you can also stay as long as you want to with no one able to tell you what to do or when to do it  you are as they say free as a bird , how true that is  right  ?  When anything scares them or if they get sick of the place  they are in  once more flap those wings and get outta Dodge  boy  ..lol .. What a wonderful existence  though  just think about it no real worries if you just use those lovely wings  to flap away out of trouble  and  be able to do what you want to what pleases you not what pleases everyone else . Some birds though do live together well and live in communities  and live very well as a rule as being in groups  is safer sometimes  and group  decisions are sometimes much better  than just 1 person or bird making it  as it may be safer in the long run.

All in all sometimes  I think  it may have been better to be born a bird  so many advantages  not too many disadvantages   sounds just like the kind of thing we all might like to be able to do , just to be able to do our own thing  not be  having to listen  to others  or do what they  want you to do  you know as  I said before  free as a bird  . Having said that there are also  points to being just what we are  , we are born  what we are meant to be and no changes should be made  we have almost the world at our feet  and we should learn to be thankful and do  what is right . Then we have the knowledge  to go far and do much  if we just use the brains we were all  born with  if only  we learn how to use them  for good and not for selfish things . Birds have  pretty much the life  of leisure  yes to a point but there are a few drawback  so let us just be us and learn to love the birds  and the way they live .

We have a strange and wonderful relationship. You’re strange and I’m wonderful…

We don’t need no educashun.. doing fine without it…


No Thank You

No thank you ….. For what exactly ? For  some of the jobs that people do , some of them are downright dangerous , some are funny  , some are boring  , some make you work long hours for almost nothing  , some are very physical , whatever job type you have  if it is a job you like or even love then that is great news , but these days sadly a lot of people  just do the jobs they have because they have no choice.  With the way things are so expensive and getting worse , and  the need to keep up with all that goes on these days  some just stay in the jobs through necessity  and not because  they want to . Some people  are really lucky  and have  a job they love  and mostly things are ok for them but too many have to change jobs just to get more money  and the new  job  is not what they like  but what they have to do to survive.  The need for money  these days is not just greed but  because  they have  to get more  to keep up and keep their family  looked after  .

There are so many jobs too that I would not like to do  but really  admire the ones that do them , there are the firemen  they  often put their very lives on the line  to save a home or a person from the fires they are fighting  and the constant smoke they have to breathe in when doing this job cannot be good for them . After them are the police  now these have a job that can daily take their lives  dealing with some of the things they do  and the people they  have to as well , sometimes they have to dodge bullets literally  when arresting  criminals . They are very brave  people and do their best  to keep us all safe  and they do a very good job, also they have to try and keep traffic  flowing and other drivers safe , and pedestrians as well , when you think about it they have a lot to do  so no thanks . We must not also forget the detectives  who do their jobs quietly and in the background and we never know it  and that is just as well  but we need to thank them too for removing  criminals  and helping to keep us safe too .

While we are thinking of jobs that are dangerous there are those in the army , navy , air force , etc. they do a wonderful job protecting the country  , along with them are customs  and excise who also work alongside police  , these again are jobs that can be very hard on them as well as dangerous  so once again  I say no thank you . Border control  is yet another job that is dangerous , and water police , both of those jobs carry danger  as well so again very brave  people do  jobs that  I would not want to do and who also I admire very much. Doctors and nurses too do very demanding jobs  and they work very long hours to save people’s lives  if not for them a lot of people would not be alive today .

These days there are so many jobs  people do  that I would not like to do for so many  reasons , not only the danger that could be involved  in them . Some people though study and train for years to get to these jobs that too is something  I admire very much , would have loved to be a nurse myself but for reasons I won’t go into  I was not able to do it . The very work load and training  load these people are willing to go through just to jobs that help others is truly wonderful and amazing to me .  The fact they are willing to put themselves on the line like that  just to get to the point of being able to work these jobs is something  to be admired  and  I do  .

