One Of The Best Things I Ever Bought

One of the best things  I ever bought ….. what is the best thing you ever bought  ? There must be at least  1 thing that stands out above all the others  ? That 1 thing that you use and use and use as much as you can ? There is always 1 thing out of all the things we buy  that we constantly use and use  , and quite often more than 1 thing , things that as soon as you get them they go into use right then . Right before you say refrigerator , stove, washing machine  and things like that or a freezer  those are not favourites  they are essentials  so do not count in the area of  things you just like to use as much as possible .They are the types of things that we must have so I do not count them in this article .

While you think of how many things you have bought , think about  all of them , what are they used for and how many times you use them , then work out what ones  you do use over and over again not because you have to but because you just like using it . Things that really give you enjoyment  to use because they give you the greatest  pleasure , as the use of them gives a lot of benefits  and not just 1 thing . I know I have a few that  I class as being pleasurable to use  as using them gives multiple benefits , I will get to them in a few minutes  but in thinking of them , if you do  stop and think you realise there are a few  , and that a lot of what you do have  are things you only use now and again  but you do still use them so you keep them thus cluttering up the cupboards . Rather than go through everything  to see what you really could do without you keep them for  ” Justin ”  meaning  justin case  I need them again  I will leave them clogging up the place .

What are my ” best things ” ?  The first 1 would be without doubt would be my slow cooker , I can make so many things in that , that you just can’t count all kinds of things from roasts to casseroles, to sweets, to stir fry , the list is endless and mine is constantly in use . With it  I can  take a small amount of meat and add veg. etc to it and end up with a cooker full which then makes  a meal for right now  with at least another 4 to be put in the freezer , so 1 cook becomes a minimum  of 5 meals . This also is very economical in this day and age when we need to make things go further . Another thing would have to be the kettle , lol, as we need our coffee in the mornings to wake up  and during the day for other drinks as well so it is rarely out of use . Another  would be the microwave  I know I said before not stoves but  this is an addition  to the stoves  and also can be used day and night and get things cooked or warmed up or  defrosted in a quick time.

Must also add right here too that 1 thing we do use a lot but is only used during winter but is still used  for pleasure , I mean an electric blanket  of course when it gets that cold , with my back the way it is  I sure do need  and the lovely heat it gives of a night is just great for helping me settle and hopefully sleep. Heaters  too are something  that we only use once a year but also make us feel good  when it gets cold each year . I guess too really we must add our computers and our televisions  as some of us who cannot go out very much  need something to help us stay up to date  with the world and also to entertain us . When we sit and think about all the things we own how many of them  do we use over and over makes us think  how did we ever manage without them ? Yet we  did  but how would we manage now  I wonder  ? Could we do all the things we do now and get the same satisfaction  and the same good results if we suddenly did not have them ?

Thinking about it  we really do have a lot of things , things we cling to , things we say we cannot do without   but I am wondering   if it came to it  how would we go ? how good would we be if we did not have all these things  we rely on so much ? Well 1 thing for sure we would sure have to use what passes  for brains  to get on wouldn’t we  ? We would have to go back to the inventive part of what people used to be , the part that  kept us alive and firing on all cylinders , it worked for us before  so we would have to make it work for us again, if we wanted to keep living that is  lol .  Might be hard but I am sure we could do it if we wanted to or should I say needed to , if we did not we would be in deep crap so as they say , ” Use it or lose it ”  and we do not want that do we . ?  It s a pity really that things have become so important to us that we value them sometimes above people  and do not try to tell me that some people don’t do this , it is a sad reflection on our society  but it is the way it is.

If work is so terrific, how come they pay you to do it?

Today I discovered that two wrongs definitely don’t make a right! Tomorrow I’m going to try three. 🙂

All Aboard

All Aboard …. the  I don’t care bus , as long as it doesn’t  affect me , as  long as  I don’t have to do anything , move anything , pay for anything, help anyone , etc etc etc , as long as  I am ok Jack then  do not bother me  . Have you ever taken the time to notice just how many people get outraged by what is going on in the world  but never do a single thing to try and stop anything? They will be the first and the loudest  to go off their trolleys  but do they actually ever do anything  about anything  ?    Comes back to that old saying  NIMBY or not in my backyard  , do what you like to whoever you like  just do not do it near me or mine or anyone I care about , that way I do not have to be bothered.

