What To Do ?

What to do ? When the silliest things happen and we just stop and think huh? What did we just do/not do then ? Like we go to the kitchen and decide to make coffee ok all fine , we get the kettle boiled we pick it up only to find we forgot to get the cup out * duh * lol what to do then ? lol throw up your hands and wonder  if you are even on the right plane/planet we all have these moments I am sure when something as simple as making a coffee goes wrong because of 1 little thing . Only takes 1 little thing to either mess up or you to forget the 1 thing to then give you a huh ? moment and do not tell me you haven’t done it either because I know you have .

What to do moments come in so many ways and you can never ever tell when it will hit you , personally I think it is a bit like a cat waiting  to pounce , it sees you are not really concentrating for 1 reason or another  and then *Wham! * lol , it hits you and leaves you wondering again huh ? The best thing about these what to do moments is the only thing they hurt is you  , lol, you are usually the only 1 that knows it has happened if you are lucky no one else is about at the time to see you stuff up .Things like that are the only good thing about these moments  usually you are alone and can hide the fact you had a huh? moment good aint it  ? lol

What to do moments though can also happen when you are out , like the other day we were at the local have a couple of drinks after a hard day sorting out our move and 1 of the friends we were with dear old  Frankie , lol a real character , anyway he gets up to go and go to the gents and get another drink in well after about 10 mins he comes back sits down and then says ****** lol he forgot to get the drink ! and if you know  Frankie at all you would know this really was a huh ? moment as he never ever forgets his drink !lol Well we just could not stop laughing really as he made it so funny and all at that table could not help but laugh , trust me he really is a funny bloke ..

What to do for us now is packing and moving we now have a lovely new house to go to in another state , and now we have the house secured we have all the joys of working out what to take and what not to ..oh joy ..lol apart from the fun of bubble wrap it is a pain in the proverbial  for us from here on in and we have to make sure if there are any huh ? moments they are corrected right away as we will not be able to fix them once we roll on out of here . Also we need to keep tabs on each other to make sure the other does not forget their jobs and also to make sure we do not forget what we have to do .What to do for us now is getting everything sorted and packed or sold if possible and just thrown out then arranging  for us and our stuff to get to new house …phew lol what a job.

What to do or not do from here too is that I will not be able to do a blog for the next couple of weeks or so  but will be back to them as soon as we are organised in our new place and re connected , so bear with me as we get this all done and wish us luck lol. The main thing though is house is secured and family are happy we are coming and are helping us get sorted and settled once we get there . Blogging will continue as I said once we have moved and are settled  etc , I hope you all enjoy reading these as much as  I enjoy writing them , so here’s to a short break while we leave here and go there .

Wear a smile every day – one size fits all 

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…and a woman will do what he can’t.

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I Am Astounded

I am astounded today  or should  I say almost everyday  at how people  and the things they now do and accept as right  have changed , things we would never ever have even considered  let alone want to do or say is now common  and more times than not just appalling. Never ever years ago would we be trying to force down our childrens throats that  it would be ok for them to be ” whatever they want to be ”  no matter if that was something as totally idiotic as trying to change their sex , or trying to be what they aren’t  and not giving 1 iota of care as to how they make it happen . Children used to be taught love and respect  but now I will give you 100 to 1 odds  most children these days have no idea what respect really means , they are too busy being ” offended  ” by anything and everything  and the truth is long been thrown out of class just like the Bible .

I am astounded that people these days think only of themselves and what they want and think nothing of how they get it , even to the point of abusing others  who don’t do what they think they should do , even if they are wrong in what they think they will still abuse you for not doing what they say you should. Where have we as a society  gone so wrong as to be breeding these kind of people ? People who are so sure black is white etc. that they will hound you no matter what and will refuse to see the truth even if you show it to them ,and will never ever do any research themselves . Research like respect is another thing that has gone out the window because everyone now thinks they know everything and will abuse anyone who does not agree with them ,they are just too lazy to look for themselves that is too much bother.

