To Lift Or Not To Lift

To lift or not to lift , have you ever got to a lift loaded  down  with things  only to find it full of all these fit  people who do not need it at all as there are escalators  and stairs all over the place? Also have you ever watched as people in wheelchairs or are in some way disabled  are just pushed to the back so the fit ones can get in first  ? Have you ever seen  mothers with little babies  who need to get into the lift also pushed  back so the fit ones , the ones in a hurry can get on . I cannot count the amount of times  I myself have been hurt physically  by all these fit ones as they just shove in and have not 1 bit of feeling for the people they are squashing in the life , just as long as they get on nothing else matters.

To lift or not to lift  have you also seen people who were struggling with loads of bags of shopping  just needing to use the lift also  just get shoved aside  as though they mean nothing ? Again I have seen this way too much , have seen  people just rudley push  their way onto a lift not minding 1 little bit  who else in either in the lift or really needing to get into it. Some people have been pushed  so much or so hard they have dropped  their things and did anyone help them  ? Nope you guessed it not 1 person helped , not 1 thought it was disgusting that they had been pushed so hard  that they dropped their stuff  and  I just find this appalling  as  I hope most other people would too.

To lift or not …the  very worst of the places to have to use a lift is at the railway station  it is an absolute nightmare  sometimes as people are so intent on trains or busses they have to catch they will push their way in no matter what and no matter who they hurt. This once again is something I have suffered as  I cannot use stairs  I must use the lifts , even ramps are too painful for me  so as these fit people  rush in push you out of the way they add extra pain  where really you do not need it , but as usual what they want is all they think of  and nothing else . Usually I love trains and busses as they give you freedom to get out when you do not have a car but when these things happen it can not only ruin your day but also add to the injury you have or whatever , it is just so wrong and  I just wish it would stop  and people would start to care again though no I won’t hold my breath for this any time soon .

To lift or not  when and where did all this I want the lift  so I will use it , even if I have no reason to be using it at all I want it and that is all that matters ? When did all this happen and why did we not do anything about it  ? I would never use 1 if I didn’t have to  it has always been my thing if you want to put it that way , that do not use something if you do not need to leave it for those that do , that is to me the right way to do things . Other people’s need before my own  taught myself that a very long time ago so when I see all this deliberate pushing and shoving and not caring  1 little bit for others it just breaks my heart that things have come to this state.

To lift or not should never even be a question  if you are fit enough to use stairs or escalators they why would you even think of causing so much hurt just to get on a lift you do not need ? Like I said before to me it is appalling that this even happens  as it just makes life so much harder for people  but as usual no one seems to care . Hoping 1 day  that things will change for the better  but do not see it happening anytime soon as with people now being so busy all they do is rush around and most of the time with head buried in phone or with earphones in so not even  listening to what anyone else says and not on the planet either so do not even notice the people they are helping to hurt . Seriously please if you do not need the lifts leave them for those who do , and yes this is a bit of a rant but still I think it needs saying as only the other day I got hurt in 1.

When I said “I wanted to be held” I didn’t mean “by the Authorities”….

Don’t read this. I said don’t. Why aren’t you stopping? OK read on if your stupid. Still reading?


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