All Aboard  the I want this changed and that changed and  I want this benefit or that benefit  but  I do not want to have to actually get up and do anything myself , oh no that would be too much work and bother by far if  I had to actually help. I want this freedom and that freedom but  do not expect me to actually help to get it sorted  that would be too much of my time wasted and that is not on . I will do 1 thing though  I will go out and demonstrate and riot and abuse all and sundry  but  I will never do anything  to actually put things right , I mean come  on me? Do anything ? Not a hope I am just there to be as much of a pest as possible while expecting the best from everyone else . Why would  I bother to help when by all my protesting and abusing and violence  I can get what I want quicker  and get the best while the really deserving people just get pushed aside  .

All aboard  the let’s just  blame all politicians  and slam them for what they might be trying to do , trying to do with no help at all from those that should help . Before you all say but what good are politicians  anyway , all they do is line their own pockets and bugger everyone else , that is true to a very large degree  but there are a few that  do actually care and do try to help . As with all  ” jobs ”  for want of a better word they  have their detractors  and those within that have their own agendas  make it very hard indeed for those who really do want to fix this  huge problem the world has now with  being overrun  by refugees , some who are genuine  but too many now are not they steal onto the boats and planes etc along with the real ones  and that causes so much trouble   for anyone trying to do the right thing . The politicians who do try to do the right thing usually get vilified  , shouted down , called everything under the sun but never helped so that is why we have such a huge problem  and there is hardly a country left in the world who does not have this problem.

All Aboard the outrage bus when because of all the lack of help nothing gets done that should be done  so people who are really deserving of help do not get it . People are so busy protesting and demanding that they themselves want this and that  and that they should get it first  that they block  the help that they are screaming out for .It never ceases to amaze me how many people are like that , they do not stop to think that they themselves are the biggest part of why they are not getting what they are screaming for  but as to how you wake them up I have no idea what ever . That would be the answer to the million dollar question I think  but boy would it help if someone had the answer  and no before you say it  more violence is not the answer either , there must be some sort of compromise  I would think. but good luck finding it .

All Aboard the let us  teach our children that  all that matters in life is me, me, me , and if anyone gets in the way of that then it’s all ok to protest and even get violent  if need be . Let us not teach our children to care for others or that it is better to be nice than to be angry all the time , let us also not bother to teach them that to get on with people and be caring and sharing is a way better way to get things done , that you get more done like that than by all the other methods  at all , no one ever says   you do not need to be upset to get things done , you can achieve much more by being reasonable .

All Aboard the how did we get to this stage bus .. how did we  ? We did by being lenient , by not teaching our children respect , I am almost sure that if you asked the modern child these  days  what respect was they would have no clue having been brought up in the if  I want it then  I will get it  society so what I want is all that matters. If we had taken the time to tell the governments of the world that no we will not let you tell us how to raise our children  and kept on teaching them respect  we would not now have such a class of people  who think of themselves as ” privileged ” and expect what they want when they want it . A lot of us said way back when all this happened that it would be the worst thing to happen and boy have we been proved right , though we so wish we were not , that we had been the wrong ones.

All Aboard …the very next bus no matter what it is as we now seem to be a world of let us jump on the bus with whoever  no matter what they are on about , do not bother to check out if it is right or wrong just jump on the bus and lets go . …


If today is tomorrow and tomorrow is yesterday and yesterday is Monday and Monday is today what day is it? Did i confuse you  

I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering…
I wonder..

The More We Stay Together

The more we stay together  ….. The more we really do know what the other is thinking and yes that old saying ” complete each other’s sentences ”  lol it really does happen and we do it to each other all the time , which is good coz it saves energy  , that’s my story and  I’m sticking to it  lol. We have  been doing this sentence thing for years now and you know sometimes  I don’t think we even notice we are doing it  it has become so much a part of us now , part of who we are as a couple  really . Have no idea at all how long we had been together before this started happening  but I’m guessing it was a fair  while , it would take a while for something like that to start to penetrate our everyday  life like that , these things do not start quickly they happen over a period of time .