I am astounded that with all the so called improvements to technology  and science  they still have not found their way back to common sense and decency , they still think and will stick rigidly to it that science is the way forward , when all we really need is to bring back all the old principles we used to know and teach . Somewhere and somehow all that was good and decent has been shoved aside so this almighty science can prosper and that money can still rule the world . The Bible though many hate it and refuse to believe  it says it very clearly ” Money answereth all  things ”  Just look around you with your eyes wide open for a change and you will see it for yourself. These days if you have money you can have anything almost nothing is out of reach if you have money and  it is getting worse everyday .

I am astounded that even with all the proof before our eyes we do not see what is becoming of our world and the people in it , we just seem to be so happy wandering around with heads in phones taking no notice whatever of what is going on around us and we see nothing at all we may as well be blind . Watching people these days is not the fun thing it used to be , just sitting and people watching now you watch them but for a different reason altogether , we watch them now to make sure they do not want to kill you or rob you ,when you walk these days you have to be so on  guard . Years ago I used to walk for miles and miles and loved it , these days it is nerve wracking not knowing if someone will come after you or an idiot driver texting and driving might run over you  all the joy of walking has just about gone.

I am astounded  at the advertising today too as  I have said before there are no standards of any kind now whereas there used to be things you just could not say in the adds now it is all open slather , short of actual swearing you can tell lies and no one cares. No one cares about anything much these days except  how it applies to them if it doesn’t then they do not want to know and could care less. As long as it does not cost them time or money then it is all ok , anything else can get lost they want nothing to do with it , and as for helping others they would rather rob them than help them and that is just so very sad  that the people of the world have become so dumbed  down that they are just like robots now programmed to just  a me, me,me existence and will not change anytime soon. Even the thought  of actually putting down the phone , walking away from it to help someone is just never going to happen anymore , now unless phone can be taken too no help will be given , we are so addicted to the damn things.


If you’re going to be an ass, remember to be a smart one; not a dumb one…

I recently took up meditating. It beats sitting around doing nothing…

To Lift Or Not To Lift

To lift or not to lift , have you ever got to a lift loaded  down  with things  only to find it full of all these fit  people who do not need it at all as there are escalators  and stairs all over the place? Also have you ever watched as people in wheelchairs or are in some way disabled  are just pushed to the back so the fit ones can get in first  ? Have you ever seen  mothers with little babies  who need to get into the lift also pushed  back so the fit ones , the ones in a hurry can get on . I cannot count the amount of times  I myself have been hurt physically  by all these fit ones as they just shove in and have not 1 bit of feeling for the people they are squashing in the life , just as long as they get on nothing else matters.

To lift or not to lift  have you also seen people who were struggling with loads of bags of shopping  just needing to use the lift also  just get shoved aside  as though they mean nothing ? Again I have seen this way too much , have seen  people just rudley push  their way onto a lift not minding 1 little bit  who else in either in the lift or really needing to get into it. Some people have been pushed  so much or so hard they have dropped  their things and did anyone help them  ? Nope you guessed it not 1 person helped , not 1 thought it was disgusting that they had been pushed so hard  that they dropped their stuff  and  I just find this appalling  as  I hope most other people would too.

To lift or not …the  very worst of the places to have to use a lift is at the railway station  it is an absolute nightmare  sometimes as people are so intent on trains or busses they have to catch they will push their way in no matter what and no matter who they hurt. This once again is something I have suffered as  I cannot use stairs  I must use the lifts , even ramps are too painful for me  so as these fit people  rush in push you out of the way they add extra pain  where really you do not need it , but as usual what they want is all they think of  and nothing else . Usually I love trains and busses as they give you freedom to get out when you do not have a car but when these things happen it can not only ruin your day but also add to the injury you have or whatever , it is just so wrong and  I just wish it would stop  and people would start to care again though no I won’t hold my breath for this any time soon .

To lift or not  when and where did all this I want the lift  so I will use it , even if I have no reason to be using it at all I want it and that is all that matters ? When did all this happen and why did we not do anything about it  ? I would never use 1 if I didn’t have to  it has always been my thing if you want to put it that way , that do not use something if you do not need to leave it for those that do , that is to me the right way to do things . Other people’s need before my own  taught myself that a very long time ago so when I see all this deliberate pushing and shoving and not caring  1 little bit for others it just breaks my heart that things have come to this state.