Even though  I have this far only mentioned the ones who put everything into keeping us safe  I know full  well that there are many many jobs being done that there is just not room to mention here but to all those who work and do their jobs well  I say thank you  very much.  Someone has to do  these jobs or we would all be in trouble   so each and every job has it’s place and  and it  is good , trouble is too these days there are a lot of people who would love to work but cannot and these are the ones  I feel for the most. There  must be frustration every day either if they cannot find work or if they are just not able to anymore .

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing every day that scares you” and that’s why I weigh myself every morning.

I have amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think ive remembered this before.


Nimby …. To put it another way  .. Not In My Backyard ….. I do not think there is a single person out there who  hears  about all the terrible things  going on in the world  who does not do  1 of 2 things  when they see even more of the evil  that is going on.  1 .They say how awful it  is  and  feel  terrible , that lasts for all of 5 minutes and then ..2. We wish with all our hearts that it does not happen  near us , not even within a mile or 2  . It is not that we are heartless or cruel  it is just that we think  we would not be able to handle anything  of that nature  , but I think we vastly underestimate ourselves  we can do more than we think we can . When something like that happens  we also withdraw into ourselves  a little bit  because that makes  us feel that little bit more secure  for the time being we fool ourselves into thinking that will make us safer .

When something that bad and that evil happens and we find out just how much damage  is done, how many have been  killed  the mind just has trouble  processing it  so we revert  to the  Nimby  and that makes us feel safer a tiny bit  , it is the only  way the brain can handle so  much evil and not flip out . Well face it what would happen to us  if we did not have a safety  catch so to speak ? Let’s face it  the average normal mind can only take so much  pressure before it explodes and wants to quit, it has to have a safety switch like a lot of things we make today   no safety  switch  no mind . While it is the mind that imagines  so much be it good or evil  it also has it’s limits  and needs a safety  switch. Hospitals these days are full of people who for 1 reason or another  could or would not activate the switch .

Some people  though have trained their brains  to ignore the switch and become  cruel and evil for whatever  drives them , for whatever they think they will get out of it , and trust me they are so wrong  but there is no stopping them once they go down that route . Having said that we know from all that goes on they  do a  great job and because of that and the fact  they do so much we have now become a nation  of people   who hide behind the  Nimby   protocol . All nations of the world are now into this frame of mind not just 1 all of them , because we are all sick to our hearts  of all the violence   and all killings , so a lot of us now just think Nimby when we hear yet more of these things .

The nations of the world have now changed so much we  have all become almost immune  to what we hear and see  because there is so much it becomes too much to process in the brain so we have invented an escape for the brain in an effort  to save it . More and more as time goes on we will all become like this and the whole problem is it is not the way to go , we need  to try and ignore the safety  zones  and try to make our brains stop hiding  so these things can be handled . We all need to be able to handle bad things as  everyday there is something else  we have to see and hear , and trying to hide from it will not help anyone  and  surely we will not just sit by and watch  rather than help where we can ?

Almost all people now just look , think Nimby , then go about their  daily business and  pretend it is not something they need to worry about , it wont happen to them  if they pretend it  has nothing to  do with them  and here we have Nimby  in full flight . This sort of thinking now is world wide and is why people who should be helping to stem the tide  and doing what they can to try and stop the violence . While I know that it is probably  impossible now  for the average person to do anything much  to help , this same kind of thinking also infects the people  who are supposed to be doing something about it .Trouble is now we have seen so much of it and heard so much we now try to just close it out altogether  as it just becomes too much to handle . The mind is becoming number and number all the time  , the more we see the more we just numb the  brain down  so it will not give up on us .

While it is essential to protect ourselves  we also need ways to learn to keep ourselves safe  while training the brain  not  to freak out  and to learn how  to find ways to protect us and our loved ones . This is never going to be easy but we can do it if we try  and while  the world is heading in a direction  we do not like  we have to learn how to cope with whatever gets thrown at us  and going down the path of  Nimby  is not the way to go.