The more we stay together too the more we know what each other needs or likes in just about everything we do in a day , like we might be in need of a coffee but for some reason just cant do it right then but the other seems to sense it and goes and gets coffee , this happens all the time with  us . Also after a busy day we might want a drink and just time to relax or to have a snack to go with the drink and it is just there 1 or the other just knows and goes and gets it , again this is something we always do for each other . cannot count the amount of times we have just gone and done something or got something that we needed and just seemed to know the other 1 would love it too so do it for 2 , again this is just what we do and have been for years now.

The more we stay together the more we also know if the other 1 is sick or hurt , even though they might try to hide it so as not to worry the other , we always seem to know they need some extra help and just do it  because we have been together so long and because the love we have for each other is still as fresh as it ever was . Again I cannot count the amount of times  I have needed help because of my back problems etc. and most of the time  I do not even need to ask , as the help is there just when  I need it most and  I always try to be there for him  just when he needs it too . This is something we have just done for each other from day 1 but the more we stay together the easier it is to know what the other 1 needs and also when they need it , it just works for us and does so more and more as time goes on .

We have made people laugh on so many occasions because we tease each other all the time no matter where we are and lol I suspect they wonder what is going on . What is going on is that because we have been together so long we know how each other thinks and how they will react  to any given situation  so when something happens , or someone says something  we might either tease each other  or just crack up laughing for what seems to be no apparent reason . Just having that happen on occasion makes us laugh too and that to me is a good thing as there is not enough laughter in the world  so the more the merrier as far as we are concerned .This special kind of idiocy also takes a while to get into your everyday life and it slowly crept into ours and it keeps  us happy and laughing more than not and that is a good thing.

Writing this makes me realise just how nuts we must be , and you know what ? I do not care 1 little bit , it is what we are , what we have become with each other and long may it continue . The day it all started  to me now was 1 of the best days in my life , that day started with a stalker and after a lot of fun, hardship, trouble, travelling , being stupid, lol had to put that in and now keeps going from day to day with us both being so in tune with each other that  often we can just look at each other and crack up because we both thought of something funny right at that moment and yes it will be the exact same thing  as we do that too all the time to each other . I hope that this kind of idiocy between 2 people who love each other so much can just keep going on coz we love it , it makes life much less boring for us and relieves a lot of stress.

The more we stay together also means that knowing someone else this well makes it easier for planning anything , even what to watch on  TV or what to have for dinner or even where to go on the occasion we go out for dinner etc. The other added benefit is that if we get a chance to travel again we both pretty much want to go to the same places so planning a trip is no trouble at all , in fact it makes it downright easy for us. All I hope for now for us is that it keeps on keeping on and keeps us happy  to continue to be together  and to keep on being idiots with each other  as it is way more fun , who wants to be sane anyway ? That is too boring  lol , no fun at all and should only be used when absolutely necessary , any other time is just irrelevant .

So there you have it 2 idiots , who love being idiots , do it all the time and are happy , and so the more we stay together the better …so there  …lol.

I would be unstoppable – if only I could get going!

I’m confused… Don’t ask me why, I don’t know 😗😙😚. That’s why I’m confused.

Why Can’t We

Why can’t we  just be ourselves  ? Why do we have to go on an endless pursuit  to ” make ourselves better ”  Why can’t we just accept  the way we are  ? Why do we  listen to all this rubbish  that they try  to ram down our throats ? Things like you are too short  , or too fat , or you’re hair is all wrong , you need to put this stuff on  your face or   you need to shower in this stuff   and wash  your hair  in this stuff , if you do not then you are not going to be good enough and not going to be in with the crowd , and it seems that these days everyone wants to be in with the crowd , must admit it amazes me just how many people  listen to and go along with all the hype ,not stopping until they have all the in gear. How have people come to this that they  cannot bear to live without being in the  ” in crowd  ” ? Why are their lives so shallow that they run after this stuff all the time ?

Every day  on  TV in the papers in magazines  the people running things do nothing but  convince our kids that they will never be good enough  until they have all the latest  gear , and do all the latest things like being seen at all the popular places , be there or be square they  waffle on and sad to say the gullible  kids , not old enough to have any experience  go on at parents  who are exhausted  and give in to them . Parents these days have an even worse job trying to raise kids , everyone tells them they cannot discipline them or they will have them taken off them  so parents feel defeated  and so cave in to the wants of the kids . Wants that are so many and  varied    that it takes  them by surprise but they still give in so they do not upset their kids , kids also know that they have the upper hand and learn to wield it very early on in age .