To lift or not should never even be a question  if you are fit enough to use stairs or escalators they why would you even think of causing so much hurt just to get on a lift you do not need ? Like I said before to me it is appalling that this even happens  as it just makes life so much harder for people  but as usual no one seems to care . Hoping 1 day  that things will change for the better  but do not see it happening anytime soon as with people now being so busy all they do is rush around and most of the time with head buried in phone or with earphones in so not even  listening to what anyone else says and not on the planet either so do not even notice the people they are helping to hurt . Seriously please if you do not need the lifts leave them for those who do , and yes this is a bit of a rant but still I think it needs saying as only the other day I got hurt in 1.

When I said “I wanted to be held” I didn’t mean “by the Authorities”….

Don’t read this. I said don’t. Why aren’t you stopping? OK read on if your stupid. Still reading?

So Much Stuff

So much stuff ..  Have you ever noticed just how much stuff we all have ? How much of it we have and it seems to be in every room  because somewhere along the line we have been convinced we  ” need ”  it  so off we trot like good little sheep and we get it . We have rooms and garages full of all the stuff , some of us even have stuff in our cars it  is over the place so much . Look around your room now , go on  , just the room you are sitting in reading this now , how much ” stuff ”  is in the room that really you do not now and never did need , but it is there now and  you were so sure you needed it  . Advertising companies these days in my opinion  have no morals at all they will do anything to convince you that yes you need this or that  and you must rush out and get it right now as it is on special and you don’t want to miss that, if you miss it you might never get another chance at it and we can’t have that now can we  ?

Stuff ..just what is all this  “stuff ” I am talking about  ? This is all the things you see sitting around your room that you never even pick up much less use  half the time you don’t even look at it  , it just sits there gathering dust . Dusting is the only reason some of it even gets moved at all otherwise it just sits there and does nothing and you don’t ever use it so why did we get it in the first place  ? Advertising that’s why all those adds convincing us we need it for our lives to be complete  and to make our houses look so much better than it did before , what a load of codswallop ….sheeesh   Most of us  now realise that we  only bought it on a spur of the moment thing because the adverts got to us but that does not change the fact that out houses are now full of stuff we do not need now and never even needed in the first place.

Stuff  so what exactly is this stuff we have collected that we realise now we maybe should have left where it was …..and no before you say it  I do not mean husbands ..lol …I mean all those fancy  dinner dishes that now just sit in packages in case they get broken , all those named football souvenirs you have that do have practical use but you don’t want to use them in case they get broken .  There are also all those lovely throw rugs and nice clothes  you  have that you never use or wear  in case they get stained  or ripped or stolen or something , like all the other things we get  ” on special ”  because we have been convinced we needed it  and really we never did but that is advertising for you , convince all the sheep that they need these things and bob’s your uncle all gets sold. Not forgetting too all that very special jewelry  that they say we must have as it will make us feel so much better ,they play on our emotions and yes it works very well.

Stuff  so again how much stuff do you have  ? Being realistic  now if you suddenly decided to move maybe to another state or even another country  just how much of what you   have  would  you  be able to or even want to  take with you ? How much of it would you end up getting rid of that you finally see you wish you had never even got in the first place ? Having been in this position more than once  I know the answer and even now though I know better I still have a bit of stuff  I would gladly sell  to make things easier if we move again. Though I have very little  ” stuff  ” now there is still a bit , sometimes it is very hard to say no to yourself even though you know you should . Let’s face it even if we only moved down the road or over the road the impact of all this  “stuff” would be exactly  the same , it would still be a pest to move and would cost money .

So much stuff even the most astute of us seem to manage to get ” stuff ”  and sometimes we don’t even realise it as we have all been collecting this sort of thing for so long now it’s almost automatic now , see something , like it , buy it , even if you will never use it . Alright yes some of it does look good sitting around the place and yes it does look pretty and brightens up the place but let’s face it we do not really need it do we ? Learned this the hard way myself so now am very careful not to get anymore “stuff ” and just get things we can use all the time , after all it costs money to get all this stuff so we need to all be careful in this I think . So how much “stuff”  is in your place , how many rooms are there that have no stuff at all in them or has every room got some ? Are  you all too “stuffed ” to make an easy move or cut down the dusting time ?  lol  ask yourself..


