Cats ..Cats ..Cats ..

Cats..Cats ..Cats … love em or hate em they , like the internet are everywhere these days , people from all walks of life have them , like the internet , lol I see a similarity here don’t you ? Like the internet they  can be fun or a pain in the proverbial , they also ,like the internet can be had by anyone who wants them  and can afford them .  They again like the internet can at the same time make you laugh or make you want to kill someone or something  , they can be nice or they can be right little buggers  and do nothing you want them to . Like the internet they need  molly coddling  and if not used exactly the  right way will turn on you at a moments  notice  and make you wish you didn’t have  it/them . Also like the internet they can be  all over you like a rash  or refuse to even talk  to you , or they may just strut around and  talk only when it suits them , charming huh ? How many times have we had internet connection problems  that only responds if it feels like it  , just like cats .At least the internet does not leave scratches all over you when it decides to turn on you , and you can boot the internet ( not a good idea for cats )

In ancient times cats were worshipped and  you got the impression the little sods knew they were and acted all uppity  in accordance , they got pampered and treated better than most people did , that unfortunately still happens today , people still look after cats better than family sometimes. Some people too treat them as human and humanise them way too much forgetting that they are after all just animals , and no they do not have souls to be worried about. Having said that I am not saying anything about not having cats just let’s keep it real and remember they are  cats not people and people must come first . I myself have been to places  where the cat is number 1 , and you dare not move it if it is on a chair you want to sit on . There are too many people  who just let the cat run the house and that too is sad , they are lovely , they are friendly , and have had some myself over the years , but refuse to treat them as people , you can love them and look after them without going overboard  as too many people do.

Myself   for me , my favourite cats are the big ones  lions, tigers, cougars , panthers , etc . etc. such majestic  animals who really are the kings of the jungle , lol would not want to argue with 1 at any time . Love em from a distance is my motto  so  they cannot get  upset with you and decide you will do for lunch lol . Just love watching documentaries  about them watching the proud way they walk  giving way to nothing and no one mostly , lol not too much will scare 1 of them , they would just eat any problems , lol, now there’s a thought … I wonder  ??   Bugger nope we can’t do that  sometimes for sure that would seem like a great idea , some people just ask for it  as they just don’t want  to use what passes for the brains they are supposed to have . * Sigh  lmao * I can see the population declining at a  very fast rate if we could just eat our problem people lol mind you again…hmmmm…. more space for all ….grrr …lol dammit …the answer is still no …. what a pity .

Cats love em or hate em have their very own style of living , on their own or in packs or in the jungle or  if they have gone feral , they simply just do whatever they want to …lol what a life huh ? Have you ever seen a cat take orders  ? Or a cat that does what you want it to  ? Ever seen a cat move off a chair or couch or something  so you can sit on it  ? Not a bit of it they do what they want when they want  and you either crack the  rag with them and get rid of them , lol, not too many will do that , or  as usual you let them  be boss  and pander to them . I’m sure you have noticed how a cat will always strut around with tail held high , they are saying  I am here  , I am cat  , I am the boss , and as I said too many people let them do and be just that  , that to me is just very wrong. Yes they are good company and a lot of fun but they, after all is said and done are still just animals  and should be treated as such , nicely but not over the top. They can be loved and appreciated without  making it a big issue and letting them run the show .

My other and  most favourite  cat is 1 of the team that plays for  The  Geelong Cats !!  Go you mighty Cats !! Lol to me the best type of cat to be in love with , good looking, friendly ( very lol ) look after them selves and give you lovely smiles  when you smile at them , good  to perve on too , lol but  i didn’t say that shhhhhh. Theses cats also give you equal amounts of pleasure ( when they win  ) or anguish ( when they lose  ) lol just like real cats  there is the pleasure and pain bit , but at least these cats can and will improve behaviour and not strut about with tails in the air. These too are the type of cat you just can’t give up , very addicting lol but a harmless addiction , I have been addicted to them for years and see no sign of ever stopping So they might lose at times  that is to be expected , no team can win every game  , lol if only , would be  wonderful  , but we still love them and always will , you don’t just abandon them because they have a few losses.

So all in all then Cats … you always have them either in your life or in someone you knows life , you can never escape them entirely , but then who want to ? It is only the big ones that can cause you any real trouble and the small ones are all ok if you  treat them the right way , and not over the top ….. Miow … lol

Women and cats will do as they please  and men had better just get used to it  …



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