Why can’t we  fix this  ? We cant fix it because it has gone on too long , for too long parents  have been told  you will not upset your kids so now they are too scared  to do anything but give into them , hence we are now seeing  a generation   that care for no one but themselves  and that is just heart breaking , as a mother it just breaks my heart when  I see young kids  tell their parents ” don’t you tell me what to do ” saw this with my own eyes  one night  when we were out  to dinner , kid was only about 5 or 6 too , it was dreadful to see something like that from someone so young . We have let this happen over time , we never objected loud enough when the government’s  around the world started to tell us what we could and could not do with our own children .

Why can’t we fix it now  ? because it is way too late and the  ” Politically Correct ”  bullies have now taken over and if we try to fight them we end up in even more trouble . These days I seriously doubt anyone even tries anymore they know they are beaten and just give in to what they are so sure they  cannot beat , it is sad because if they tried hard enough I am sure  they could make some inroads into changing  things back to the way they were before the interference  started . Cannot remember the last time anyone even tried to get the rights of parents back again , so they could raise their children the way they want to the way they should be . In saying that  I do not for 1 minute advocate violence toward our kids but the odd smack now and then to teach them respect is fine as long as it is just a small smack to get their attention and explain  what they did wrong .

Why can’t we  ? We can’t because as  i said we have become too weak in our own rights as parents , we have let them take those rights away so no child even gets taught what respect is , I bet if you asked a few kids today what it is and what it does very few would have a clue  as they have not been taught because parents are not allowed to teach them. What we do now is anyone’s guess  but we must never give up trying to do the right thing , it is too easy to just sit back and give in but we must resist the urge  to give in and try to find a way  forward . Would it not be great to see kids around who do not scream and yell  and do not throw hissy fits  when they are in public ? Would it not also be great to go out to dinner and be able to have a nice quiet dinner without being assaulted by the screaming of other peoples kids ? That would be just wonderful  but sadly does not happen and  I do not even know if there is a place  anymore where you can go that  does not allow kids  in  so you can have a nice quiet dinner . Years ago  kids under 16 were not even allowed in most of these  places and that was a good thing as they were not corrupted  by gambling and drinking, that should never have been changed .


I would like to thank my legs. Without them I would not be standing here today….

“Don’t try this at home”…Okay, i’ll try it at my friend’s house..

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What Do We Really Know?

What do we really know  ? ….What do we really know about things we maybe should know a lot about , do we really know our  neighbours? They may live just next door,  and have lived there for many years but  I am betting we don’t really know who they are , what they believe , what they really like , etc.etc.etc. Let’s face it no one ever really tells anyone else  everything about themselves , nor should we expect them to we need to keep somethings  to ourselves . What do we really know about our own governments  ? We only get to know what they tell us and if we have even an ounce of brain we never take for granted that they tell us is even the truth sometimes it is not even  near the truth as they all have their own agendas , no matter what party they are from all of them are the same no matter what label they go by ,all driven by money.

What do we really know about all these terrorists ? Again we only know what the media  chooses to tell us and mostly that is only a semblance of the truth , they know full well that if we know the whole truth the whole world will be awake to them and they do not want that as they are making too much money out of us not knowing . Why do you think there never , ever seems to be a good answer  to this terrifying  scourge that is in the world today ? Where do you think they get the money from to keep up their endless supply of guns and ammo and dynamite ? They get it from the  governments  who have their own interests at heart and know full well that if it was stopped the money trail would also stop and they would get no more , and that is the last thing they want .You cannot tell me that there is not enough armies of the whole world able  to stop these vengeful killers , they are not stopped because  it is not to their best wishes to stop them they want them to keep killing the more the merrier as it is less for them to have to try and control and that’s just what  they want .

What do we really know about Global Warming or Climate Change  ? Well I can tell you right now  that both are a scam set up to do exactly what they have achieved , they have convinced the world that they  need to spend and spend and spend  to stop something that is not real . Such a good job has been done on these scams that they are literally  laughing all the way to the bank making  billions  all based on a huge lie , and sold to a very weak accepting public . They have been systematically  dumbing down the world so that their scams will be accepted and man has it worked , so much so that the  things that we never would have accepted are now deemed as normal  , perversion is now normal and yet we wonder  why the world  is going  to put it in a way an author  once put it * To Hell In A Handbasket * Until we wake up it will only get worse …..If we wake up that is..