If you try and don´t succeed, you have successfully not succeeded….

I like to walk backwards so I know where I have been….

Money talks mine is saying “Nah nah nah nah nah…you can’t catch me!”…

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Want To Know Why ?

Want to know why …You pay so much for your food at the grocery shops ? Why that even though they do their level best to keep costs down still they go up ? Well I can tell you why and trust me no one even thinks of this or gives it a second thought , when you walk home or drive home tell me how many shopping trolleys do you see scattered around the foot paths ? Those trolleys that the supermarkets give you  to help you out , yes those ones, those ones we are not supposed to take out of the centers , those are the ones , those  are all over the place I counted 10 in just a short walk from our shopping centre  to home the other day , 10 in such a short walk . So many in 1 short walk so how many  are there in longer walks in other directions ? Makes you wonder just  how many are out there all told doesn’t it ? Or are you 1 of the many, many people who just don’t care  who say it’s not  my problem? It is your problem and you need to wake up and see that it is .

Want to know why ? It is because it is your problem it is  yours to care about , because those trolleys  do not get back to the supermarkets all by themselves  , they cannot just drive themselves home from the place they were dumped . Trolleys left all over the place have to be picked up by utes , yes special people whos whole  job is just to drive around all over the place picking up all those trolleys that people stole from the shopping centers . Everytime a trolley is stolen  it costs $$ to go collect them why do you think we have whole packs of men who only have 1 job and that is to drive round collecting them , think about it these men have to be paid and the petrol they use has to be paid for  . People who take the trolleys away from the shopping centers should be fined they should be made to pay the bills for collecting them again , let’s face it there would soon be no trolleys left for the honest ones to use if no one went to pick them up now would there?

Want to know why  ? We  know why but we just do not want to be bothered and we just shrug it off as someone else’s problem and say to ourselves ” she’ll be right mate ”  but no it won’t be , it will only get worse   the more people ignore even these so called small things   the more trouble then starts to build up . We all need to try and stop this as the longer it goes on the worse it gets and the costs are passed on to the honest people  more and more meaning that they can buy less because the prices are getting out of control just because we shrug it all off . While we do nothing the prices creep up as petrol goes up $$ per hour to workers creeps up  so it gets more and more expensive to retrieve the trolleys the unscrupulous  people think it is their right to just take  when they feel like it .

Want to know why .. It is because the people of today are so self centered that they refuse to try and help anyone else now , and even those that try to help get ridiculed so  how is this sort of behaviour  going to help anyone ? Just the other night we were having dinner out at our local and in the short time we sat there having dinner I saw loads of people wandering about the street outside with trolleys , everyone of them had them full of who knows what but the point is there , right there was proof of what I am saying  and why I chose to highlight  this problem . This is a problem not only here but worldwide , the  UK has the right idea they make you pay a gold coin  to use the trolley ,which you then get back when you return the trolley , that has cut it down a lot , we should do the same .

Want to know why … Now  you do and the more we ignore it the more it will get worse till someone  does something about it , mind you I am not holding my breath  as things that need doing rarely get done when they need to be it is usually  a long time after before they get fixed . Even problems like this , even though they add to the last thing we need it adding to , to the food bill unless they fix it the food will keep on creeping up in price and  it only because some people think they are above the law and can do what they like .


I have completely mastered the right way to do everything wrong…

I am always up for a challenge whenever the sign says push I pull….

Fake News

Fake news  today it is everywhere  we have never  ever been so inundated  with it  and until the Trump election campaign started and all the haters came out we had barely even heard of it . Everyday now in almost all media  you can find people screaming that this is fake news and that is fake news  makes you very wary of everything you see or hear now you just cannot take anything for granted anymore . Whatever we perceived as news giving media  always being correct  has now been dealt a death blow, because now we have to question everything we hear or see and even though we used to believe everything the then media told us we can no longer do that . I for one cannot remember the last day I looked at the news media  and did not see a lot of articles  marked  Fake  news  almost everyday there are several .How did it come to this  ? Let me explain in the next few  chapters and maybe you will understand too .

