Idiots Per Square Mile

Idiots  per square mile ……….  this is for you Wayne …

It seems the idiot per square mile quotient is rising daily  , no , make that hourly now  I think  , let’s face it you can not escape seeing them everywhere even if you really really don’t want to know . They invade your world  no matter how hard you try to avoid them , just like a plague of  locusts , sometimes  I think I would rather have the locusts  than some of the idiots that force themselves to my  notice no matter what , they did not start out as idiots seems like they have evolved that way in the last decade or so  and are rapidly breeding. It sure makes you wonder  just how some of these people are even still alive , honestly some of the things they do are so stupid they out stupid  the most stupid person you have ever known. The trouble is they are surviving  and worse yet breeding as there are now so many you just cannot count them all , but what contraception can you use to breed out the stupid  ? mmmm ?

1st  kind of idiot  is those that refuse to look where they are going , always got heads in phones and then too often get run over , and turn around and blame the poor sod who hit them . Next kind of  idiot are those that are so into this ” selfie ”  craze and  simply must take the perfect  selfie , and you only have to see on faceache the many pics of those who have died doing them . They just can’t resist doing what they think is a perfect selfie that might make them famous , only problem is in too many cases it just made them dead , now what good is that perfect selfie ?

A new  breed of idiot to my mind is those that do this so called ” free running ” it looks impressive  at first and they make it look so good and so much fun , but ask yourself how many have died doing this thing  called free running ? All that got them was dead too so why on earth do this sort of thing that only leads to a coffin ? Surely there are  other things to do that do not endanger  yourself or anyone else ? What is the attraction  for wanting to do something so extreme   that it could kill you ? Has your life become so boring you want to end it  ? If so surely you could find a better way  than to scare  the daylights out of someone else while you’re doing it  .

Next kind of idiot  to me are those who scale buildings  and cliffs without any or no ropes or parachutes or anything that may help save their lives  , add some hang gliders to this list as well, as some of the things I have seen them do are just terrifying and ridiculous  it’s as if they are just either bored silly or  tired of life. Either way their death wishes in all too many cases are granted and other people are the ones who have to clean up the mess , but these idiots never think of that . For everyone of these idiots  that actually make it work I wonder how many have died trying to emulate them ? We all know how in built it is in people to copy  cat things they see even if it is dangerous  to them and those around them , all they care about is what they want , not what could really happen and who has to clean up after them when it fails , they just blind themselves to reality .

Another kind of idiot are those who ride those dam skate boards all over the place , man alive  I have seen some stupid stunts pulled by these  what  i call a special kind of idiot  because  they are more likely to hurt more people or get run over than any of the previous idiots I have mentioned  above. They are more likely to hurt more because too many of them are on the roads and the foot paths running into innocent pedestrians or cars . Add to those the scooters that now seem to be everywhere  , just the other week almost got run over by a scooter 2 skate boards and a bicycle  all riding right down a foot path in front of shops that already had half the path blocked with tables , leaving very little room for pedestrians . These are the arrogant idiots who only think of themselves and do not care 1 bit if there is a disabled person or a child in their way  , even though they are on the foot path  and there will be people walking and shopping  what they want is all that matters , selfishness taken to it’s awful limits.

The next kind of idiot  is those that on all the social media now available  put so much personal information  on line that any crook of any kind can get at them and their family . They put all their details , address , even their phone numbers for heaven’s  sake , then wonder why they get cyber bullied , that is so obvious  even   a blind man could see it , they have not learned nor do they seem to want to that too much information on line is downright dangerous . They also put pictures of themselves , their babies , their houses , their streets , you name it everything goes on line , then they wonder why they either get bullied or robbed ! If you publish  all over  social media  that you are going to go on holidays or away working then with all the information you have previously put up there for the world to see you are  obviously inviting them to come to your house and help them selves . The same thing applies to people putting  the same information up  and pedophiles  see it and once again you and your children are asking for trouble so why on earth don’t people stop and think  and fix it  ?  Are  they so sure they will be ok and that it will not happen to them ? That sort  of thinking is dangerous in the extreme  , and sure as eggs are eggs that  is asking for trouble in a very big way . So get on your social media and re do all your info , take off all the  extra that does not need to be there and is only asking for trouble.

Wake up people before these things happen , don’t wait till it’s too late then cry and yell and ask why , you know why , it is because you got too lazy and too cocky thinking it can never happen to me , trust me it does happen . We need to be more careful than ever these days with the pure evil that’s  around now every day we hear of things that just make you cry with the evilness of them  . Too many have done too little to protect themselves and the ones they love and now the world is paying for it big time  , it is way past time people stopped looking inward and started looking around them and being more vigilant , for themselves and their loved ones.

I just found out my smoke detector comes with a warranty. WHAT FOR? If it don’t work, what’s left?


One thought on “Idiots Per Square Mile

  1. The dumbing down is getting worse, it is traceable and measurable, at least in GCSE results over here. The only question left is if this is deliberate social engineering.

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