What do we really know  about the food we eat ? Do we really know what exactly the big businesses  are putting into it? We have no idea what they do to the food we eat the only safe way to eat is if we grow all our own and have nothing from the big corporations at all , but who honestly has the time or money to do that  ? All the big corporations know full well we are not able to do this no matter how much we want to , things have been set up so well that we now are powerless to change things back to the simple untouched way we used to grow things . No pesticides ,  no added this and that  nothing but good soil and sun and rain, no interference at all , totally natural  the way it was meant to be.

What it all boils down to is that we do not ever  really know what is going on in so many things unless we take the time to research everything  as  I said once before in a blog . I sort of re-visited  this subject because of things that have  happened all over the world , and seeing people leaping into  judgement and not having done any research at all  getting it all wrong and getting all upset  about all the wrong things . What we really know is ,to be honest   only what the powers that control everything  the big wigs that control the money want us to know , and that is only what suits them not what we really should know . The big few with all the money will never tell the truth because that does not suit what they are doing at all . What they are doing is really quite easy to see , they are turning everything into , 1 world government , 1 world religion , 1 world currency , and until they finish it  they will say and do whatever it takes  to keep us in the dark . Another well worn but correct saying is ..Follow The  Money  and it is forever true as money is now the  god of this world and always will be until the end sadly .


There must have been a sale on cranky pants today, everyone’s wearing them!


I’m good at sleeping , I can do it with my eyes closed.😞   

Add Breaks

Add Breaks    love them or hate them, and yes most people hate them I am going to show you why you actually really like them , there are a few reasons why you really do like them even though you say you don’t.  When I have finished here I really think you will be agreeing with me  that yes you really do like the add breaks , and that  they are really very useful  to you in many ways . Now before you start  going off and saying no I do not  , no you are wrong  wait till you read right to the end before saying that , as I might just prove you wrong , so many people say arrgghh  damm adds !! but when I have finished even you will see how helpful they are and in ways you never thought of  because let’s face it adds are not something people think about much except to go crook about.

Yes  I well know that the adds are there to sell things and to make money  for the manufacturers  or the sellers , but they do have a place in what we do  and now  I will tell you how , you ready  ? lol …

First and foremost we are watching a program and feel a sudden need to go to the loo , but you don’t want to miss the movie or show you are watching  so you sit on it , crossing your legs  lol as  I do all the time  , but why  ? Why do we wait  ? Guess why  ? Yes it’s for the adds ! Yes those adds you said you hated , now you cannot wait for them to be on so you can go  without missing the show  you were watching , See? right  there is the first  time those pesky adds have helped you , lol, and you said you hated the adds  …sheesh … So back to the show and now you remember a job you had to do , maybe it’s  bin night and you need to  put the bin out , but again you don’t want to miss the show , so once more you wait for the adds , then off you go. See? yet again the adds have helped you out of a tough spot . See how it works yet  ? lol ….

Right back to the show  ,and someone calls  out to you Hey! I’m hungry is there anything to eat ? What do you say  ? Yup you say  wait till the adds ! Again those adds you said you hate so much is about to save you from missing your show 1 more time , clever huh ? Have you ever stopped to think it through ? lol Bet you didn’t. So one more time back to your show  and as you watch you realise  there is something else you need to do , like dishes or laundry , because these adds are on 24 hours a day even if we are not watching they are always still there , so at any given point  you will be in the situation of waiting for the adds  so you can do this or that  so you don’t miss anything. So what did you say at the beginning of this ? I hate those damm adds  but now, do you really  ? Don’t you see now that they are actually very useful and do have a place in the scheme of things even if we say we don’t like them, they save us quite a lot of trouble 1 way or the other .