Fake news was started by unscrupulous people who did not want the real truth to get out , so they started making up stories and saying they were truth , then just sat back and waited for someone to say ” hey wait a minute ” and then prove the story wrong . These fake stories gradually got more and more ridiculous  and there were more and more of them and more and more people started  noticing them and you guessed it , it took no time at all before the real true stories were also being screamed at as fake news. Therefore  job done so much fake news has hidden the real news now nobody knows the real truth anymore at all , the only way to find out the truth is to research  then you will know  what is and isn’t  right . Too many people though these days are either too lazy or just too busy to look for the truth so either ignore all news  or believe what they are told to believe , way too many do this unfortunately .

Fake news so why ? Who did it benefit ? This was all orchestrated  by a few very very rich individuals  who wanted certain things to happen in the way they wanted  to make sure they stayed in control of all things , if not all things but most of them they want to rule the world  and so far are doing just that . These few will be running things for as long as they can  thinking they run the world   so should be able to do whatever they like whenever they want to  and yes it will work for a time but not forever. They have now gotten so used to having control that almost nothing will stop them , the power has gone to their heads and controls them totally , short of death  they will never ever stop  wanting to rule the world and they do not even see the wrong of it , not do they want to .

Fake  news  started by a corrupt few that  want to rule as  I said , so how do we stop them  ? Is there a way to stop them  ? Sadly no there is no way  as this fake news that has taken over almost everything makes it just too hard sometimes to find the real news and they know that , and also know that people are too lazy or busy to check for  themselves  and  I see no real way of stopping them , love him or hate him Trump is trying to stop a lot of it but it has taken over the world so much even a man as powerful as him has got little or no hope of stopping it any time soon. Sadly too even us over here have been overtaken by the fake news syndrome  it took awhile but it got here and even we have to question all we are told by the news media . Thinking we were too far away from all that a lot of people just let it go over their heads but now they too need to wake up and see  that it is here as well and we ignore it at our own peril  as someone once said.

Fake news has now made a lot of people very , very rich  and has put them in positions  they never would have been able to achieve  without it , but now boy do they love it as do all the people who started it , they love it for all the money it makes them . Fake news now affects us all and we need to be more vigilant than ever in checking out what is right and what is fake if we do not we can also get caught up  in all the mess that goes with it . People in general tend to just  let this sort of thing go right over their heads  but we can only do this for a while , if we do not start being more efficient  in checking things we could find ourselves in a lot of trouble. Fake news is so bad now and causes so much trouble world wide which is why I decided to write this , in the hope that some of us will start to care a little and try even a little bit to do what is right , it is all up to us now , it is up to us to act or not to act and hope we will be ok , I just trust God  and he has never let me down yet .

True love doesn’t care about the look or size of your wallet, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Thinking is not for everyone. Please think responsibly…..

Taught Too Well

Taught too well  … Lol have you ever noticed some people and animals learn things too well sometimes  ? They learn something and  after a while you think that it is only a matter of time before they forget it and you will have  to teach them all over again . There are somethings though , that no matter what seem to stay  , like with some  animals they learn to say pee in the house and no matter how often you  try to train them they just do not get it ,  so you have to go on training  and hoping  they will finally get it. Husbands are like that too lol trust me on this , you try over and over again  to get them to do something  the way it should  be done but they keep getting it wrong , sheeesh men huh ? Like with  the animals they just don’t seem to get some things , and try as you might , apart from kicking them up the bum  they  just do not get it …

Then again there are things that they get all too well , with husbands it will be sayings , things they pick up from you over the years and when you say something  they will come up with a smart answer , lol, one they got from you !!  Now this is just not on , using  your own sayings against you !! No this is against all the rules  and must be stopped , they are your sayings lol they are not supposed to be used against you !! Then there will be  the times , usually when you are out together he will come out with one of your sayings before  you can  !! This too is just not on , this has got to be stopped !! Somehow we have to find a way  to make these naughty men  stop doing this , they have to find their own  sayings , they are not allowed  to use yours against you !! #spoilsports

