Taught Too Well

Taught too well  … Lol have you ever noticed some people and animals learn things too well sometimes  ? They learn something and  after a while you think that it is only a matter of time before they forget it and you will have  to teach them all over again . There are somethings though , that no matter what seem to stay  , like with some  animals they learn to say pee in the house and no matter how often you  try to train them they just do not get it ,  so you have to go on training  and hoping  they will finally get it. Husbands are like that too lol trust me on this , you try over and over again  to get them to do something  the way it should  be done but they keep getting it wrong , sheeesh men huh ? Like with  the animals they just don’t seem to get some things , and try as you might , apart from kicking them up the bum  they  just do not get it …

Then again there are things that they get all too well , with husbands it will be sayings , things they pick up from you over the years and when you say something  they will come up with a smart answer , lol, one they got from you !!  Now this is just not on , using  your own sayings against you !! No this is against all the rules  and must be stopped , they are your sayings lol they are not supposed to be used against you !! Then there will be  the times , usually when you are out together he will come out with one of your sayings before  you can  !! This too is just not on , this has got to be stopped !! Somehow we have to find a way  to make these naughty men  stop doing this , they have to find their own  sayings , they are not allowed  to use yours against you !! #spoilsports

Men love being spoilsports  that much is true , but when it is the man you married  it is very , very hard not to want to kick them up the bum , as  I said before , but if the remark comes from another man it is just tolerable  but not from your own hubby sheesh nope no way no how …It is time to start working on this problem before it gets anymore out of hand , just because they have  learned too well when you taught them is no excuse , they have to learn to find their own , if we can do it  so can they all they need is try , and yes I know this bit is hard , lol, but they need to think!! They can if  they try  we all know that but they just don’t even try and they have to start now  before it is too late . Bad enough that they often finish sentences for you  and they do that all too often the  spoilsports  but to then use your sayings against you that is taking it all way , way to far and needs to be stopped  or else ..lol .

Making them behave is the hard part , I think we have to start  blackmailing them , this won’t be too hard because  there are just so many ways that can be done it is not funny , so I think we all have to team together and start to teach these spoilsports how to behave , lol it should be fun , trust me doing things like that to men is too funny sometimes lol. I mean have you ever seen a man when you get in first ? They get all upset at you lol funny it is ok when they do it to you but  if you do it back to them boy do they get upset , so much so it is very funny to watch , lol then of course they have to get even with you don’t they ? lol Never happen  because we women are smarter than that and  think ahead  and plan ahead  and men do not seem to have got this part yet , cannot see that they ever will either the way they are going , lol, typical huh ?

Taught too well ..yep some men are and they need to stop  doing  the smarty  things and start being the good boys we all thought they were when we married them , or else lol , they will be treated worse than the animals  because we all know animals  don’t think  they just do a few things and that is about it . Men though do have the ability to think but they just do not want to for some reason , and so find it easier to use those taught too well sayings  than to try and think for themselves, lol lazy sods huh ? Men love em or not we can think  and hope that maybe  one day  they might just learn not to be too  smart and things will all get better for all of us ..


The man who says it can’t be done should not interrupt me when I’m doing it!..

I know I’m around here somewhere. I just saw myself a minute ago….

I’m going out to look for myself, if you see me before I return, please tell myself to call me so I know where I am.


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