How we doing so far hey ? Have we got to the point where you will now admit that yes there are times when you do like them as they come in handy for marking time for you to get things done ? If we haven’t we should have but just to give you 1 more thing the adds help you in , what say you actually do need to buy something  ? Heaven forbid!! Now the adds are very important and you actually watch  them avidly  so you can compare prices , location , and a lot of other things , so now the add breaks are wanted and watched  rather than being called a pest.  Seeing as now you really do need something those adds are not so pesky now are they  ? lol They have gone from being pesky  to being wanted  , see what  I mean  ? lol So next time you start to say dammit the adds are on again just remember what we just said and realise they do have their place in our  TV watching and they do save us quite a bit of trouble . Also we can do quite a lot of shopping , or at least make notes of where things are and where the cheaper ones are thanks to the adds …All from the comfort of your lounge seat no going  out to do it . See ?? lol you do love the adds , you know you do …now!!  lol

I’m going to be productive today by making a list of things I don’t have to do and making sure I don’t do every one of them.

HUSBAND: What are you doing sitting in the fridge? ME: I was cooking tea and the recipe🙃 said to chill in the fridge for an hour.


Ooops ….. This is a word we use so many times and do not even realise we are using it , it has become so entrenched in our daily lives , just how many times we use it depends on just how silly or lazy  we have been . Like we do our shopping for example and we  go off in a rush or online in a rush so sure that we know what we need without double checking . No double checking is  what we do   or not do because we are in a hurry and these days  we are always in a hurry  right  ? Back to the shopping we rush through , then when we get it home we put it all away and all is well right  ? Nope not a bit of it because during the week or month or however you shop  you suddenly run out of this  and that  several times …ooops …If only  you had done the double check ….

Sometimes what we forgot  does not matter that much  and we can wait till next time to get what we need , but sometimes it can be a real problem  , like if you forgot the toilet paper , or another tub of butter , because we were in such a hurry we forgot to check how much is in the tub …ooopps  now what will  we use to butter the toast ? It is all ok if you can just nick down to the shop and get  more but sometimes some of the things  we forget can make life quite difficult   but we did it to ourselves in our ooops moment . We didn’t stop and think …hmmmm…does anyone even think anymore  ??  lol Somehow  I very much doubt it , but it is high time we did don’t  you think ?

Sometimes  our oopps moment  is a right royal pain , if we are in so much of a hurry  so much of our time  imagine rushing out to go somewhere then half way  there  oooops we run out of petrol …now that is a huge oops  and can mess us right up for the day  while we get it fixed . That big oooppss  just cost us not only  time but money too if we are late for work and get docked for being late , so best we stop rushing about and take time out to check what we need to do before we go rushing out . Rushing out and about is what we seem to do more and more these days so we create more and more oops moments ,we really , really need to slow down and smell the roses  before there are no more roses.

Don’t  you love it when  the oops moment is a funny one because  someone else did it  ? Now yes  I know it is not nice to laugh when someone messes up but trust me sometimes it is funny . Like when hubby says it is ok we have more of that we don’t need anymore  only to find after all shopping done and sorted and put away  that ooops …errrm  that was the last one even though I told you we had some it seems we didn’t  ooopps bad hubby you didn’t check properly ….You like everyone else these days was in too much of a hurry to check it properly … Had you done so you now would not have to either go without or go get another one …This is almost as bad as not putting labels on things saying it is ok  I will remember what is in that ….yeah right  …lol . Some people can’t even remember what they went into a room for …lol yep me too sometimes .

Thinking along these lines  yes we do have way too many oops moments  in our lives because the world  is way too fast these  days but  I guess  as long as we don’t do ourselves  too much harm or cost ourselves too much money we might just get away with oopps moments . As long as we at least try to keep these moments to  a minimum we just might survive  but really we need to up our game to be able to keep things in order  and in order not to hurt ourselves too much . Thankfully the oops moments of running out of ink  in pens no longer matters or running out of  coins  for the TV  that used to be coin in the slot , man that was along time ago ..but boy they were ooopps moments big time way back then …

So before you do anything  anymore how about taking time to check and double check whatever you are doing  or where you are going to avoid too many oops moments . Really does not take too long to  do either and we can save ourselves  a lot of trouble and a lot of  oopps moments . The only people who can have oops moments  and get away with them are those on  TV as if they mess up all they have to do is stop  and re-do  the take again  but life does not give us this option , we cannot re-run life . So to all these oopps moments  I say nick off  … lol and will try not to have  anymore , no more oopps moments let us be more careful ….and try to bye bye the oops moments. ..


All my life I’ve wanted to learn to juggle. I just never had the balls to do it.


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