Men love being spoilsports  that much is true , but when it is the man you married  it is very , very hard not to want to kick them up the bum , as  I said before , but if the remark comes from another man it is just tolerable  but not from your own hubby sheesh nope no way no how …It is time to start working on this problem before it gets anymore out of hand , just because they have  learned too well when you taught them is no excuse , they have to learn to find their own , if we can do it  so can they all they need is try , and yes I know this bit is hard , lol, but they need to think!! They can if  they try  we all know that but they just don’t even try and they have to start now  before it is too late . Bad enough that they often finish sentences for you  and they do that all too often the  spoilsports  but to then use your sayings against you that is taking it all way , way to far and needs to be stopped  or else ..lol .

Making them behave is the hard part , I think we have to start  blackmailing them , this won’t be too hard because  there are just so many ways that can be done it is not funny , so I think we all have to team together and start to teach these spoilsports how to behave , lol it should be fun , trust me doing things like that to men is too funny sometimes lol. I mean have you ever seen a man when you get in first ? They get all upset at you lol funny it is ok when they do it to you but  if you do it back to them boy do they get upset , so much so it is very funny to watch , lol then of course they have to get even with you don’t they ? lol Never happen  because we women are smarter than that and  think ahead  and plan ahead  and men do not seem to have got this part yet , cannot see that they ever will either the way they are going , lol, typical huh ?

Taught too well ..yep some men are and they need to stop  doing  the smarty  things and start being the good boys we all thought they were when we married them , or else lol , they will be treated worse than the animals  because we all know animals  don’t think  they just do a few things and that is about it . Men though do have the ability to think but they just do not want to for some reason , and so find it easier to use those taught too well sayings  than to try and think for themselves, lol lazy sods huh ? Men love em or not we can think  and hope that maybe  one day  they might just learn not to be too  smart and things will all get better for all of us ..


The man who says it can’t be done should not interrupt me when I’m doing it!..

I know I’m around here somewhere. I just saw myself a minute ago….

I’m going out to look for myself, if you see me before I return, please tell myself to call me so I know where I am.

Say It Everyday

Say it everyday ….Say what ? Say you love someone , say you need someone , tell the person or people  you love  how much you love them  all the time everyday if you can as we never know when it will be too late . How long does it take for things to go wrong in your life  ? I can tell it takes about 5 mins.  that is all the time it takes for your whole world to crash around your feet , that is how long it takes for the world as you know it becomes a great big mess . Probably  and it is quite often the case it is because of nothing you have said or not said, done or not done , it has happened through circumstances you had no control over  but you now have to deal  with the fall out . Dealing with the fallout for something like this may be 1 of the hardest things you might ever have to do , but deal with it you have to if you want to keep living some kind of normal life .

Say it everyday , if you say it to someone who has just had their life pulled out from under them  it can make all the difference to them , it can help them absorb the shock as they try to take stock and work out what else to do from this point. Everything they knew and did from here on has to be changed , and unless it happens to you , you have no idea how hard this is , how hard it is to rearrange  your whole life . Now you have to sit down and think about every single thing you have done previously  and work out if you can still do it at all, or maybe only now and then , having to go through all you have done so far in day to day life  then rethink it all is nothing  if not very hard to do . I would say it was impossible but it is not , you can do it with support  and if you have enough people on your side who will say it is ok I love you , it will be alright .

Say it everyday  because just that small act of telling someone they really mean something to you is such a small thing to you but can mean the very world to them and can help them as they restructure their lives , trust me as we are going through  this right now ourselves  it sure helps when we get someone showing support . Taking the time  to tell someone who is going through hard times takes only a few mins for you but it can mean the world to them , and helps to fight off depression  which at times like this really rears it’s ugly head no matter how  strong you think people are , things like this can make the strongest person feel weak.  Someone you have always looked at and always thought of as strong might just not be as strong as you think , usually someone who has been strong for years has had a lot of things in their life to make them strong . All it takes though is just that 1 more thing  , just that 1 thing too many to bring even the strongest  person down , they have been so strong for so long that  they just cannot keep going  without  some sort of help but they are usually the last to ever ask for it.