I’m unable to sensible advise, would a sarcastic comment do?

How come glue never sticks to the inside of the tube?


Labels … Why ?

Labels …why  ? ..Why is it that we label everything in our minds and in our lives  ? Why do we see something and  automatically  add a label to it ? Can we not as supposedly mature adults  see something or someone and not right away subconsciously  add a label  to it ? Whether  it is right  or  wrong  the label gets attached  and that is the end of it , and nothing takes away that label once it is there , for instance we  see an ambulance and right away  mind says ok someone in trouble , all is ok label  attached  all is well.  There are so many things  we add labels too that I do not think I have the room, time , or effort to cover them all , lol, be here all day  and that is not on lol .

As well as things we stick labels on people  and this is 1 part of our incessant labelling of things  that I really hate as more often than not we are so very wrong in our judgement and yes labelling is a judgement  look at her she is so skinny she needs to eat more , and the truth is maybe she does  eat but is 1 of the ones that can never put on weight ( lucky ducks  ) The opposite is when we see someone over weight  we automatically think shes fat  must eat like a pig and never move off her fat bum. This too can be so wrong as I myself have a thyroid problem that I just cannot beat and nothing I do moves it . This then is true of so many people and not just women men have thyroid problems too and also get labeled  as just a fattie . We seem to be so ready to judge without even knowing the person or their history or background .

Now we come to labeling of the food and other goods we buy , now this sort of labeling is very necessary  as we need to know what we are buying , if it is food  we must know what is in the food , anything to prevent allergies  as again I myself have suffered  terribly because something was in something  I ate but not on the label  which would have prevented me from even buying it much less eating it had  I known it was in there  . We also need the right labelling to be on so many things to prevent  disaster , like medicines  of all kind  and even car parts , get the wrong part and just watch the damage , it will be noisy  and expensive to then re-fix. labelling of almost everything  …except people ..is very , very necessary . Just wish some people would either stop labelling people altogether or keep their judgements to themselves as they can be very hurtful .

Other types of labeling are for when we  fill up the freezer , other wise how will we know just what is in each bag, box or container , right hubby dear  ? lol  We were going to have a meat pie for a  meal and he had said it’s ok we do not need to label these  we know which ones they are , so ok pie taken out  and left to thaw . Sometime later  come to re-heat  pie  and ..lol… what was it  ? An apple pie …now what was it you said dear ? We will know the one we want ? No need to label these ones  ? hehehehehe  Wrong dear …but  I still love ya …just …next time let’s just put a label on before  I label you ….:P ..lol

Another thing we label all the time is music , there is country , rock , rhythm & blues , etc etc etc , but  the worst of the labels is the ones we call ” ear worms  ”  man I hate it when I get 1 of those because it takes hours to get rid of the thing even if it is a song  I love , after all it does get to the stage where it is a case of yes , ok, know it now, please stop it  ..When we get to this stage though the ear worm has been there  way too long and it is time to get rid of it . There is a category  too we do not think of too much but is nevertheless  a true 1 it is the ” Haves & Have nots ”  while we try not to admit this to ourselves it is also very true and we all at 1 point or another  we look at someone and right away know they either have everything or have nothing or somewhere in  the middle .

So how do we stop this incessant need to label everything ? How do we stop and try to be more thoughtful and more caring ? This labelling has been going on for so many years  I sincerely  think now there is no way to stop doing it  , even though you can see by a persons face sometimes  just what they have labelled you . The look they get on their faces , the way the look goes up and down you and you know right away they have labelled you , right or wrong the label is there . People do not seem to know how to hide their feelings or do not care that  they may be  wrongfully labelling and therefore  hurting someone. Society these days has changed so much that almost no one  has the manners to keep these things to themselves and it is a real shame ..

Keep the dream alive, hit the snooze button.!!

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