Say it everyday  as someday sometime somehow it may happen to you and you then would like to know that someone cares , that someone has taken time out of their own busy lives to tell you they care , that makes someone going through it feel so much better it is worth doing , and if it was happening to you , you too would love to hear it .  My ardent prayer is that no one  goes through something like this , but if they do my other prayer is that there will always be someone near them to tell them they are loved, to tell them they are cared about , you may not be able to help with money , or with another job or whatever  but just being there for them makes all the difference . Making someone who is going through hard times feel cared about  is something  I think we all should try to do , as by doing it , it does the world of good for someone  else.  Say it everyday to those around you , get used to doing it and  remember it helps them , but not only you but those you say it to and that to me is the best feeling you can get , just by saying a few words of comfort , it takes so little time to do ..

PESSIMIST: Dark tunnel. OPTIMIST: Light at the end of the tunnel. REALIST: A train. TRAIN OPERATOR: 3 idiots standing on the tracks….

You are entitled to your opinion.but why you insist on being wrong is beyond me…

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Just Who’s Fault Is This ??

Just who’s fault is it that  I am here  ? Sitting here freezing my assets off, and stirring  up my  husband .??

Lets look at this  ok..

1 Maybe it is my husband ,the man  who refused to ,errr to put it nicely , nick off when I told him to ? He persisted when anyone else would have given up and said ok .have it your own way I will nick off ( silly bugger  lol ) Too persistent  he is on some things  but not on all which is a mixed blessing ..lol  Men  you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down the toilet …Giggles …

I mean here  I was sitting at home in Australia , minding my own business ,doing whatever I wanted , chatting on irc, when in waltzed this pommie bloke , and started to talk to me in private , and no amount of telling him to go away worked. As I said to him your too young . too fat,too bald , and nothing that I want in a man .After all I wasn’t even looking for 1, had finished with them .Since found out  he sets his mind to something , then that  something gets done whether  you want it done or not , sheeeesh .

2 Or is it the long time irc friend who had been away then came back and found out about me and  Rick. 1st  question  he asked was , have you met in real life  ? As the answer was no he said ok dont go away I will be right back. He returns about 10 mins later and says check your e ..mail. , I said why ? He said just do it then I found out why .  I did so only to find a 1st class return ticket to London waiting there for me . We were absolutely stunned ( thanks  Ramage ) lol  I think.. at this point I had no idea what was going to happen , even if I had known, knowing what  I know now I would have done exactly what I ended up doing and finding the best man I could have ever wished for , but please shhhhhhh don’t tell him that Giggles  I said nothing ….

3.Or is it my own fault ( nahh never  ..lol )How could it be my fault  ? Lol  I  am a woman  and anyway he started it wasn’t me …so there  ..lol ..

I could have said no , can’t accept this its way too much ,could have just plodded on ,and tried to work it out  by myself. As you know they say , never  look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didnt and here  I am .. it has been known for a so called gift horse to end up biting you very hard  , hence my caution at this time …glad  I went on with it though  but remember shhhhhh …lol

Here I am with a man who loves me to bits ,will do anything for me ,and on who I have come to rely more than ever , not something  I do very easily . We  worked  on getting ourselves to Australia to live ,and it takes ages but was worth it big time  and we are both very glad we made the enormous  effort  it took to make it all happen.

So after all it seems it is a combination of all of these things , all working together to gang up on me , lol, cos there is really only 2 reasons you need a husband …

1 To blame things on …

2 to take the garbage out ..

So why on earth would you go looking for 1 other than for this  ? I mean he is a tease , a torment, and I want to kick his butt 3times a day at least , lol, but now  I have him , spose  I will just have to keep him …Mind you if anyone wants him …make me an offer  I cant turn down ….Giggles ..hes going to love this  ..* falls over laughing here  *

So when we finally got ourselves  into Australia ,  it is   tuff , having him around ? Might be handy at that , lol, need someone to blame after all ……… let’s face it  all us women need someone to blame that is male …trust me on this ..it is a very necessary  thing for all women , having 1 myself now I can say proof positive it is correct . Ok Ok yes it is very handy having him around and yes I do love the extra cuddles and the way he looks after me , love it to bits and will not fib about that ….shhhhh…lol  nobody say a word and he will never notice  , lol, men hardly notice anything anyway do they  ?

I’m just one step away from taking another step….

People go to the gym to take the jiggle outta their wiggle….

The day’s been long and I’m half-dead. I think I’ll drag myself to bed. I ask the Lord my strength restore and please don’t let my husband snore…

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Do Not Put Yourself Down

Do not put yourself down , as someone who always does this  even I at times get pulled up short  when someone out of the blue  says something that makes me stop and think  about how  I feel about myself. Sometimes what is said just blows me away and makes me not embarrassed  actually  but close to it , as happened  the other day  I truly  did not know what to think as it was so sweet  what was said to me . All my life  I have only ever thought of myself as useless and  not worth anything , this because of the way I was dragged up ,never given a compliment ever , so when someone does compliment me  I  get  shocked , I am  never ready for a compliment it is just not in me to do it .

So if this can happen to me why can’t it happen to you or anyone else ? I have always tried to thank anyone who helps me and to be nice  to everyone , though at times it is very hard to do this I still try to do it. How many people do you know  who think of themselves as useless ? I will bet  I am not the only one who thinks like that  I will also guess that most people know someone like this , who for 1 reason or another think only of themselves as not worth it . I was always told I was  ” good for nothing and always will be ”  this from my own mother  so is there  any reason why I should think the way I do ?

Having said that I have always managed to see the bright side of life , a doctor once told me always to always keep laughing and never let them win , he was oh so right too. He was without  doubt the best doctor  I ever had , sure wish he was still here to be able to go to again he was so sweet and down to earth . The world these days is too full of  people who only want to use you and are your friends until they have what they want from you then they drift away or hurt you so you walk away . The world  needs more people who do care about others  who do want to help , not just do what everyone else does and put people down because they do not need them anymore .

Saying to someone who has been put down most of their lives  Don’t put yourself down  is not going to help them unless you back it up with  proof that they too  are worth it , they too can contribute to the ones around them . Everyone can do this , everyone can  help someone else  to see that they too are a worthwhile  human being . We need as a society to try to help more and condemn   less  and to help these people who need us so they don’t do anything silly  to themselves or others . They don’t think it is silly as by the time they get to doing this they have been through some very tough times and been treated like dirt  usually , so if we just sit back and condemn them  how exactly is that going to help them ? We need to be able to reach out to these people to show them as well as tell them that they too are worth it .

Don’t put yourself down is something  I have had said to me many times over the years and while it is ok for someone to say it they need to actually mean it for it to even get through to the person  who has been treated like crap all their lives . Just casually saying Don’t put yourself down and walking away is not going to help anyone so don’t bother even wasting your  breath  if you do not really mean what you are saying . Too many people think doing this  and walking away is all they need to do , so unless you mean it don’t bother as it helps no one .Usually   you can tell by a person’s demeanour if they really mean it or are just putting on a show  for someone , and you would be surprised how many do this .

There are so many more  these days that feel this way as the world has turned into a place we no longer like , a world that  is full of people who are solely  me, me, me people  and who don’t give a crap about anyone else unless they can find a way to use them to further what they want . So today more than ever we need to stop looking in the mirror and start looking at ways to help other people , and by doing this we can learn to help the people around us  who really need it . This is the only way to be of any real use  and it costs us exactly nothing to do . What we need is more people who can think of others too and think as they say  ” outside the box ”  when it comes to helping people who have been put in these positions it is really , really hard for them to  just  not put themselves down just because you say they should, they need help to be able to, they need help to be lifted up again , it is not easy in fact it is almost impossible .


I remembered what I forgot, then forgot what I was supposed to remember… bummer!

I was impersonating a police officer last night. I let myself go without pressing any charges.

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